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The Carol Burnett Show is one of Televisions greatest show's in history. Lasting 11 successful years starting in 1967 and ending in 1978 not without winning 25 Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards and 3 People's Choice Awards.

CBS Broadcast History

September 1967-May 1971......Monday 10:00-11:00
September 1971-November 1972......Wednesday 8:00-9:00
December 1972-December 1977......Saturday 10:00-11:00
December 1977-March 1978......Sunday 10:00-11:00

Nielsen Ratings: (Top 25 or better)

#24 in the 1968-1969 Season
#13 in the 1969-1970 Season
#25 in the 1970-1971 Season
#23 in the 1971-1972 Season
#22 in the 1972-1973 Season


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  • Dick Van Dyke

    Dick Van Dyke

    Skit Characters (1977)

    Carol Burnett

    Carol Burnett


    Harvey Korman

    Harvey Korman

    Skit Characters (1967-1977)

    Ernie Anderson

    Ernie Anderson

    Announcer (1974-1978) (uncredited)

    Vicki Lawrence

    Vicki Lawrence

    Skit Characters

    Lyle Waggoner

    Lyle Waggoner

    Skit Characters/Announcer (1967-1974)

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    • I loved the Carol Burnett show. Recommended for the whole family.

      The Carol Burnett show is a really wonderful show that you can watch with the whole family.

      I saw it a couple of weeks back with my grandmother and sister and

      we watched it the whole weekend and everyone loved the clean family friendly humor.

      If you buy it on DVDs then buy it from a reputable source like Amazon or similar because

      I had first bought it from this place where it was actually a pirated version that had been recorded right

      off the TV - so quality of picture was not good. Carol Burnett show is a really great show that you can watch with your whole family.moreless
    • This is REAL COMEDY! I remember watching it with my family, we laughed ALOT,best time spent in front of the TV. I'd watch it over and over. True talents!

      They need to rerun this series on TV again so we get that good feeling in this world! real laughter, real entertainment, enjoyment,and great comedy, our kids need to see this type of comedy and see what real talent is about. Carol Burnett and the cast were real enternainers and could get everyone in tears from the laughter, you could just see the fun they were having working together, even when they broke charactor it was a riot! An hour of feel good laughter for everyone, my family sure had a great time and it made us "comedians" in life too! Thank You Carol for the memories and the laughter! I'm glad we spent this time together! Your a true gem and wonderfully funny lady.moreless
    • This show was THE epitome of variety shows!

      What a cast! What a show! Every week, Carol & company made us laugh, & the guest stars were fabulous! Great movie/soap opera parodies - probably the best was "As the Stomach Turns"! It was a real shame to see this show go off the air, & the variety show scene really began to die shortly thereafter. Carol Burnett, Vickie Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, & Lyle Waggoner were the best comedy troupe on TV, bar none. I'd love to see this show come back to syndication without being chopped up - show the entire episodes, start to finish!moreless
    • Not very bad...

      The jewel in the crown on CBS's Saturday night comedies. In one night you saw All in the Family, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett. There was never that much great comedy on one evening, before or after. Must-see TV years before NBC. Me and my family stayed glued to the set from 8 to 11. A great cast and consistently funny; I found out later that several Mad magazine writers were on the staff. I did get tired of Harvey Korman breaking up very week... but opposite Tim Conway, who could resist? I remember a sketch where Harvey was in a dentist chair; Tim was the dentist. All was going well... until Tim injected the Novocaine into himself and not his patient. Various parts of his body went numb. I remember him slapping his dangling right hand with his left--the numb hand swung back and forth like a half-filled water balloon. Then the left half of his face went slack. Then the right. The his right leg gave out and he had to sit on the chair with Harvey. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard, and poor Harvey almost slid out of his chair with laughter. A class act, all the way. It's a shame Harvey Korman never went on to comedy stardom, when marginally talented folks like Adam Sandler became millionaires.moreless
    • The ultimate influence for all sketch comedy shows still on the air

      The Carol Burnett Show certainly wasn't the first sketch comedy show on television. Milton Berle, Sid Ceasar's Your Show of Shows and many others preceded it. But this is probably the one show that writers and actors of Saturday Night Live and Mad TV and whatever else is still on remember and its influence can't be calculated. And it's darn funny, even now! The humor hasn't really dated. Just get one of those Best of DVDs that are available and watch it with friends and family. I dare any of you not to laugh at the antics of Korman and Conway. It's a shame that complete episodes of this show aren't on DVD. I think there were a few video cassettes of whole shows from Columbia House a few years ago, but nothing now. And the severely edited Carol Burnett and Friends isn't even on TV Land anymore. Guess I'll just have to be patient.moreless

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