The Cape

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2011 on NBC
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Ark Corporation's aim is at prison privatization, but The Cape will battle Chess and his newest ally Cain to stop it. As Chess and Cain set their sights on Secretary for the Bureau of Prisons Patrick Portman, the Cape intervenes, barely surviving the encounter. Orwell, Max Malini, and the circus gang band together to help the Cape recover and also save Patrick.moreless

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  • And it continues

    This EP2 was about the same it had good parts and had ok parts 1. Ok i liked the villian in this EP reminds me of Bullseyes from marvel the bad part was he was not in this EP to much and i wonder what there going to do with the TAT angle a group of villians 2. the cape was casted out but makes the choice to stay with it and does some of his own trainnig and gets his Cape back im glad because the Mask wouldnt be a great man change after two EP

    3. (Summer Glau) Orwell whats up with this girl she seems to be more of a hero then are hero what does she have the power of knowing what will happen next and the abitly to be in the right spot at the right timemoreless
  • 102

    The second half of the 2 hour premiere fell off a bit in my mind. This is most likely what the show is going to be like on a weekly basis and that makes me a bit nervous as this was very boring at points.

    In the first hour The Cape did such a good job of building this rivalry between Peter and Vince/The Cape, but here they did not do a good job of establishing bad guys that could be one and done, week after week. This is something action shows like Burn Notice, NCIS: Los Angeles etc. know how to do, and while this show is a little different than that, it will have to learn how to write those kinds of characters.

    Summer Glau really had a big part in this half. She's not the best actress out there, but she stays true to her sci-fi roots and you have to respect that, although the character she is playing here is pretty much the same as the one she did on Dollhouse, just minus the dead arm.

    Not horrible, but if this is what the show is going to be like, I do not know how long I'll be watching.moreless
  • got some potential

    ok... it's not perfect but i just loved how everyone pointed out he had no cape. I find it hard to read Glau's new character, she seems a little artificial (I guess because of the poor character development... but rich and sexy babes are not usually computer geek takes way too much time to maintain the look).

    the stunt with the knives could have ended really bad so I found it kind of unbelievable...and in the end all he had to do was jump to the right or the left and he would have been out of harm's way. also the introduction of a secret society right from the second episode was a little early...we should have had some time to assimilate the world, the characters and their reality... but maybe it's going to work, who knows. as it is right now, Max is my favorite character followed by Cape and Chess (yeah, i like him, in the end when he smiled was great)... but I'm not sure if these are all the characters we are supposed to like, neither Orwell nor Cape's family seem to manage to make me care about them... yet.

    the story was ok... finally Cape starts acting out of determination not desperation, gets his act together and gets a lair (like jim powell would say) and becomes immune to all sorts of poisons (I'm not sure but it must have taken more than a couple of days) and saves the prisons of the city. Even though it's not perfect I'm an optimist and it's too early to tell from just two episodes so good luck Capemoreless
  • I had high hopes for The Cape. Unfortunately, the 2-hour premiere left me feeling disappointed and confused. The choices the director/editor made in pacing, exposition, character development, were all poor, making a disjointed first outing.moreless

    Having watched the 2-hour premiere, I'm significantly disappointed in the show. I had high hopes and really wanted to like it. Superhero pilots, which are usually an origin story, are usually the most exciting and interesting. Unfortunately, The Cape fails to excite or interest. It was, at times confusing and difficult to watch. They seem to gloss over important parts while lingering on unimportant ones. I felt they didn't care about the origin much and wanted to go from cop to superhero all in one episode, thus the leaps in time are not clear. It felt too easy for Vince to become The Cape. There was no evidence that he had any advanced skills or strength (they did mention he was a cop and soldier), and suddenly he's whipping thugs off their feet with his cape. Vince and Orwell's seemingly instant, trusting partnership is unbelievable. While we know little about Orwell, she must have some serious money driving a $200k gull wing Mercedes Benz. I don't know many full-time bloggers who earn that kind of cash. I'll give it a few more episodes to find it's footing, but my hopes are no longer high.moreless
  • Going smoother

    Tarot improved a little upon the Pilot. While the Pilot was alright, it seemed a bit rushed (too much was crammed into one episode, quick backstory, etc.), Tarot allowed for a little more character development, and the pace was not too quick nor slow. Hopefully, the episodes continue improving. I enjoyed the steadier focus on the characters in this episode. More learning, less just moving around. The introduction of Cain also went smoothly, and didn't feel too abrupt or uneccessary. In fact, I admit that he's a interesting villain for the show. Furthermore, I like how the organization "Tarot" could add depth to the story.

    If the show keeps improving, I'll keep watching.moreless
Raza Jaffrey

Raza Jaffrey

Cain / Raymonde Lafleur

Guest Star

Richard Schiff

Richard Schiff

Patrick Portman

Guest Star

Mather Zickel

Mather Zickel

Travis Hall

Guest Star

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar


Recurring Role

Izabella Miko

Izabella Miko


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The medal Dana pulls from the coffee can is an actual Army Commendation Medal, although it is not clear if a "Valor device" has been affixed to the medal.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Store Owner: You're a superhero! What do they call you?
      The Cape: The Cape
      Store Owner: The Cape? Well, you'll work on it.

    • The Cape: Don't play innocent with me, Chess.
      Fleming: I'm just a businessman.
      The Cape: No, you are a psychopath.
      Fleming: People in glass houses...
      The Cape: Get thrown out windows.

    • Orwell: We'll never get that close again. If you weren't poisoned, I could kill you.

    • Orwell: Fleming's already got the police department. If he gains control of the prisons, he'll have his police state. We have to stop him. Are you listening?
      Vince: Off and on. I'm dying.

    • Raia: Max, what is that?
      Max: Nightshade and jimson weed.
      Raia: Nightshade's poison.
      Max: Omar the Wise used to have a freak show in Santa Rio. Drank insecticide for his act. Always had nightshade on hand as an antidote to counter the effects.
      Ruvi: That's completely nuts.
      Max: Yes, it was. Omar died young.

    • Portman: What are you, some--some do-good vigilante? Some superhero?
      Vince: I'm The Cape.
      Portman:The Cape? You're not wearing a cape.
      Vince: I'm aware of that.
      Portman:No offense.
      Vince: None taken.

    • Vince: What the hell do you want?
      Max: Rollo made a cauliflower soup. The smell alone drove me away. He has a profound lack of talent in the kitchen.

    • Cain: You just don't know when to give up, do you?
      The Cape: It's my most annoying feature.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: January 9, 2011 on Citytv
      UK: July 28, 2011 on Syfy/Syfy HD

    • This episode originally aired as part of a "two hour premiere" after the pilot episode on a Sunday night. The network repeated both episodes the next night as an "encore premiere" at it's regular night and time.


    • Thug: Hurry up, Borat.
      Borat is a reference to Sacha Baron Cohen's creation which he introduced to the world on Da Ali G Show and made into a full-length movie. Furthermore, Ken Davitian, who plays the store clerk being robbed in this episode, was Borat's producer in the movie.