The Cape

Season 1 Episode 6

Goggles and Hicks

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on NBC
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Max advises Vince to give the Cape a rest while he recovers from exhaustion. However, Fleming, out to kill the Cape, hires a technologically gifted team, including Goggles and Hicks. Orwell finds it hard to fight the kill team digitally. Elsewhere, Dana grows closer to uncovering truths in Vince's case.moreless

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  • Peter Fleming has hired two people, Goggles and Hicks, to kill the Cape. These two are members of the same organization that Cain from the episode "Tarot" is a member of. These two prove to be challenging for Vince and Orwell to handle.moreless

    This episode certainly had a number of things going on. Goggles and Hicks are quite the pair. Goggles is a childlike nerd who hands computer work and can give Orwell a run for her money (But not that much). Hicks is a seemingly emotionless assassin who performs the actual killings (It turns out that he has emotions, but he keeps them very regulated). Vince and Orwell certainly had a tricky time handling these two. Even though the two assassins found out everything there was to know about Vince, it turns out that they have no intention of sharing the information. They may show up again later.

    The part where Max tells Vince that he is not a superhero and that he should take a day off was nice. For those who keep comparing the Cape to Batman, you should be happy to know that the Cape has done something that Batman has never done: taking a day off.

    This show certainly uses Summer Glau's ballerina job as a clever in-joke and a hint that Peter Fleming may be Orwell's father. It will be interesting to see how Vince reacts to that information, if he finds out.

    This is the first episode since the pilot episode to focus heavily on Marty Voyt. A number of things need to be said about this character. He was Vince's best friend and partner on the police force. However, Marty betrayed Vince, dressed him up as Chess, and set him up to be killed like a dog. After that, he stayed pretty much in the background as Chess's secretary (This may not be the right term, but it seems like it). His roles in that time were to tell Vince's wife Dana about accounts Vince had secretly (Those were lies he told to make Vince look even more guilty to Dana) on a social visit, and to be given evidence from Dana proving Vince's innocence (Which he erased and made sure that the homeless people who provided said evidence disappeared). This character has mostly stood there with a blank face, like an emotionless robot, when in Peter Fleming's presence. This simply makes me wonder many times what goes through his head every time he appears. Does he feel remorse or regret over what he has done? Does he like what he is doing? However, in this episode, he is appointed the Chief of Police (Which is a sick joke). Also, Dana confronts him at his party about his failure to follow up on the evidence she gave him (He certainly did not look so blank-faced then, I can tell you that). I was totally surprised that she did that. But then, it shows that everyone has seriously underestimated Dana. She really lets him have it (It is about time someone called him out on his nonsense) and is thrown out. She does not know everything, but she knows enough that Vince is innocent and that Marty knows it too. Obviously, the fact that he has done nothing about it is telling her that he is not the friend she thought he was. It remains to be seen if there will be any consequences for her confronting him like that, but one consequence that has occurred is that the friendship between the Faradays and the Voyts has been terminated. Also, Marty has been shown to be a little preachy about obeying the laws and that he is doing this because Peter Fleming knows about Marty's family (And Peter will hurt them and worse if Marty does not do what he is told). Marty is the opposite of Faraday. He is a spineless coward and a backstabbing hypocrite. He does not understand that laws are worthless if it does not go hand in hand with justice. He clearly does not have his family's best interests at heart. I am surprised that Vince has not gone after Marty (Although it may be because Vince is afraid Marty would recognize him if he tried it) It would be interesting to see how Marty's family would react if they knew what he did to "ensure" their safety. This episode successfully made Marty Voyt even more unsympathetic than he was before.

    Finally, Trip Faraday has made friends with a cute kid named Jerry. It was pretty cute to see them together. They certainly bond well, especially over the fact that they both have missing fathers. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    All in all, this episode certainly accomplished a lot. I definitely want to watch this show to the last episode and see what happens!moreless
  • This episode wasn't too bad - at least it finally introduced some spirited villains.

    In fact - I'll make a suggestion that just might save the show. Keep hiring actors who were evil or menaces on The X-Files, like the two who played Goggles and Hicks in this episode. The actor playing Goggles is Pruitt Taylor Vince, well known to many because of his film and television work. But on The X-Files, he played a psycho (former dentist, I believe), who kidnaps Scully to perform a transorbital lobotomy on her. And the young actor portraying Hicks was also featured on The X-Files; I just can't remember his particular malfunction. If someone reading this review remembers, please put it in the comments. Anyway, they were kind of fun to watch and it was nice of Hicks to turn over the disk to Vince which contained incriminating information.moreless
Pruitt Taylor Vince

Pruitt Taylor Vince


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Chad Lindberg


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Elise Neal

Susan Voyt

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Izabella Miko

Izabella Miko


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Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar


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    • Fleming: The masters speak very highly of you and your partner. Is that him? Have him step out. I'd like to meet him, please.
      Goggles: Oh, you don't want to meet Hicks.
      Fleming: And why is that?
      Goggles: The only people he meets, he kills.
      Fleming: Well, then, I have someone I'd like him to meet.

    • Ruvi: If I want to feel guilty for robbing banks, I'll go live with my parents.

    • Goggles: I know he's not a real superhero, but isn't this fun? It's like we're the Legion of Doom, and we're taking out the SuperFriends one by one. That's when this country started falling apart, when they took away Saturday morning cartoons. Kids have no good cartoon role models anymore. And they don't get enough sugar. Hmm, nothing like eating a box of cereal and watching Hong Kong Phooey.
      Hicks: Who?
      Goggles: Well, never mind.

    • Scales: Why here? I'm a firm believer in the separation of church and crime
      Goon: Maybe The Cape's a priest. He does wear a hood.
      Scales: I'll send him to the Pearly Gates early if he keeps me waiting any longer.
      The Cape: If you're praying for your sins, I can come back in, say, three or four years.
      Scales: If I was praying, nobody's listening, because you're still breathing.

    • Scales: I don't know what kind of game you're playin', pretty boy, but you're really gettin' under my skin.
      The Cape: Now that's using the term very loosely... Scales.

    • Orwell: I've only known one other person who could build a self-replicating trap like that.
      Vince: Who?
      Orwell: Me.
      Vince: So you set us up.
      Orwell: Do I seem to be amused by you today? Because I'm not.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Goggles: It's like we're the Legion of Doom, and we're taking out the SuperFriends one by one.

      Goggles is referring to the Challenge of the SuperFriends TV series, which featured eleven of DC Comic's superheroes, including such stalwarts as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, battling their counterparts, the thirteen members of the Legion of Doom. Each week, the Legion of Doom would emerge from its giant skull-shaped headquarters deep in a swamp and come up with some vast world-conquering scheme, which would initially succeed, only to see the heroes rally and triumph, and the Legion would escape at the end only to return another day to do the same thing.

    • Goggles: Hmm, nothing like eating a box of cereal and watching Hong Kong Phooey.

      Goggles refers to the ABC Hanna-Barbera series (1974-1976) about a mild-mannered dog, Penrod Pooch, who works as a janitor at the city police station. When trouble rears its ugly head, Penrod leaps into a filing cabinet and transforms into Hong Kong Phooey, a bumbling martial arts superhero who inevitably saved the day only because his sidekick, Spot the Cat, helps him out.