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In fictional Palm City former cop Vince Faraday is framed for murder. Believed to be dead, he takes on the persona of his son's favorite comic book superhero 'The Cape' to clear his name and reunite with his family. Together with a group of former carnies, he fights against the corrupt police, politicians, and ARK Corporation. Unlike the comics, costumed heroes and villains, such as Chess and Scales, do not have superpowers. Fearless investigative blogger Orwell joins in the fight not just with words, as she tends to get violent. The Cape comes from Universal Media Studios and the producing team of Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun.

    Let's Review Bear McCreary's Most Famous TV Themes and Make Mixtapes Out of Them!

    We size up all the hits, from Battlestar to Black Sails and everything in between! Oh, and then there's The Cape.

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    Wow, has another week gone by already? So it has. And what a week it was.

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      I was just on Netflix watching "The Cape" after playing DC on PS3 (btw I think DC blows when it comes to Marvel anyway because Marvel is just good like that with Hellboy & Ultraviolet, etc. on their side) & after 5 episodes, the first five, I had to get some sleep which it was 2 am in the morning & didn't get to sleep untill 4 am (3 & a half hours of sleep) just action pack heroes stuck in my head with all the suspense & envying. When I got up & went to work, my boss called me in & asked me why I looked like fecal-matter. I told him about the episodes I had been watching & ever since I have been telling people at my work, which is the Indianapolis International Airport, to watch this show on Netflix called "The Cape". Which they're going to be disappointed that there's no real ending & my boss maybe angry at me for coming to work again the day after still looking the way I do since its late again (& yes, it was this morning I got yelled at haha very funny) & because he will only see 10/13 eps.moreless
    • Hooked in 2013

      This show finished in 2011 and my 12 year old son and I are still awaiting its come back. We were both hooked from the pilot and dreaded watching 'The end'. Its now 2013 and we have recently watched the re-runs finding we're hooked all over again. I agree with other '10' point reviews on here and ask for the show to return for another series. The characters and plot have great core therefore I can see scope and potential for 'The Cape' to not only be a great show but an amazing show that will continue to grow in popularity.

      I watch Supernatural (but didn't start watching until series 7 was airing on the TV), No ordinary family (started watching half way through), Once upon a time (half way through), Vampire Diaries (series 2) Big bang theory (series 3). There are so many programmes to watch on the tv these days and with the likes of Sky and Virgin people tend to watch their planners so don't get to find out about programmes unless it is through word of mouth. Once I hear about something I would like to watch I get it from series 1, episode 1 so I get the story line. We heard about 'The Cape' from a friend and as already said, we loved it. We want the story to continue so please BRING IT BACK!!!

    • MOVIE

      If your not going to bring the show back at least make a movie to complete the story because to leave the ending the way it was is just plain wrong!!!
    • Bring it Back!

      This was an awesome show. If NBC had advertised it better and allowed the fan base to grow a little, there would hve been awesome ratings. Th plot was good, an the characters different and new. They really ought to bring tis show back.
    • the cape

      i enjoyed the movie waiting for the next season

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