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    For me, The Carol Burnett Show was very, very special. When I was 10 years old, I was experiencing a certain type of anxiety that could present in attacks under specific circumstances. But, because TCBS was on in our area on Saturday nights from 10 pm to 11 pm, I was able to escape for that hour. As any fan of the show knows, the chemistry of the regular cast was & I believe still is unprecedented, & the variety a sheer treat. I always loved it when Carol spoke to the audience at the beginning & still remember some of the shows most memorable & re-run spots, including the one in which the young teenager wanted to give Carol a kiss but was barely able to when she allowed him to come up on stage to do just that. What class Carol had! And who could forget the undeniably hysterical & likely wished for ad-lib moments between Tim Conway & Harvey Korman? And of course, Carol’s special sign to her Grandmother, the show would not be complete without it.
    Carol’s supremely glorious range of talents not least of which were her facial expressions & ability to allow herself to be put in ridiculous situations, & laugh at herself just added to her appeal, grace & garner respect. Unless I am mistaken, all of the regular stars also had the uncanny ability to allow themselves to be put in ridiculous situations & laugh at themselves & ALL had FUN while doing it, too!
    I have a great, deep wish. I wish I could meet Carol Burnett in person to thank her for the gift she gave me 30+ years ago, & later when re-runs aired when I was able to rejoice at the wonderful fact that I am among those who have been so blessed to be a part of the “home” audience.
    I’d love to hear from other fans of TCBS out there & any special memories the show has for you.
    BTW, if anyone is interested, Carol Burnett’s autobiography is a very fascinating read. She had a very different childhood than one would suspect.
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