The Captain and Casey Show

Fuel TV Premiered Jan 01, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Complete junk of a show, by far the worst show on Fuel TV. Possibly a candidate for one of the worst shows on television.

    There's not many shows out there that can match the low level of entertainment that the "Captain and Casey Show" provides. You would think that a channel largely based around professional athletes that make six figure salaries would be able to produce better shows than something you would expect to see on a local cable-access channel. The Captain and Casey show primarily focuses on Skateboarding, which some of the segments are particularly good. However, it is only the times that the two annoying hosts don't interfere that the show is at it's best. Captain and Casey sit in a room with wood paneling and an old couch remniscent of 70's styles which wouldn't be inherently bad if it weren't for the shows overall low production values and the hosts that spew out a ridiculous amount of lame jokes and/or inmature lines. If that weren't enough to make this show not worth watching, during the show skantily clad women come in to serve drinks which is so obviously sexist as the camera often zooms in on a girls behind as she leaves the room. Once again i've noted that the main attraction to this show is the skateboarding, but you'd be better off watching another (much much better) show Built to Shred. This is due to the fact that during the show the two hosts have a segment called "couch warming" where they talk about a skaters video. However, even with the television exposure I doubt any self-respecting skater would want to be in this segment. The two hosts make comments during the video that are often ridiculing or lame and the comments are furthermore annoying with the inclusion of poorly drawn animations of the hosts faces that invade the screen blocking the majority of the screen making it hard to see what is actually happening at times. Overall my opinion of this show is that you should find the times that it is on and remember not to watch Fuel TV at those times. The Captain and Casey show is lame, plain and simple, and the fact that it has been on more than a season only proves the low level of intelligence of the people who watch it religiously.