The Buzz on Maggie

Season 1 Episode 9

Slumber Party/Spelling Bees

Aired Weekdays 4:00 AM Aug 13, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Slumber Party: After being told not to hold a slumber party without her parents, Maggie still throws one, while her parents and Aldrin are at a Fly Ball game! Rayna is stuck in Maggie's plan to show her parents she's responsible, and Pupert is told to take pictures of the two of them being "responsible". But Rayna is stuck with these three girls, who seem to be party crashers! But by nightfall, they become peppy teenage nocturnal moths! And they start one huge party! by turning on music super loud, ordering pizza (which they ate all of, and didn't share. not to mention the number they did on the pizza delivery boy! he looked like he was hit by a truck!). And using the power of light to her advantage, one of the moths turns on Maggie's porch light, and attracts more moths to the party! While the moths "bring down the house" Maggie, Rayna, and Pupert, unable to stop the moths, sleep in a closet. They get a huge surprise by morning! The house is trashed, and Maggie's parents are coming home! Maggie, Rayna, and Pupert rush to clean the house, which they finish in time, but..........Pupert still intends to show Maggie's parents the pictures he took! Maggie bribes him with candy, but wasn't able to put away the pictures away in time, and well...........Maggie is going to be on lock-down for a long time..... Spelling Bees: When Maggie is at a spelling championship, she finds out her favorite spellers, the Spelling Bees, are looking for a new FAMOUS BEE teammate! Maggie gets Rayna to agree to helping Maggie pass as a bee, to get onto the team. At the auditions, Maggie makes herself a fake last name, and pretends to be a bee, aka, wearing a bee suit, and saying Rayna was one of her maids. At first, she and Rayna were going to be tossed out, until the bees decided to let her try out. And by spelling her way 2 the top.....Maggie gets in! The Bees celebrate, and take Maggie to the next championship. Everything is going good....until one of the bees notices Rayna in the to Maggie's family! Her family is doing tons of crazy things, like wearing Bee t-shirts, and waving #1 hands. When it's Maggie's turn to spell, she finaly cracks at the word "imposter". She admits she's a fly, tears off her bee costume (wearing her regular clothes underneath). The Spelling Bees loose the match, and the lead Bee blames all the flies, and expresses his true hatred twards them. After the show, Rayna tells Maggie that she told her family everything, and once again, Maggie ends herself in a tight spot.