The Buzz on Maggie

Season 1 Episode 9

Slumber Party/Spelling Bees

Aired Weekdays 4:00 AM Aug 13, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • I think it was a well written episode well one of the first I have seen

    I think it was a really good episode I never really wacth the the until I saw this episode but I do think the way the bees treated the flys like nobodies was an act of racism but in slumber party was just plain strange but it was really funny
  • A good kind of silly.

    The only reason I watched this episode was because Ringo Starr guest-voiced "himself". Pft, I'd watch paint dry if Ringo was standing around it.

    But I found out that it's a pretty cute show on its own merits. It doesn't force morals down the viewer's throats; it's done subtly, all in good fun, which I really appreciate with all the muck that's shown on TV these days.

    Thumbs-up to this episode!
  • My first Episode

    This was the first episode of "The Buzz on Maggie" I saw, and from the beginning was incredible the sing, song by Sky Sweetnam, I think is the only song that explain the show star is strange, and she likes it, is good be strange and different from others, so this show fits me like a ring, because Maggie don't care is she's popular or not, the only thing she wants is to do what she wants to do.
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