The Buzz on Maggie

Season 1 Episode 10

The Usual Insects / Sister Act

Aired Weekdays 4:00 AM Sep 17, 2005 on Disney Channel



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  • Quotes

    • (As Maggie auditions for some commercials)
      Director #1: We're looking for someone classier.
      (To another shoot)
      Director #2: Someone taller.
      (To another shoot)
      Director #3: Someone shorter.
      (To another shoot)
      Director #4: Someone with pink hair, freckles and a name that rhymes with Zaggie.
      Maggie: But that's me exactly!
      Director #4: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just don't see it.

    • Maggie: But it's a sister act.

      Director: Then we'll keep the sister that can act.

    • Maggie:The Pesky Family is a whole line of geniuses.

      Aldrin: Dad, I got my hands stuck in the punching bag again.

      Pubert Looks like someone put my pants in my hat drawer. Who's the Comedian?!

      Maggie: Runs mostly in the girls side.

    • Rayna: He's just the kind of guy that Dawn would get mixed up with.

      Snap: Yeah I wish.

  • Notes

    • In Sister Act When The Angry Director yelled at Maggie he sounded like Principal Malfactor in the My Dad the Rock Star episode Rebel without Nose Rings after Bella said Gaa.

  • Allusions

    • Director: I suppose if we hurry with the auditions, we can get a good table at Wolfgang Tick's.

      Wolfgang Tick is a parody of famous chef Wolfgang Puck.

    • Title: The Usual Insects
      Parody of the movie The Usual Suspects.

    • Title: Sister Act
      Also the comedy movie starring Whoopie Goldberg.

    • In "Sister Act" towards the end, Maggie is in a hooded cloak swinging by a chandelier. This is copied from the final scene of Act 1 in The Phantom of the Opera.