The Buzz on Maggie

Season 1 Episode 1

The Flyinator / Ladybugged

Aired Weekdays 4:00 AM Jun 17, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Flyinator / Ladybugged
The Flyinator: When Maggie can't see the same movies as Aldrin she starts trying to be better then him, she sneaks into an R-rated movie to be better then him.

Ladybugged: When Maggie thinks up a theme for the school dance, it is quickly threatened by a new student, who apparently has a better theme.moreless

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  • I'm gonna neglect Flyinator and give this review to Ladybugged.

    For various reasons, I think Ladybugged would have made more sense to be the first episode.

    That episode was sooooo revealing. I was probably the only episode where Maggie, Rayna and everybody else showed off their advantages of being a fly. Especially when they all barfed at the end to show this Lacey character what flies do.

    I also like how Laraine Newman guest starred in this episode as Lacey. I think she is a great actor and Lacey should have appeared more. It was never said what happened to Lacey after this episode.

    But other than that, Ladybugged would make more sense for a first episode. It is a fantastic start to a fantastic series.moreless
  • My summary and opinion on this episode..

    The Flyinator:

    My Summary:

    The episode starts off with Maggie is having spoiled eggs with her family, complimenting her mother a lot for it. She's only doing this because she wants her parents to allow her go see the new 'Flyinator' movie. When they say she can’t, she gets frustrated that she can’t see the movies that Aldrin can. So when she goes to the movies with Rayna, she has to see "Prancing Princess" with Rupert, a movie for children. She gets bored, then changes her mind and decides to go see the movies that Aldrin did, like 'The Last Samufly', 'Lord of the Wings' and 'James Bug: Fly another Day'. When coming out of the hall, she sees Aldrin. She gets tries to act like it’s a big deal and says the movies weren’t so bad. Aldrin challenges her to see 'Flyinator' and Maggie accepts. Rayna gets scared during the previews so she runs away to go see 'The Prancing Princess'. Maggie sits through the Flyinator, and gets scared beyond her wings! She doesn’t show it to Aldrin, but quickly cracks up when she sits down to have dinner with her family.

    My Opinion:

    I thought this was a good start to the series, and they did good spoofs on the movies, especially Flyinator. Probably the funniest thing in this episode was the Prancing Princess song, and Maggie imagining her parents turning into the Flyinator during dinner.


    My Summary:

    Maggie gets really angry when Lacy Ladybug, the new girl from Beverly Gardens finds her idea for the Spring Dance totally boring. Everybody thinks Lacy's family is rich and famous, so she quickly becomes popular, and Maggie doesn’t like it. Even Rayna ditches her and starts hanging out with Lacy. They take Lacy's idea of a dance/banquet for the Spring Dance, and Lacy makes them do everything she says, even if they don’t like it. Maggie tries to come up with a way to make Lacy stop from showing off.

    My Opinion:

    I loved this episode. The celebration speech that Maggie makes in the end about barfing was hilarious. Lacy was really funny, and I also loved the part when Maggie tried out different methods to dig dirt on Lacy.

    On the whole, I thought this was a great episode, and think this series has great potential.

  • Very funny episode with great movie references

    Although I have liked almost every episode of The Buzz on Maggie that I have seen, this is one of my favorites. The movie references are so funny, especially the Arnold Schwarzneger one. And of course Pupert singing about the Prancing Princess doll is CLASSIC and hilarious. Don't miss this episode.
Daran Norris

Daran Norris


Guest Star

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman

Lacey Ladybug

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

George / Lefty

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Yes, flies do indeed vomit on their food. They cannot chew. After it dissolves in a bath of stomach acids, they suck it up with special mouth parts. "Brundlefly" (Jeff Goldblum) demonstrates this in the remake of The Fly.

    • If you have good memory, you'll notice Mr. and Mrs. Pesky's lines during Maggie's hallucinations of the posters are mixed up. Actually, Mr. Pesky said, "You're not old enough to see those kinds of movies." and Mrs. Pesky actaully said, "Because Aldrin's older than you." Aldrin's line is in its place, though.

    • Don't flies only live for 24 hours then die? And since when do ladybugs hang out with flies?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Mr. Pesky: You're not old enough to see those kinds of movies.
      Maggie: But then why is Aldrin get to go?
      Mrs. Pesky: Because Aldrin's older than you, dear.
      Aldrin: (Talks like a baby) And little Maggie might get scared!
      Maggie: Well, I think I'm old enough to handle The Flyinator.
      Aldin: As if! Flyinator 3 has rated FM for Flying Mature. I'm not even allowed to see it without mom and dad coming with me.
      Maggie: (Talks like a baby) Because little Aldrin might get scared!
      Aldrin: Hey! That's my bit. Back off!

    • Little Kid: I want my mommy! (Holds onto his mother)
      Mother: I want my mommy! (Holds onto her mother)
      Grandmother: Why is the television so loud?

    • Flyinator: I'll see you in Heck.

    • Pupert: Is the Prancing Princess fancy?
      You bet. She's really neat.
      Is the Prancing Princess prancy?
      You bet. She can't be beat.

    • Flyinator: That was just the appetizer.

    • Bernice: Hi my name is Bernice and my theme is libraries. A celebration of the dewey decimal system. We can all read passages from our favorite books. And read really really quiet!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Rayna: Can you believe Lacey Ladybug actually lived in Beverly Gardens? 90210, baby!

      Beverly Gardens, 90210 is a takeoff on the famous soap opera Beverly Hills, 90210.

    • Maggie: (Announcing what she'd do for the school dance) You'll flap your wings and buzz your little hearts out to the hip hop stylings of Jay Buzz Z!

      An obvious parody of world famous singer Jay-Z.

    • "Flyday the 13th"
      Parody of the famous horror movie Friday the 13th.

    • Title: The Flyinator
      Parody of the movie The Terminator.

    • "James Bug: Fly Another Day"
      Another movie parody, this time of James Bond: Die Another Day.

    • "The Lord of the Wings"
      A play on the famous trilogy of books written by J.R.R. Tokien, and then made into films by Peter Jackson: The Lord of the Rings.

    • "The Last Samurfly"
      A play on the movie, The Last Samurai. A movie released in 2003 directed by Edward Zwick, its storyline is about an American soldier embracing the samurai culture he was sent to destroy.