The Cape

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  • Hooked in 2013

    This show finished in 2011 and my 12 year old son and I are still awaiting its come back. We were both hooked from the pilot and dreaded watching 'The end'. Its now 2013 and we have recently watched the re-runs finding we're hooked all over again. I agree with other '10' point reviews on here and ask for the show to return for another series. The characters and plot have great core therefore I can see scope and potential for 'The Cape' to not only be a great show but an amazing show that will continue to grow in popularity.

    I watch Supernatural (but didn't start watching until series 7 was airing on the TV), No ordinary family (started watching half way through), Once upon a time (half way through), Vampire Diaries (series 2) Big bang theory (series 3). There are so many programmes to watch on the tv these days and with the likes of Sky and Virgin people tend to watch their planners so don't get to find out about programmes unless it is through word of mouth. Once I hear about something I would like to watch I get it from series 1, episode 1 so I get the story line. We heard about 'The Cape' from a friend and as already said, we loved it. We want the story to continue so please BRING IT BACK!!!

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