The Cape

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

From Russia With Love A prison examiner checks the newest arrival, Gregor Molotov, and confirms that he has nothing on him. The warden warns that the prisoner may have escaped other prisons, but there's no escape where Gregor is now. He puts a gun to Gregor's head, but Gregor just smirks. The guards put Gregor in a straitjacket and take him to his cell. Once he's alone, he bares his teeth. Later, alarms go off and the warden goes to Gregor's cell. He's escaped, leaving unconscious guards and an empty straitjacket. One of the guards discovers that he slipped through an impossibly small grille and escaped using a key out of gum. Gregor has left the word "Kozmo" written on the wall. Out of the Past At the rail yards, Vince goes to the freight car where Fleming and Marty took him and set him up. He remembers that one of the ARK guards that held him there was Phillips, and tracks the man down. As The Cape, Vince dangles Phillips off a bridge and tells him to clear the Faraday name and reveal that Fleming is Chess. Phillips refuses, insisting that Fleming will kill him if he does. When Phillips refuses to break, Vince drops him onto a passing truck and leaves before the ARK security forces get there. A teacher introduces Trip Faraday to his new class. As he takes his seat, he discovers chess pieces in his desk, and the other students snicker. At the carnival, Vince angrily practices with the cape, and Max asks if he even bothers to sleep. Vince says that he'll rest when he's reunited with his son and wife. Max warns that he's letting his rage get the better of him, and he has to decide whether he'll control the cape, or the cape will control him. Outside the tent, Gregor comes in and Rollo warns him that outsiders aren't welcome. Max knows who he is and Gregor embraces him, calling him Kozmo. The ringleader explains that now he's just Max. Gregor says that he's there for his cape, while Vince watches from the rafters. Kozmo the Unkillable Max takes Gregor to his office and claims that the cape is lost. Gregor explains that he spent 20 years in prison, and the memory of the cape is all that kept him going. Max offers him shelter for a night, but says that all he can do. Vince comes in and introduces himself. Once Gregor leaves, Vince warns that Gregor is bad news, but Max says that it's his business, not Vince's. Max then explains that the legend of Kozmo has been passed down for decades. Gregor was his intended successor, but he saw what the cape was drawing out of Gregor and hid it away. Now Kozmo is "dead," and Max hopes that Vince is the start of something better, something new. He tells Vince to keep the cape out of sight for a few days. At her new job, Dana complains to her boss, Travis Hall, that they're being overloaded with cases. He says there's nothing they can do, and leaves more files on her desk. She notices that one of them is for a homeless man arrested at the rail yard on the night before Vince was killed. Fleming is receiving reports about his missing daughter when Marty comes to see him. Marty says that the surveillance team was able to lock onto Orwell's signal. However, "he" had abandoned his temporary base by the time they got there. Fleming brings up Orwell's blog reports on his connections to crime, and warns Marty that he's becoming a major threat. He tells Marty to get serious and retask some military satellites produced by ARK, and then doubles the budget for the security teams assigned to the case. Orwell comes to see Vince and warns that he's losing his temper. Worse, ARK is homing in on her because she's spending the time to deal with Vince's problems. Vince says that he has no reason to trust her and asks where she came from and who is bankrolling her operation. She refuses to say anything, and asks if Max knows about her. Vince says that he can trust Max, but Orwell warns that Gregor left a trail of bodies before he went to prison, and he used the cape as a murder weapon. She informs Vince that she needs a place to stay for 24 hours, and she's using her place. Vince warns her that Rollo comes by occasionally, and suggests she should check out the carnival. Vince retires to his bed and reads a Cape comic. In his room, Trip reads the same comic. He then goes to his closet and dons his father's old camo jacket, with Vince's medals on the pocket. Later, Vince goes to the carnival and follows Gregor out into the streets to a shop. Gregor makes a purchase and leaves, but when Vince approaches the man, he discovers that Gregor has made a switch. Gregor goes to a high stakes poker game and wins big. He then asks the players for the location of The Cape. They tell him about stories of a vigilante wielding the cape, and he asks for the vigilante's real name. They explain that he's a hero like in the comic books, and Gregor realizes that Max lied to him. He then kills all of the players using the playing cards as throwing knives, and walks away. Secrets of the Cape Vince wanders the streets trying to find Gregor and gets word about the slaughter. As he goes to check it out, taking one of the cards, Gregor watches him from the shadows. Orwell is working when Rollo arrives to see Vince. He realizes that Orwell is the woman who left the poisoned Vince off at the carnival, and invites her to come see the carnival. She agrees and Rollo drives her there in his cycle. Max isn't happy to have an outsider there, but she quickly charms him while introducing herself as Julia. Gregor comes in and accuses Max of holding out on him, and then kisses Orwell's hand. Max tries to send him away, but Vince comes in and says that they need to give Gregor a proper sendoff. The carnival gathers for a final meal and Gregor explains that he can dislocate every bone in his body. Max comments that Gregor lacked discipline, while Vince notes that it's not safe with all the murders. He asks why Gregor was in prison, and Gregor claims that he was framed for the murder of a beautiful woman. He then takes Orwell's hand and reads her palm, and says that she's a spoiled rich girl with daddy issues. Gregor then says that she was imprisoned, and even she doesn't know who she really is. Dana talks to the homeless prisoner and asks if he was at the rail yard when Chess was killed. The prisoner says that he was there, and he saw what happened to Vince, and that someone put the chess mask on Vince. Dana goes to see Marty with what she's discovered. Gregory tells the story of the cape and its legendary history. Max dismisses the stories as myth, but Gregor notes that Max wouldn't give it to him. He claims that he's a reformed man, but Vince points out that the murderer used playing cards, and only a master magician could have done the murders. He asks where Gregor was, and Gregor asks him the same thing. He realizes that Vince is a policeman, and accuses Max of giving the cape to a cop. Max denies it, but Gregor knows he's lying. He tells Vince to give him the cape, because Gregor is too far gone already by its exposure, but Vince insist that he's going to put Gregor away because of the law. Gregor disappears in a puff of smoke and Vince goes to find him. When Max warns against it, Vince says that as The Cape, it's his job to deal with Gregor. The Show Must Go On Vince goes back to his lair to get the cape. Orwell follows him and warns that he's doing what Gregor wants him to. She admits that Gregor was right about what he said about her, and that he knows things. They figure that Gregor is going after Vince's family, and Vince leaves to protect them. When Orwell asks what she can do to help, Vince asks her to keep an eye out for Gregor. Dana is going to her a car with a box of evidence, and hears someone following her. She drops the box and turns, and realizes that Travis is there. She's unaware that Vince is watching from the shadows. Dana talks about her personal problems and Travis says that he's there if she needs him. He offers to bond with Trip, and Dana thanks him for his efforts. Orwell returns to the carnival and watches Raia rehearsing her aerial act. Max notices and invites Orwell to join them, and she ducks the question. He invites her to stay and watch their show. Max goes back to his trailer and dons his ringmaster costume, but realizes that Gregor is near. The show begins and the ringmaster steps out: Gregor, wearing Max's costume. He introduces the audience to his "Carnival of Fear" and reveals Rollo, Raia, and Ruvi tied up in front of a lion cage. As Orwell watches, Gregor then pulls aside a curtain to show Max tied up in a water tank. He asks where the Cape is... and The Cape swings in. After knocking Gregor down, Vince pulls the water tank down, freeing Max. Orwell frees the others, while Gregor grabs the cape. He dons it uses it to attack Vince, knocking him aside. Max calls out to him by name, but Gregor says that he is now Kozmo. The villain destroys the lights, panicking the crowd, and then tells Vince that he should be grateful, because Max turns on everyone eventually. He dares Max to attack him, saying that he was jealous of his potential. Gregor knocks him aside, and then snags Orwell and admits that he killed the woman just as he was accused. He prepares to kill her, saying no one will miss her, but Vince grabs the cape. Gregor starts to constrict the cape, but Vince turns it around and whips it around his opponent's throat. Gregor chokes as Vince tells him that anger will choke him unless he has something to fight for, and Vince has his family. Once Gregor passes out, they wonder what to do with him. Max insists that no prison can hold Gregor, but Vince says that he's no murderer and walks away... and Orwell follows him. One Man, One Fight, One Right ARK security forces gather all the squatters at the rail yard and cart them out of the state. Orwell takes photos, and Vince arrives. She explains that they're picking up everyone who was there the day that Chess was killed. Vince takes the camera and takes photos of all of the ARK men. The next day, Marty calls Dana and tells her that nothing came of their investigation at the rail yard. She assumes that the homeless man was crazy and says she'll see Marty later. However, someone slips an envelope beneath her door. When Dana examines it, she finds photos of the rail yard arrests and a note telling her not to lose hope. Trip is practicing with a speed bag on the roof when The Cape comes to see him. He assures the boy that he's not alone, and that in the comics, he lost his family. The Cape tells him that justice takes time, and that Trip has to remember who he is, and that The Cape is always watching over him. Together they recite the Cape motto: "One Man, One Fight, One Right," and The Cape says that Vince got his medals, the ones Trip are wearing, by keeping his cool rather than fighting. In his office, Fleming contemplates a wooden music box. He finally opens it and admires the ballerina within. At the carnival, Orwell practices on the trapeze. Fleming closes the box.
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