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    I was just on Netflix watching "The Cape" after playing DC on PS3 (btw I think DC blows when it comes to Marvel anyway because Marvel is just good like that with Hellboy & Ultraviolet, etc. on their side) & after 5 episodes, the first five, I had to get some sleep which it was 2 am in the morning & didn't get to sleep untill 4 am (3 & a half hours of sleep) just action pack heroes stuck in my head with all the suspense & envying. When I got up & went to work, my boss called me in & asked me why I looked like fecal-matter. I told him about the episodes I had been watching & ever since I have been telling people at my work, which is the Indianapolis International Airport, to watch this show on Netflix called "The Cape". Which they're going to be disappointed that there's no real ending & my boss maybe angry at me for coming to work again the day after still looking the way I do since its late again (& yes, it was this morning I got yelled at haha very funny) & because he will only see 10/13 eps.
  • Hooked in 2013

    This show finished in 2011 and my 12 year old son and I are still awaiting its come back. We were both hooked from the pilot and dreaded watching 'The end'. Its now 2013 and we have recently watched the re-runs finding we're hooked all over again. I agree with other '10' point reviews on here and ask for the show to return for another series. The characters and plot have great core therefore I can see scope and potential for 'The Cape' to not only be a great show but an amazing show that will continue to grow in popularity.

    I watch Supernatural (but didn't start watching until series 7 was airing on the TV), No ordinary family (started watching half way through), Once upon a time (half way through), Vampire Diaries (series 2) Big bang theory (series 3). There are so many programmes to watch on the tv these days and with the likes of Sky and Virgin people tend to watch their planners so don't get to find out about programmes unless it is through word of mouth. Once I hear about something I would like to watch I get it from series 1, episode 1 so I get the story line. We heard about 'The Cape' from a friend and as already said, we loved it. We want the story to continue so please BRING IT BACK!!!


    If your not going to bring the show back at least make a movie to complete the story because to leave the ending the way it was is just plain wrong!!!
  • Bring it Back!

    This was an awesome show. If NBC had advertised it better and allowed the fan base to grow a little, there would hve been awesome ratings. Th plot was good, an the characters different and new. They really ought to bring tis show back.
  • the cape

    i enjoyed the movie waiting for the next season
  • the worst decision NBC has ever made

    The cape is an awesome show and if NBC has any sense they would bring the cape back so it can go to its full potential. this is one of the best shows i have ever seen and its good for kids to. thi show will over run BATMAN just please give it a shot you wont be dissapointed it will make profits and alot more viewrs will watch give it a shot
  • So long and Farewell

    I have not yet seen the last episodes in this series, although I will endeavour to tough it out to the end in fairness to the cast and crew.
    Good action shows in this genre have to have a tight control over the characters and plot; unfortunately this does not seem to have been the case here. We are never really sure if the hero has ever learned anything from his brushes with disaster; as he seems to spring straight into the next one, presumably expecting Orwell or the Family to bail him out yet again.
    I am really disappointed as I wanted this show to succeed; but I am not surprised that the Network appear to be pulling the plug. We can only hope that it makes other producers/directors take more care in the future.
  • Bring this show back as a returning series!


    Great ideas andcomic heroname "The Cape." I have seen shows return and continue after cancellation. I hope The Cape returns because it was a very interesting show. Reminds you so much of the caped crusader, "Batman." I started tolike The Capeeven more than Batman. Why only thirteen episodes. This showdefinitely had the potential to last for several seasons!

  • vince faraday is framed for murder so he decides to dress up as the cape and fight crime and clear his name.


    once vince is framed it looks like he died. vince meets this carnies who teaches him magic.vince learns magic so it can help him get his name back and fight crime. at the carnival is where vince finds the cape. vince dresses up as the cape to protect his identity and so he can get his name back.vince also does this b/c his son favorite comic book heroe is the cape.

    vince soon meets orwell(summer glau) who is a blogger.she becomes vince sidekick.she lets vince know where bad guys are and whats happenig in palm city. so with the help of orwell and his carnies people his out to get his name back. vince befriends his family as the cape and they dont even know its vince. the show as lots of action that david lyons does very well,the show as great writing,it has lots of magic and lots of twitst and is great viewing tv show even though it didnt last that long. the problem with the show is the family.

    as your watching the show all u can think about is the family which is distracting.i think the show would have been better if his family was killed and he was trying to get revenged.the show also gives us hints of this great love story of vince and orwell but we know it can never happened b/c vince family is still alive.

    the show does have alot of things that distract you from the show.and then on top of that the show kind of ends on a cliffhanger.with all that been said thats why i give it a 7. the show isnt bad but its not good either.its an okay show.

    the show had alot of promise..

  • Actually not that bad.

    I started watching this show having already heard all of the bad reviews about it, and going into it with my own scepticisms about a superhero show. I was then pleasantly surprised when I watched it (basically because of Summer Glau), and found that, not only was it not awful, it was actually quite good. Sometimes it felt like the show was going a bit fast, but perhaps that was a by-product of it only having an order for thirteen episodes. Overall the acting is not bad, and the characters are closer to believable than I would expect from a show like this. It is helped immensely by it not being zoned into just the Cape, it also uses the rest of the cast and doesn't just have 'villain-of-the-week' episodes.
  • Another disappointing hero

    This program showed some serious promise with its new ideas and original superhero, but it led to failure, especially when it came out in the midst of all these other great superhero movies and TV shows, No Ordinary Family put this show to shame and the newest installments of the batman saga alone dwarf the creativity and intensity of this show. The commercials got this show very hyped and set up for a terrible descent. I stopped watching after 4 or so episodes. Please comment and tell me if it got better later and maybe I will change its rating and start up again from the beginning to see if i missed something that could have made the show worthwhile.
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  • Enough with Superpowers?

    mindless fun (too much mindless). A lone bright spot: in this show summer glau actually smile a few times (I'd like to see her in a show which isn't deemed to fail, for being too fringy or for lacking substance). With this television season we can finally say: there's no room for show which draw too much inspiration from comics or superheroes of any sort. It's oversimplified universe, this good vs evil stuff it's not exactly challenging. Another problem is the privatization of the police force: are you kidding me? In the end I couldn't keep watching, there's next to nothing engaging.
  • Embarrassing

    I couldn't even finish the first episode. I personally love super hero drama's and I adore Summer Glau but this role is not for her. Actually, any of these roles are not for anyone with a straight head. The concept is absolutely terrible. Why would he hide himself from his kid? He learns how to become a fighting machine in only one montage? A secret carnival of vagabonds and cast away's with mini-me as it's tough guy? Please...

    Super hero genre fans would be wise to steer clear of this train wreck. This genre has such a huge void on TV and I'm personally still waiting for that one show to be respectful to the viewing audiences intelligence and deliver a show that will push believable story and characters.
  • 10 episodes? Seriously?

    It boggles my mind how a show like this can catch on after just 10 shows. This is the kind of show I would usually not encounter until the 2nd season when other people are talking about it. The characters would have time to develop and the plot become more interesting. In our "rush" to the next BIG show there is little time to enjoy the growth of a show over time. The Cape is interesting, clever and different. It needs time to grow into itself. I really like that the main character has a moral compass! The Cape's son is interesting and has just found a partner in "crime." The Carnival of Crime poses a real opportunity for the group and people to have inner tension and conflict which they can slowly work out over time. The "Bad guy" Fleming needs to be seen a little more as "choosing" to do evil vs. just being evil in order to give him the archtype bad guy who may have the chance for redemption down the line. It is all about the choices we make as human beings after all.
  • Are you a fan of the Golden Age of comics? Do you like the campiness and fun that those old comics portrayed? At the same time, are you also a fan of the more recent style seen in movies like T. Burton's Batman? If the answer is yes to BOTH, read on.

    What can be said about The Cape? It's getting alot of bad rep here at, personally more then I think it should. Why? Simple really: This show aims at a specific crowd that ISN'T the overwhelming masses. So who is this show made for? Comic book fans. Not just comic book fans however, but comic book fans who remember, or at the least appreciate the olden days. The Golden Age of comics, when characters were campy, but just serious enough to take them at face value. When radioactive waste did whatever the hell the book wanted it to. When criminals were a superstitious cowardly lot and dressing up like a bat to scare them as they commited crimes was a viable, and effective idea.

    Sound like fun? Watch it. That's all that REALLY needs to be said. If you're a fan of the Golden Age, you need to watch this show. You'll LOVE it, for everything it is. If you arn't, let me get one thing clear.

    This is NOT Iron Man 2. This is NOT X-Men, or Spider-man 3, or The Dark Knight. This is comic books at their roots, not the modernized, mainstreamed versions that most people know about. This is when SCIENCE!!! could explain just about anything it wanted. This is when devices so implausible that the universe facepalms whenever it seems them, work perfectly without any explaination as to why. You'll come here expecting Batman Begins, and come to find Detective Comics #37.

    However, to the show's credit, it also balances the campiness with the grim and gritty style we've come to expect from modern comics and super hero movies. It does both, and aside from a few silly moments, it does them very well. Once the main hero has become The Cape, the style of the show shifts quickly from bright and sunny, to dark and doomy. However, it does this all the while throwing the goofiness we've come to love about comics at us at the same time. You arn't going to see Tony Stark invent a shiny armor suit and explain how it's powered, you're going to see gernades that can create mini black holes because something cool needs to kill that guy.

    All and all, as a big fan of those old comics, I'd have to recommend this one. For what it is, it does a very good job. But again, if you ARN'T a fan of old comics, or have grown up on a diet of Hollywood Marvel, you will most likely not like this show very much.

    In closing, if you like the Golden Age, and the silliness of older comics (and modern comics to a lesser extent), watch this show. You won't be disappointed. If you don't have any interest in that kind of thing though, stay away. You'll likely find yourself knit picking about implausibility and unable to enjoy what the show is trying to grasp.
  • n fictional Palm City former cop Vince Faraday is framed for murder. Believed to be dead, he takes on the persona of his son's favorite comic book superhero 'The Cape' to clear his name and reunite with his family.

    1.0 did a network green light this garbage! I'm shocked to know that there's people that make money as a profession in making straight filth of this nature!

    The acting was worse than I've seen in infomercials. The scenarios, dialog, and "jokes" are horrid and it seemed the writers pulled from EVERY cliche possible.

    It's so sad to see yet another show that could've had so much potential but somehow were put together horribly wrong. I can't really see this show lasting too long. It's too bad to see shows with potential be poorly put together (Heroes, FlashForward, V, etc). I don't know how Keith David found himself in this but it wasn't like he was a blockbuster actor...still seems even beneath him though. It's unfortunate to see Reality shows and poor scripted shows taking over. Even Heroes started off better than this.
  • the Summer Glau effect is taking its toll. No known vaccine exist.

    wow.. I loved the commercials, I loved the idea, and I love Summer Glau. but the show seem to have everything BUT well.. for lack of a better term, a show. its absolutely terrible. Max Malini, the so-called mentor gave this speech about terror and life dedication and he didn't even teach The Cape to catch a knife?! A circus without knife throwing, laaammmme! They teach him to hypnotize someone, cool, but I doubt the villains will sit still for him to hypnotize. And thier latest idiotic act, walking on a rope. really? haven't he heard of Zip Lining, or maybe just use a belt and tie it around his waist and just pull himself to the destination. this show has so much potential but nothing short of a miracle can save this show.
  • I will never watch this show again.

    Great hype and lead in. Nice character development - from the young enthusiastic cop determined to rise above the corruption and make a positive mark on society. Betrayed from within, losing family, and worst of all, his son (they all think he's dead) - I began to have questions when, in the first episode, the slimy evil assassin hired by arch-nemesis "Chess" was not dispatched when the opportunity presented itself - but was merely hog-tied and left on the pastry shelf - only to be set free (one assumes) by Chess - who also was left alive.
    When I was younger - I used to admire The Batman - as he had taken an oath to never kill. Same with Superman. But those were the old days when there was honor amongst villains, and the world of terrorism had not yet encroached upon our shores. Today we live in a different era in which there exists real Evil, determined to never rest until the American way of life is exterminated from the planet. They do not want to understand us, or co-exist; it is their purpose to dominate by eliminating any with a different view - Chess is a personification of similar Evil - it will continue to destroy the fabric of the society in which it exists until nothing remains except for the poor excuse for protoplasm satisfied to worship and serve whatever master pulls their strings.
    Tonight's episode crossed the line. It presented the worst emasculation of the American Spirit that I have ever witnessed on TV. When the Cape risked his own life to thwart the brilliantly planned scheme of the female protagonist who had lost her father to the embodiment of Evil - ThAt was ToO MuCh. I literally TuRnEd OfF ThE TV in DiSgUsT. I will NeVeR watch the Cape again. And that is a shame - because the acting and the action were both compelling.
    To you who do not understand the above - neither will you understand why the worlds terrorists can't be mollified with words and will not stop until we are destroyed - unless we are absorbed by the Chinese and THEY turn the tables. By not only allowing Chess to live - but to present the show's "hero" as the savior of Evil - this should be an anathema to any who hold the premise of our country sacred.
  • Any program that strays from reality,i.e., isn't about cops or doctors, lets say, has to be driven by it's actors. A talented actor, correctly chosen for his or her part, can transcend an occasionally bad storyline.

    Think, the X-Files, as an example, without David Duchovny. This show needed someone of that calibre to pull off the character of Vince Faraday. The Cape, as an artifact, and all of the supporting players, needed a very strong lynchpin - and this is what the show lacks.
    If your "surreal" program, involves the fight between "good and evil", than you better make sure you've got some excellent evil. No one I've seen on The Cape, to date, fits the bill. The character, Chess, seems like your typical ruthless businessman. The dialogue on this program is just terrible. It appears that they wanted to bring this program in "on the cheap" - maybe they were just looking for something to fill the time slot until a better show came along.
    I rated the show a "7" because it has potential. Maybe Vince Faraday could be killed off and his brother take over (giving them a chance to bring in a better actor.) Or they come up with a truly vile, but charismatic villain. Who knows?
  • What the whaaaaaaat!?

    what is up?
    this show is not as bad as many claim it is..
    it is not bad not very very good .
    but it deserves more than what people are saying about it .

    i mmean, it is not lost or dexter or one of the big shows . it is just a very enjoyabble and very entertaining show to watch with some pretty good soundtrack .

    sadly , i think it might be cancled .
    i really do hope it does not . it needs to be given a chance to get people in to its mood and style .

    go watch it.. ignore the comments see it and judje for yourself.
  • Not the absolute worst show I've ever seen but far from the best

    The pilot was pretty average. The story is something like the "Kick Ass" movie told from Big Daddy's point of view without a fraction of the plot and strength of characters of said movie. The plot begins like many a superhero movie does: stereotypical "good guy" Vince Faraday gets framed for a crime he didn't commit and is almost killed only to be rescued by a good samaritan, in this case a circus troop. He then decides to wage war on crime and the organisation that framed him by dressing up as his son's favourite superhero "The Cape(how original)". There we have the origin story and the motive. Pretty much every cliche in the book with a few minor differences primary among them the fact that the "mentors" don't get killed off.The primary antagonist Chess looks like a bad replica of the iconic Buffy villain "The Master". All these would be more tolerable if there was at least some good acting or well developed characters. But the actors don't get much to work with unfortunately. Overall, this is nothing particularly special but, being the optimist I am, I will give it a chance for one more episode.
  • A decent start, but should get better

    I was curious about watching "The Cape" and after viewing the Pilot, I think that this show has potential -- but it should work things out well first.

    First off, the overall story is similar to other hero stories, so it isn't groundbreaking or downright creative -- but it'll do, for the Pilot. In my opinion, the cast is great, but the Pilot didn't show what they were capable of -- I'm sure Lyons and Glau could've stood out more if the Pilot wasn't so fast-paced. The effects/CGI aren't spectacular, but decent. Overall, I'd like to see the character depth, pace (don't cram too much into one episode), and storyline evolve more. I think this show has potential, but the Pilot was average.
  • A new superhero show on NBC with tons of action... but poor everything else:

    One thing I liked, maybe ten minutes into the show, there was a huge explosion!

    And this show produced alot of mystery with the rogue cops and all.

    The one thing I hated was the plot seemed rushed. There was very poor character development. Even though the development was poor, the actors were great. I really liked the son and wife's emotion when they thought the father, main character, died.

    The action scence were great, and the location for the scenes alone were good.

    The villains, being bank robbers and clown/carny related, werent original at all. Does anyone remember one of the most original villains at the time, Joker. Exactly like them.

    And after maybe 45 minutes I fell asleep, maybe I should watch the next episode before reveiwing, but I dont think it woulda made much of a difference.

    I wouldnt recremend this show... 4 outta 10
  • Likes: Time for action, time for quiet contemplation. Summer Glau. Excellent photography, superior musical score, competent editing. Dislikes: cartoonish aspects, night CGI scenes look like CGI scenes.

    Current cancellation rates and the demise of several long-running shows keeps us hunting for The Next Best Thing. At this point, we'll even take the Next Acceptable Thing. "The Cape" is some better than that, with several good points, such as pretty good dialog, some heart-warming family scenes, and mostly-good special effects. Not crazy about the carnival theme and the gratuitous profanity, but it must be from the comic book with which I am not familiar. The first episode felt a bit rushed in introducing all the characters, but then the second hour did a better job of developing them.

    Some of the super-hero braggadocio is a bit much, and the night high-rise scene with our caped lead atop the building, as well as the night skyline, are just too Batman. The family cast is all quite good, and the acting uniformly competent. So we'd continue watching just on that basis, but then there's Summer Glau, who has earned our affection through all her past roles. With her charm, we're in for the duration.
  • It could be better, but cuts to the chase and is fun in the process.

    The TV snobs would have you believe this show is not watchable. Well, they're wrong. Granted, it could flush out more of the character's back stories, but aside from that there is plenty of action which keeps you glued to the screen. I actually enjoyed it and there were plenty of funny/serious moments. I think the acting could be a bit better and more believable, but for a first pilot show it wasn't that bad. The one thing I will agree on is that there is definitely a "Batman" like quality to the show. Vince can be hurt, makes mistakes, and bad/impulsive decisions, but he learns from his mistakes and becomes a better "hero" because of it. I like the cast of carnie's and would like to see more of the backstory of his mentors and the other members of the carnival/circus. The fact that I'm more interested in the main character's sidekicks and mentors tells me that they need to focus on making Vince a more believe Superhero. I'll be tuning in to see if the show gets any better, but I'm sure the network won't give the show a chance to find it's footing. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets cancelled mid-season, or, if it lasts a full season, the chances of the show being renewed are probably nill. Still, I'll go along for the ride as it's better than the reality TV programming on all the networks nowadays.
  • Beacons of greatness lost in a fog of mediocrity.

    The show is hit and miss.


    - Great cast, solid actors who put their all into their performances

    - Great sets

    - Excellent filming, camera work is top notch

    - Costumes while not imaginative are grade A


    - Script was either not ready for production or the writers were given impossible targets (like introduce the hero and take him with back story into full on in one episode)

    - CGI is not well blended or misapplied

    - Makeup is off or just weird (what have they done to his eyes!)

    The show obviously has the budget or at least the casting and set talent did a bang up job making it appear so.

    Grade A budget but B result. If I had to fault anyone it would be the producers and probably the director. I realize everything looks simple from the arm chair but what were you thinking? Pacing is just off! The script was not near ready for prime-time or it was sliced and diced. What demographic are you after? It is really not clear. Pardon the pun but its a crime to waste such talent. Here's hoping for a shuffle but unfortunately that's not likely as the fault is clearly at the top.

    Another here said it, Summer is your calling card and you wasted it.
  • Sock Puppets!

    Keith David stole the show. He absolutely shone. If they replaced every actor with a sock puppet except him I'm not sure I would have noticed. They HORRIBLY underused Summer Glau. She had what, 1 minute of screen time in the first episode? I know for a fact that there were many who tuned in to see River Tam's new show, they should have capitalized on this and pandered to that demographic (their failure to do so will be what kills them in the end). They had more of her in the second episode but what exactly is her role on this show? Is she like Oracle, directing things from her techno fortress? Is she a field agent (if so she should learn to fight)? A sidekick (but she doesn't really cover the protagonists back)? Vinnie Jones was totally wasted. As for the main character...who is he? Seriously, he could be replaced with a sock puppet.

    Now about the show. What was up with the eye makeup on the main character? I mean seriously? Is he a pirate? Arrgghh. It was only in the scenes of his "real life" but it was distracting, scratch that, disturbing. The pacing was horrible. I completely disagree with the reviewer's statement "The Cape wants to skip over that whole 'making you care' phase and just get into the action." It was, in fact, the shows attempts to make us care that were the worst parts of it. The whole daddy with baby bit was terrible and a waste of screen time. The special ops back story was really unneeded, or at least not done well.

    If they want the show to survive (which it won't) they need less family. They need to develop the characters through action, not back story. We can know who they are by what they do and how they do it. Allowing us to imagine a back story is better than providing us with a poorly thought-out one. They need less family. More Summer. More carny folk, and they need to not mess around with Keith David's character.
  • Nothing Special Yet - But watchable

    To be honest - this show caught my attention mainly because of Summer Glau. Ever since TSCC I've loved her and wanted to see her on the screen again. I've just seen the first episode so far, so it may be too early to make comments, but what I saw so far was ok. It is a little "cliche" - like Batman in an small small scope. But the acting is good. It will depend on the future storyline, if I get addicted or not. I hope it will not turn out to be a boring show, where one uninteristing case after the other is solved. Let's wait and see.