The Cape

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • Epic Failure III

    This show gets more ridiculous and poorly paced every new episode I watch. First the ridiculously rushed first episode. Then the corny poison plot. Then they go back and retcon in the cape as a potential supernatural object with an evil owner throughout history and now the most recent who is Russian (got to have your stereotypes all in place). Couldn't you have at least stopped to let us see the characters before you piled all of everything on us within the first three episodes? And now it looks like Orwell may be Chess's daughter. This show has all of the right elements but is executed so poorly that it's a wonder they even put it on tv without at least watching it first. I am more convinced than ever that Fox does not know what quality programming is. I'm sorry "The Cape," this is where I give up.
  • pretty ok

    I'm starting to get used to the atmosphere of this show. Despite what others think I found the show quite entertaining in it's own way, the story was alert and it had more emphasis on Max and the circus people. i liked the fact that Orwell met them and that she possibly might become a member of the circus, it's always better when there are more important characters. Of course the moment Chess said he had a daughter, at the beginning of the episode, we all knew it was Orwell and even though it's cheesy, having a father as a criminal mastermind gives a darn good reason to become someone like her. In the past I've been disappointed with Orwell's character as it seemed a little fake and flat but today while interacting with the circus crew and the Russian guy, she made her first steps towards becoming a 3 dimensional character. so like any other weapon, used properly, the cape is capable of more than it's new owner knows... I'm not sure if i like the idea of the cape having magic powers but one thing is true, a man owning an extraordinary weapon feels powerful and power corrupts... and for that we don't need magic. but in the end only the writers know what's what.

    I'm also starting to like the mother character (forgot her name), I'm glad she tried to ask around for the truth even though she turned with her results to the worst friend possible. Unfortunately the kid is still uninteresting.

    What I don't know is just where did the Cape get all that rage from. He almost killed a man and that after the last episode he seemed to be at peace with himself and what he was doing, defeating his desperation. is he going to fight an emotion every episode? this might be an unfortunate thing especially if these strong emotions seem to come out of nowhere (no catalyst involved to produce such a strong response as to throw someone off the bridge)...well, I hope the writers figure it out soon.

    the Russian guy was weird, sometimes in a good sense and some others in a bad one... I'm not sure what to think of him (or even if I should think of him at all). for someone who can casually slit 4 people's throats in a couple of seconds (why did he do that???) the setup for the big finale was a little silly.
  • Yawn. Boring.

    As a reviewer said last week, The Cape is ridiculous. Riculous and annoying. After 10 minutes I wanted to switch off. I only tuned in to see if this week would be an improvement. It wasn't. First of all, the premise is weak at best. It would've been way better to start this story in the middle. Flashbacks would've been more interesting, and would've left time to build character and establish the action more quickly. I think the most intersting character in this is probably Tripp Faraday. TO be honest his would be waay more interesting if this was -his- superhero story than his father's. Can you imagine if his father died and he grew up wanting to avenge him. So much more interesting. His wife's story-line is good as well, and the superman in disguise laywer friend adds nice tension to Faraday and his wife's realtionship.

    I have to admit though, the villians are pretty good. Killing guys around a poker table with cards? Unrealistic, but smooth, and cool. Waay more cool than the actual Cape itself. Chess is a bit too over the top though, and would be more imposing if he toned it down and his technology just a little.

    The carnival is also another used idea. Shades of Heroes make me role my eyes, and I think its unnecessary for all of the carnival folk to be in the shot and 'practising' every time they visit the main tent.

    If The Cape has any chance to improve, it needs to lose its cheesy lines, add greater tension, get rid of those ridiculous slides at the start of each act and move further away from the Batman-like storyline.
  • An improvement

    The Pilot was fun but rushed.
    Tarot had a better pace, but still needed development. Kozmo improved upon the first two, having a centralized pace and focus (not too much moving around), and allowing for a little more development. First off, the focus of the episode was not well...unfocused. It was about the cape (the actual cape), and a little about its history. It didn't try to overwhelm the audience with over five side stories. Also, the cast is showing a little more proficiency and the characters are beginning to show why we should be interested in them. Summer Glau's scenes as Orwell were well done. David Lyons (Vince/The Cape) did better in this episode than the previous two (though it can improve), and Max Malini (Keith David) retained his charm while also developing a little. The minor characters were also not bad.

    Better focus, better pace, somewhat better acting. If the show keeps improving steadily (or, as I hope, exponentially), then this show is getting closer to its real potential.

    I hope this show is given a chance, for it would be a shame to see such potential go down the drain just because the first 2 or 3 episodes weren't masterpieces.

    I'll keep watching.
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