The Cape

Season 1 Episode 8

The Lich (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

To Have and To Hold Orwell is trying on her wedding dress and worries that things are happening. She hears her phone ring but can't seem to find it, and tells her bridesmaids that the dress is perfect and she's getting married. In reality, Netta rigs an IV drip up to Orwell, and Conrad goes through Orwell's belongings and finds her phone. He calls The Cape, who is at the parade warehouse with the Marty and their prisoner, the drugged Preston Holloway. Conrad tells The Cape that he has Orwell and she'll die if he interferes. The Cape grabs Preston, who clearly has no idea what's going on, and then leaves when Marty intervenes. At the lair, Vince takes a fingerprint he lifted from Holloway and identifies it. At the ARC police station, Marty interrogates Holloway, demanding to know who he works for. Holloway explains that he grew up in Iceland, and he saw how sheep blindly went to slaughter. He figures that everyone in Palm City are sheep, and insists that The Lich is his shepherd. Vince goes over the computer files on Holloway, and finds one of him with a bandaged Conrad at the Orchard sanitarium. Netta places the drugged Orwell in a wheelchair and takes her down a long hallway. For Richer or For Poorer Chandler talks to the paralyzed Orwell and explains that he gave her a sedative to keep her quiet. He talks of how Orwell identified with him as an orphan, and asks for her forgiveness of how he really looks. Conrad then pretends that Orwell has asked him to be her husband, and asks if she'll be loyal to him. Orwell meets with Vince for an elaborate outdoor dinner. He reminds her that they're getting married, and she admits she doesn't remember how they got there. Orwell sees a door at the end of the table and walks toward it. Conrad says that within 24 hours, they'll be husband and wife, and she can share in his fortune now that he has the record of birth that she brought him. He then prepares to give her another paralytic, and explains that it will cause those who survive it to become mindless servants. However, first Conrad says that she needs to learn how to be nice to him. The Cape takes Max and Rollo to the Orchard Sanitarium and they break in. They find Orwell's phone on a landing and The Cape answers it. Conrad tells him that he warned The Cape not to look for Orwell, and unleashes a group of drugged patients. The trio manages to subdue them without hurting them, and they find Conrad's room. He's long gone, and they find Netta's identification. Rollo figures that Conrad plans to bury Orwell just like he did Janet. With time running out, The Cape figures he needs to go to his friend in the public defender's office so he can get to Holloway. As Conrad has dinner with Orwell, he discovers that Netta has put a lemon centerpiece on the table. He smashes them and tells her to put lilies in the middle of the table for his wedding day. Conrad asks Netta if she hates him, and she insists that she loves him. Meanwhile, Orwell tries to move her fingers. As Conrad goes, Netta turns to Orwell and says that she'll have to calm him down, and that she's the one who has had to deal with him through his years of imprisonment. She insists that Orwell doesn't love Conrad, and plans to bury her in the wedding dress. Conrad emerges from the cellar and starts pulling daisies out of the ground for his centerpiece. In Sickness and In Health The Cape arrives outside Trip's window and says that he needs to talk to Dana. She's reluctant and doesn't believe her son, but finally goes with him up to the roof. When The Cape shows himself, Dana is shocked and figures that the hero is playing some kind of sick joke. She tells Trip to go inside, and The Cape disappears only to reappear behind them. He explains that The Lich has a friend named hostage, and he needs to get into AK to talk to Holloway. Dana warns that she can't sneak him in, but The Cape says that they both know ARK isn't a real police station, and she can get him in. Dana says she'll think about it, but Trip warns that's what she says when she doesn't plan to do anything. The Cape tries to get through to her, insisting that she knows in her gut that what he's saying is true. Dana reluctantly agrees to help and makes a call. Meanwhile, Trip apologizes for Dana's behavior. Dana arranges for Travis to meet her and The Cape in a parking garage. The Cape asks Travis to get him access to the interrogation room, and if he doesn't, thousands of people will die. Dana finally convinces Travis to help, and they head for the ARK holding facility. Conrad puts on a record and places the flowers in Orwell's hand. He then picks her up and dances with her, and tells Orwell that The Cape is looking for her. Conrad pretends an entire conversation of Orwell saying that she's afraid of The Cape, and he vows to protect her. Orwell dances with Vince, who assures her that he'll be there for her. She says that she needs to know if what she's experiencing is real and cuts her hand. There's no pain, and Orwell realizes that she's hallucinating. Forsaking All Others Travis gets The Cape in to ARK, and warns that he'll only have fifteen minutes until the guards come around. The DA says that he's doing it for Dana, not The Cape, and leaves him. The vigilante slips into Holloway's cell and demands to know where he can find Chandler. Meanwhile, Travis and Dana watch from the observation room, and Travis notes that The Cape is experienced in police interrogation techniques. Holloway says that he sent all the patients at the Orchard home, but there's no fun in telling him where The Lich can be found. The Cape hypnotizes Holloway and tries to convince him that he also wants to serve The Lich. With time running out, Dana pounds on the glass to warn The Cape. The vigilante continues his interrogation, and Holloway admits that he killed his wife and daughter. The Lich told him that they weren't worthy so they stayed in the ground. Holloway says that The Lich is coming home, and The Cape realizes what he means. The vigilante puts his hand on the glass and thanks Dana, and then leaves just as the guards arrive. Conrad dresses for his wedding and lets Netta help him. He tells his nurse that after their wedding, she'll have to leave. You May Now Kiss the Bride Orwell tries to fight the paralytic and free herself, and fumbles removing the IV drip. She tells herself to wake up. On the day of the wedding, Peter Fleming arrives to give away Orwell. He tells her not to worry about his wife, Orwell's mother, and says she's where she's always been. Orwell sees the door again in the middle of the path and goes to it. As she reaches for the doorknob, Fleming tells her that it's time and takes her into the chapel. Vince is waiting for her. In reality, Netta brings Orwell to Conrad for their marriage. He places a ring on her finger and his minister says that he can kiss the bridge. Orwell draws back, saying Vince's name, and Conrad demands to know who Vince is. He accuses her of betraying him, and demands that she call him The Lich from now on. The villain says that it's time for her to jump into a grave for him and carries her past his gathered followers. The Cape, Max, and Rollo go to the old Chandler estate and fight their way in past The Lich's drugged guards. However, one of them revives and locks them in. The Cape explains that the Chandlers made their fortune in chemical weapons. The Lich gets word that his trap has gone off. He tells Netta to drug Orwell with the paralytic and toss her into the open grave. Netta places a gag in her mouth... Vince offers Orwell some cake, calling her by her real name of Jamie. She points out that he doesn't know who she really is, but Vince says that it's safer there. He begs her to say, but Orwell runs for the door. The trio burst into the room where Chandler was raised. The Lich steps forward. Til Death Do Us Part The Cape attacks The Lich, while more of the villain's drugged henchmen attack Rollo and Max. The Lich explains that due to his condition, he can't feel anything, and then comes at The Cape with a knife. Netta tells Orwell to find her own man, and prepares to inject her. Orwell recovers, grabs her, and injects her with the drug, saying Netta is welcome to Conrad. However, as Orwell tries to get away, she collapses. Max vanishes, leaving two of the henchmen to run into each other. Meanwhile, Rollo knocks out his man and says it's for Janet. Finally, The Cape grabs a cabinet and drops it on The Lich. He runs to find Orwell, who wakes up and says that he was there all along. Relieved to see her okay, The Cape picks her up and carries her out. Dana comes home and finds Trip waiting for him. She assures him that The Cape got what he needed, and admits that Trip was right and his hero is real. Dana asks him to forgive her, and he agrees as long as she orders pizza and tells him what happened. His mother gives in and agrees that The Cape is pretty cool. At the carnival, Max administers a cure to Orwell to eliminate the remaining drug from her system. They explain what happened and Vince admits that he was worried about her. Orwell asks if she said anything in her drugged state, and Vince assures her that she didn't. They have locked up Chandler at Owl Prison, and Fleming can't get the docks as long as Chandler now owns the property. Max wonders who Orwell is, and she introduces herself. He kisses her hand and welcomes her to the Carnival of Crime. Once they're alone, Vince asks if she's sure she's okay, and Orwell says that she's fine. However, once Vince leaves, the white door appears and draws ever closer to her.