The Buzz on Maggie

Season 1 Episode 5

The Price of Fame/ King Flear

Aired Weekdays 4:00 AM Jul 08, 2005 on Disney Channel
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The Price of Fame/ King Flear
The Price of Fame: Maggie suggests that Purpert uses rock and roll to impress a girl.King Flear: Maggie directs her classmates in a play for a drama competition.

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  • My first episode

    When I saw all the ads for this show, I thought it was another overrated cartoon but once I saw this episode, it started liking the show. This episode is also a great addition to the series. I liked the song they played when everyone was chasing Maggie around. I also liked that girl that Pubert wanted to get. He was right to have a crush on her. Also, you can tell by the theme song that Maggie has a dream of becoming a famous rock star. I think this is the first episode that revolves around Maggie being a rock star. Since this was my first episode, I thought all the episodes revolved around that. But I saw more episodes and I saw barely any episodes like this one. But I really like the show. I wish they could have made more episodes.moreless
Jessica DiCicco

Jessica DiCicco


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Candi Milo

Candi Milo


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Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong

Mr. Bugspit

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Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell

Eugene and Wendell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • "The Price of Fame" Lyrics:

      I can get a swing.
      What can I say?
      Yikes! The price of fame is brining me down.

      Just leave me alone.
      I should have known.
      It's hard to sing your song when I'm all around.
      Yikes! The price of fame is brining me down.

    • Songs
      "The Price of Fame" is the only episode with songs performed by Maggie herself:
      "Tony the Tick"

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Mrs. Pesky: Maggie, my dear, why are you knitting at the table?
      Maggie: After today's rehearsal, I've got to let my creative out somehow.
      Mrs. Pesky: But dear, you're knitting spaghetti.
      Maggie: Oh, uhm... well, here you go, Pupert.
      Pupert: Thanks! You have this in linguini?

    • Fly: To flea or not to flea. That is the question?

    • Maggie: Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Bugspit! I've got a fanticious idea!
      Mr. Bugspit: Oh, really? So do I. Mind if I go first?
      Maggie: Not at all. Literally!
      Mr. Bugspit: My idea is that... YOU KEEP YOUR IDEAS TO YOURSELF!
      Maggie: Okay, now my turn?
      Mr. Bugspit: NOOOOOOO! If we are to finally trying for this year's Royal Insect Academy Drama Contest, it is my way... OR THE FELLY WAY!

    • Mr. Bugspit: Students, I need your complete and underwaited attention. This is the last line of the play and as your director I can't stress enough how important it is. (cries) My kingdom! I morn for my kingdom!

    • Maggie: Pupie, you wanna really impress Lucy?
      (Pupert nods)
      Maggie: Have a real live rockstar sing your song!
      Pupert: Eh... I don't know any rockstars.
      (Maggie plays her guitar)
      Pupert: Oh, I get it! You know some rockstars! Could you talk to them?
      Maggie: Sigh.
      Pupert: Or, you could sing my song to Lucy! That would be awesome!
      Maggie: I be happy to, little bro.
      Pupert: Great! 'Cause we will never get a real rockstar by tomorrow.

    • Maggie: Pupie, what are you so happy about?
      Pupert: Well, there is a fly in my class...
      Maggie: You've got a crush? That is so cute!
      Pupert: No, Lucy is cute! She's got big eyes, a pretty smile, hairy legs!
      Maggie: What'd you like to meet this lucky bug?
      Pupert: Eh, right after I do... I kinda haven't talked to her yet.
      Maggie: Pupie, she'll never know you like her if you don't say anything.
      Pupert: I know. But I'm way to shy to talk to her. So... I wrote a song! I'm gonna sing it to her tomorrow on "Show and Tell" instead! Then, she'll finally notice me!

    • Maggie: Greetings my fellow flies! (sees at a strange bug) and, whatever you are, pal! I'm Maggie Pesky! Remember that name, because one day... (plays her guitar) I'm gonna be a famous rockstar! But, today I play for free. So sit back, relax and get ready for some rock-n-tunes-kies.

  • NOTES (1)

    • In King Flear, Maggie uses the same director suit that Orphelia from Life and Times of Junipe Lee uses in Magic takes a holiday


    • Widget: In "The Price of Fame", Maggie show us she can change her dress by just twisting. Like the character "Widget" of the show with the same name, who changed her form just twisting.