The Cape

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Déjà Vu In her white-painted room, Orwell begs for the phone to stop ringing. Dana and Trip are at home watching the news, which is showing footage purportedly from Orwell of ARK officer Mick Reese demanding payments from Scales. Vince is in his lair, watching the same footage. Orwell arrives and he tries to congratulate her, but she ignores him at first. She finally admits that she's suffering from migraines, and Vince offers to do what he can to help her. Orwell wonders why he's trying to help, and he insists that he's her friend. She dismisses her headaches, saying they'll be over soon, and they both watch the broadcast of Reese's shakedown. Fleming gives a press statement claiming ignorance of the corruption within ARK, and asking to conduct his internal investigation. He tells his press that his men already have a lead and are preparing to make an arrest. Vince and Orwell watch from the crowd. At home, Marty's children C.J. and Leyla are watching the news, while Susan asks Marty why he isn't at city hall. They fight, and she warns that his job is tearing them apart. She suggests that he resign, but Marty warns that you can't resign from ARK. ARK vans pull up outside and troopers break into the house, dragging Marty away in front of his family. Art of the Deal Fleming comes to see the imprisoned Marty and tells him to take the blame without protest. If Marty tries to warn anyone of what really happened, Fleming will have his family and children killed and then dispose of Marty and make it look like a suicide. As Vince and Orwell watch the footage of Marty's arrest, Orwell suggests that they need to get Marty to connect Fleming to Chess. Before they can come up with a plan, Orwell gets word that Dana has been appointed as public defender to Marty. Dana visits Marty and warns that she's the only friend that he has. She figures that he's being framed just like Vince was, but Marty warns her to let it go before Fleming goes after him, and he's doing what he has to, to protect his family. Dana refuses to let it drop, saying that she went through the same thing that Susan is going through now, and promises to stand by him and give him the chance that Vince never had. Marty tells her that he'll think about it and Dana goes to work on getting bail posted for him. Vince packs his Cape costume and leaves the lair, telling Orwell that he knows Dana will never yield and that he has to protect her. Fleming invites Scales to the tailor shop where he is having a suit measured, and warns the crime lord that they're in it together. Scale isn't impressed, pointing out that the tape shows him being shaken down by ARK. However, Fleming warns that if he goes down, Scales won't be able to hold onto his territory. He has Scales fitted for a suit with his compliments, and tells Scales to shut down Dana without making her a martyr by killing her. Dana's boss Travis comes to see her at the office and she wonders if he's going to bar her from the case. He warns her that Fleming's defense lawyers will use Vince's guilt to undermine her case, and Dana asks Travis to be her co-council. She wants to get Marty out of Palm City and into the hands of the Federal authorities, where they can get the Voyts into witness protection. Travis agrees to check with his contacts, and Dana leaves for home. Once she leaves, one of Scales' men calls Travis, telling him to convince Dana to drop the case before someone breaks Trip's legs. In the parking garage, two of Scales' men attack Dana. The Cape comes to the rescue, knocking them out. Dana thanks him but he warns her that she has to think of Trip because Fleming won't stop coming after her. Travis arrives, wielding a stapler, and The Cape blames him for leaving Dana unprotected. They start quarreling, and Dana interrupts to admit that she'll be more careful in future. Now that she's gotten a reaction, she figures that Marty is innocent and he has to testify. Travis and The Cape promise to be there for her, and the latter disappears in a puff of smoke. In Broad Daylight Susan meets with Marty and asks if Dana is helping him because he was involved with Vince's criminal activities. When he denies her accusation, Susan asks if Dana's statements against him at his promotion party were true. Marty admits that he was in cahoots with Fleming and turned a blind eye to his activities, but he did it to protect her and their children. If he turns against Fleming now, they'll have to go into witness protection and build new lives for themselves, but at least they'll be together. Susan promises to stand by him as long as he does the right thing and brings down Fleming before he destroys another family. The guard tells them that Marty has made bail, and Marty assumes that Dana set it up. As the press gathers outside ARK headquarters to cover Marty's release, Dana arrives and uses her credentials to get inside. She and Marty compare notes and realize that someone else has posted bail. Suspecting a trap, Dana tells the ARK troopers to keep Marty inside, but they refuse and take him out into the mob gathered outside. Vince is in the crowd and realizes that it's a setup as Orwell confirms the bail was posted anonymously. Two fake reporters draw concealed guns and prepare to shoot Marty, but Vince intervenes as The Cape and disarms them. As their leader fades into the crowd, the press take pictures of The Cape protecting Dana, Susan, and Marty, and the hero takes them with him, escaping under cover of smoke bombs. The Cape takes Dana and the others to a magic shop on loan to Max and Rollo. Rollo eyes Marty suspiciously while Max shows the family around. Meanwhile, The Cape checks Dana's purse for tracking devices, and finds a keychain with a photo of the Faradays on nit. He asks where Trip is, and Dana assures him that the boy is with her parents. The Cape destroys her cell phone so Fleming can't track the GPS inside, and Dana asks why he's angry. The Cape assures her that he's not, and explains that he's planning a way to get Marty and his family out of the city. At the tailor shop, Fleming is playing chest against the owner when Scales arrives. Fleming asks him to deal with Marty and The Cape since his ARK troopers have failed repeatedly. Scales agrees, but insists that Fleming will no longer force him to pay protection. The CEO quickly agrees. The Hunt ARK Commander Saxton searches the Voyt house with his troopers. He spots Leyla's cell phone holder and calls ARK to start a trace. Orwell brings Leyla and C.J. to the magic shop to reunite them with their parents. She tells The Cape that ARK has sealed the city, and Rollo suggests they use a carnival freight train to get the Voyts out of Palm City. However, they'll have to get the Voyts through Trolley Park to the freight yard. The Cape tells them that he'll take care of that and to put the plan in motion. Marty pulls Dana aside, unaware that The Cape is listening to them. The former chief of police admits that he helped Fleming frame Vince, who was innocent all along, but that he tried to keep Vince from going to the rail yard the night of his murder. Dana slaps him and asks what Vince's last words were, and Marty admits that he doesn't know. She demands to know how Marty could ruin Vince's good name, and he insists that he did it to protect his family. However, now he's trying to save her and Trip, and tells her that Fleming is the real Chess. However, Marty warns her that she can't tell anyone or Fleming will come after her. The Cape, listening, prepares to confront Marty but Max stops him, saying he understands. The Cape goes to watch over the Voyts... who are unaware that Leyla's cell phone just activated. Secrets and Lies Later, Vince and Orwell go to the roof of the shop and talk. She warns him that if he tells Dana his true identity, Dana will be at risk. Vince warns that he can't handle the situation much longer, but Orwell assures him that it will be over in a few hours once they get Marty to safety, and then Vince can go home. Vince asks if she's okay, and Orwell warns him that someone is watching her, but there's nothing she can do about it. As she leaves, Marty comes out and Vince dons his mask and hood. Marty thanks The Cape and insists that he's not evil, but has had to do what he did to protect his families. He's been living in hell since Vince's death, beating himself up for freezing rather than saving Vince. Marty figures that if Vince had been in his position, he wouldn't have frozen. Scales goes to a dockside warehouse and meets with his men, who are torturing a shopkeeper for information on The Cape. The Cape finds Dana crying in a corner, and she asks who he really is. She figures that he's helping her because he lost someone, and thanks him for giving Trip hope. Max interrupts before The Cape can say anything, and says that it's time. Leyla's cellphone rings and everyone realizes that they've been compromised. The Cape has Max and Rollo take Marty's family to the freight yard, and Orwell to take Trip and Dana to safety and wait for his call. He thanks Max for all of his help, and then leaves with Marty. Endgame ARK troopers arrive but are unable to find the secret entrance into the magic shop. Once they spread out, Max and Rollo take Marty's family out. The Cape and Marty draw off the troopers and head for the freight yard by a separate route. Scales arrives, spots their escape route, and follows. Marty and The Cape get to the freight yard ahead of Max and the others, and Marty starts to panic. The Cape calms him down, telling him to wait until his family is on the train. The Voyts arrive and get into a freight car, but Scales steps out of the shadows and prepares to gun down The Cape. Marty leaps in front of his friend and takes the bullet. ARK troopers arrive but arrest Scales, and The Cape uses the distinction to pull Marty away into hiding. At the freight car, Susan hears the gunshot, but Max tells her to stay put and goes to investigate. The Cape tries to do what he can for Marty, but it's clear the bullet wound is a fatal wound. Marty tells the hero to get out and let him do one good thing. The Cape removes his mask and assures Marty that he didn't kill his friend. With his dying breath, Marty has Vince promise to take care of Susan and the children. That night, Fleming gives a press statement admitting that Marty died in dishonor, but they have Scales in custody, proving that ARK can handle the job. When the reporters ask about The Cape, Fleming promises to bring him to justice. Orwell takes Dana and Trip back to their apartment. As she checks for surveillance devices, Orwell admits that she moved around a lot during her childhood, and never had a place to call home. She admires a photo of Dana and Vince, and says that it's better that Dana didn't have any warning of what was going to happen. The alternative is much worse: to see it coming and be unable to change it. Orwell tells Dana that she always reads the ending of books first, and tells her that Vince loves her, present tense. As Dana ponders her words, Orwell wishes them luck and leaves. At the carnival, Max pours out two glasses of Vietnamese snake wine, and he and Vince offer a toast to Marty.
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