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NBC (ended 2011)





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  • vince faraday is framed for murder so he decides to dress up as the cape and fight crime and clear his name.


    once vince is framed it looks like he died. vince meets this carnies who teaches him magic.vince learns magic so it can help him get his name back and fight crime. at the carnival is where vince finds the cape. vince dresses up as the cape to protect his identity and so he can get his name back.vince also does this b/c his son favorite comic book heroe is the cape.

    vince soon meets orwell(summer glau) who is a blogger.she becomes vince sidekick.she lets vince know where bad guys are and whats happenig in palm city. so with the help of orwell and his carnies people his out to get his name back. vince befriends his family as the cape and they dont even know its vince. the show as lots of action that david lyons does very well,the show as great writing,it has lots of magic and lots of twitst and is great viewing tv show even though it didnt last that long. the problem with the show is the family.

    as your watching the show all u can think about is the family which is distracting.i think the show would have been better if his family was killed and he was trying to get revenged.the show also gives us hints of this great love story of vince and orwell but we know it can never happened b/c vince family is still alive.

    the show does have alot of things that distract you from the show.and then on top of that the show kind of ends on a cliffhanger.with all that been said thats why i give it a 7. the show isnt bad but its not good either.its an okay show.

    the show had alot of promise..