The Campbells - Season 2

(ended 1989)


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Episode Guide

  • Lady Helen's Love
    Lady Helen's Love
    Episode 30
    Preparing to return home, James witnesses a confrontation that results Lady Helen falling unconscious. He's ordered to stay and see to her recovery. The rich and influential woman invites James to her home while he waits for the next voyage home. While at her manor, she flirts with him and makes another suitor jealous.moreless
  • The Sentence of the Court
    James must help his brother-in-law when he is accused of a crime he didn't commit. James finds his brother-in-law, Andrew in jail after a constable drops dead while they were arguing at an inn. James' mother in law implores him to help the case but authorities are unreceptive and urge Andrew to plead guilty and take a lighter sentence. Andrew refuses and James sets out to the innkeeper and local doctor to uncover the actual facts to prove Andrew's innocence.moreless
  • Homeward Bound
    Homeward Bound
    Episode 28
    James must return to Scotland to help his brother-in-law.
  • Mr. Stevenson
    Mr. Stevenson
    Episode 27
    Sims hosts an impostor he thinks is an influential politician.
  • Rough Justice
    Rough Justice
    Episode 26
    A fugitive saves Neil's life and Neil must do the same for him. Neil falls through the ice while hunting and is fished out by an injured stranger who turns out to be a killer. Neil talks the man into coming home with him to get help and return the favor of saving his life. Meanwhile, two bountyhunters looking for the killer have taken refuge with the Campbells and refuse to leave. When the killer makes his way to the cabin, the bountyhunters take him. Having gained no sympathy from the Campbells during their stay, the bountyhunters are overtaken and the killer is held until and constable can retrieve him. The bountyhunters lose their reward.moreless
  • The Siege
    The Siege
    Episode 25
    An angry band of Iroquois surround the farm when James takes in an injured member of their group. Emma finds an injured Iroquois in the barn. They bring him inside to tend to his wounds which have been inflicted by fellow tribe members. When they find he's in the cabin the harrass the family, demanding that the turn over the man. James refuses. They take Sims hostage. James still refuses and releases Sims. As the wounded man watches James' bravery, he decides to turn himself in and face his fate.moreless
  • Cabin Fever
    Cabin Fever
    Episode 24
    Rebecca and Emma attempt an outing only to encounter a disturbed hermit. Emma is spending too much time stuck inside the cabin with her brothers and father and tempers are rising. James feels sorry for her and lets her visit with Rebecca. Rebecca is feeling the same way at her house. The two girls meet outside and decide to spend the afternoon at the inn. On the way, their horse startles and leaves them stranded in the snow when they come upon a hermit who pursues them.moreless
  • Miss Quincy
    Miss Quincy
    Episode 23
    Lady Caroline from the episode A Real Lady return to become a school teacher. "Miss Quincy" arrives for the first day of school. James and Sims are unaware that she is really Lady Caroline until they see her. Sims doubts she's up to the job of rural teacher but James gives her a chance. Indeed, she's in way over her head.moreless
  • The Legacy
    The Legacy
    Episode 22
    A female trapper, Molly, passes through the area. Emma tries to play matchmaker attempting to bring James and this woman of dubious legacy together, but he isn't interested. Molly's uncle is persuing her to steal a map in her possession and is willing to do anything to get it.
  • Room at the Inn
    Room at the Inn
    Episode 21
    Mattie skips town and leaves Logan's Inn without a keeper. Sims searches for a replacement but can only find Mary to whom her reluctantly gives the responsibility. James takes John hunting with him for the first time and stumbles across a desperate man who's been stealing from the inn.
  • Living Legends
    Living Legends
    Episode 20
    Charlatans claiming to be decendents of Daniel Boone steal from area neighbors. Emma thinks one of them is cute and doesn't want to believe it. When she and John confirm the truth, she gets them to come clean.
  • Kith and Kin
    Kith and Kin
    Episode 19
    The family help a man settle in the community. A black baby is mysteriously left at the Campbells doorstep. When the grandfather comes to claim the child, the family hear of his trials and try to help him find a place in an unreceptive community.
  • A Matter of Distinction
    Sims announces the annual horserace and gets Neil interested. The race gives Sims a chance to challenge himself and not fell he's getting old. When Neil must bow out of the race, James takes his place.
  • Dr. Colt of Calcutta
    The Campbells cross paths with the inventor of the repeating revolver.
  • Desperate Remedy
    Desperate Remedy
    Episode 16
    Harriet comes back from a visit with her family to find that she's been exposed to smallpox. With no vaccine available in the area, James must set out to make his own. Meanwhile, Harriet and Sims bicker over who's to blame.
  • Blinded by Love
    Blinded by Love
    Episode 15
    Rebecca's cousin comes to visit and comes to suspect that she's fallen in love with Neil. It's really Neil who likes her. The cousin Amanda, has been sent to her uncle, Thomas Sims', house to keep her away from the man she loves. Neil crosses paths with her and soon he has eyes only for her. Amanda pays little attention to Neil, she's more interested in sending notes to her beau and planning their elopement. Rebecca comes to think Amanda has her eyes on Neil and gets jealous. When Amanda is injured it's her beau who comes to her aid and their secret is out.moreless
  • The Sweetest Song
    The Sweetest Song
    Episode 14
    A traveling fiddler stops by the Campbell farm. James notices the man has a serious health condition. Emma's curiousity leads her to find out about the condition and cause trouble.
  • The Last Performance*
    James enjoys an affair with a beautiful actress. Emma tries to imitate her. James saves traveling actress Rachel as her coach becomes stranded in town for a few days. While she's in town, James spends as much time with her as possible. Neil resents the time he spends away from the farm and Emma aspires to be like her.moreless
  • The Sins of the Father*
    A travelling fiddler stops by the Campbell farm. James notices the man has a serious health condition. Emma's curiousity leads her to finding out about his condition.
  • The Rifle Company
    The Rifle Company
    Episode 11
    Sims wants to start a militia in the area. Neil feels he must to join to show he is not a coward, against James' objections.
  • The Last Time Around*
    A man seeking revenge for events that happened in Scotland, persues James.
  • Star Light, Star Bright
    A friend of James sends his son to the new world to "make a man" of him. Clarence Wellington-Smythe is an arrogant snob.
  • Bingham's Gold
    Bingham's Gold
    Episode 8
    Mary's lost love returns to marry her. She's still in love with him and is willing. What she doesn't know is that he's a military deserter who just robbed a coach. When the law catches up with him and he takes Mary and Emma hostage...well, that sort of ruins the mood and Mary must once again say goodbye.moreless
  • Woman's Work
    Woman's Work
    Episode 7
    Emma is frustrated with her role on the farm. Neil is frustrated with Emma. James is frustrated with Neil and John is just bored. As James and Neil are clearing land a stranger shows up to buy goods from them, he eventually tries to cheat them but James doesn't let him get away with it. Meanwhile, Emma is bored with her usual chores and bugs everyone about it.moreless
  • Unwelcomed Suitor
    Unwelcomed Suitor
    Episode 6
    A young lieutenant visits the Sims and asks for Sims' blessing to marry Rebecca, which he gives, against her wishes. Neil gets jealous when he sees that Sims views him as unsuitable for his daughter and a soldier comes to visit and court Rebecca. Rebecca is receptive at first but discovers that the soldier is abusive and she wants nothing to do with him. Neil and the soldier face off in a fight and Sims sees the cads lack of character and apologizes to Neil.moreless
  • Judgement from the Heart
    John befriends a stray dog that local farmers think is killing livestock. John thinks the dog is innocent but no one believes him.
  • The Runaway
    The Runaway
    Episode 4
    A poorly kept indentured servant finds a safe haven with the Campbells. John finds a weakened boy on the property and find he's a runaway. When James discovers the conditions under which the boy has lived, he refuses to return the boy, ultimately paying for the boy and sending to live with a local woman who welcomes the help.moreless
  • Of Fathers and Sons
    A poorly kept indentured servant boy finds safe haven with the Campbells.
  • A Blessing in Disguise
    With Neil's help, a local boy reaches beyond his father's expectations.
  • Eye for an Eye
    Eye for an Eye
    Episode 1
    The townswomen give Pat, the blacksmith, a makeover before his bride arrives to meet him.