The Carol Burnett Show

CBS (ended 1978)





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  • One of the best.

    The Carol Burnett show was and always be a favorite show of mine. The people on the show were fantastic. Every episode was good. I always waited for the skits with Harvey and Tim to see how long it would take before Harvey began to giggle. It was so much fun to see those 2 together. My all time favorite skit is the slippers. Tim plays the old man and Carol the old lady wanting to buy a pair of slippers. It is one of the funniest moments on tv ever. Vicki as momma and carol as Unis was always good. The Gone with the Wind one where Carol wears the drapery as her dress was hysterical. This show should be sold in dvd sets. I truly miss this show and wish that it was aired everynight. If you ever come across it on tv it is worth it to sit down and enjoy!