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  • Not really a preuel

    I really like this show, I think AnnaSophia does an amazing job with Carrie and I think that it's a really honest show about an innocent girl in the 80s. For those of you who like SITC and are angry that the plot has "changed" or it doesn't stay true, know that The Carrie Diaries are based off the prequel to the book series not the prequel to the series. Like GG, a LOT of the details were changed for the TV show thus The Carrie Diaries and SITC aren't really related anymore after all the changes. Love the show, hope it doesn't get cancelled.
  • Never read book but Loved SATC

    huge sex and the city fan so was looking forward to the carrie diaries but i hate prequels that dont stay true to the storyline. Ok i have never read the books but Ive watched the show religiously and Carries dad run out on her and her mom when she was little and there was no mention of a sister. So viewing it as something nothing Carrie Bradshaw related its a bog standard teen drama no worse or better than gossip girl or 90210 something u switch off to watch. I dont run to watch it but if theres nothing else on i will watch it.

    Ps I dont find it anything like the Gilmore Girls If you want a new GGirls watch Bunheads not this
  • Love the show

    I love the show. Rally awesome
  • Book vs Show

    The book is like the show, they both suck. Before the Sex, Before the City, there was a group of boring kids doing boring things with a boring story line. Sorry to those of you who enjoy the show, but its just not for me.
  • Similar to Gilmore Girls

    Did anyone else see a resemblance? Instead of a single mom, it was a single dad. Rich kids, poor kids, bitchy ladies nice ladies.

    Just curious...

    In-Spite-of the similarities I enjoyed the show. Curious to what others are thinking.
  • I was surprised

    I will say if you're a sex in the city fan you may not like this show. That being said, I love it and I didn't think I would. It touches on very sensitive and real subjects (sex, drugs, peer pressure) but not in a predictable way . Its refreshingly light and fun about it yet doesn't lose the serious points it tries to make. I love the 80's throw back and the feel of the show. If you have kids I would recommend watching a couple episodes before you let anyone below 15 watch. As I said it does touch on mature subjects and it does show teens partaking in drinking, drugs, etc. Don't let that deter you because it shows what it has to in order to make a positive point.
  • Pure innocence!

    Let me start by saying that I was very much looking forward to this show. As a sort-of-fan of some of the CW shows, I was very curious how this would turn out to be. Unlike Gossip Girl and 90210, for example, I really wanted this to be a sincere show about a girl living outside the city. To quote one of the other reviewers, 'no drama just for the sake of drama'. I've had enough of all that, so I really wanted this to be a refreshing show.

    Obviously, I didn't expect it to be anything like SATC, but I was hoping it would give me the same kind of satisfied feeling. To be honest, that is exactly what it is. It's refreshing, it's honest and it's satisfying. I absolutely love it! Unlike others, I don't really care about the facts not being completely accurate, I just really like the look and feel of it. The way AnnaSophia shapes her role of Carrie is amazing; innocent, yet curious for what's out there. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the season!
  • Cute, Sweet and Nicely Played.

    I also enjoy the show thus far.

    I will say their changing the plot to suit the actors was bothersome.

    Nearly a whole show of SITC was devoted to her Father not being part of her life as she was raised by her mother. I can't just forget that. I remember that show because it was when they began to really soften and "Mother up" Miranda.

    I guess they really wanted that actor for the show so felt free to change the plot to have him.

    Wow he better be golden *L*.

    Also as to the necklace. I "think" she got it at a carnival or some such thing when she and her adult gall palls were just becoming friends. So likely a post high school

    Anyway lets enjoy it while its here.

    Its a sweet show aside from that and I hope to enjoy it for a lot longer.
  • Cute and Cleaver

    This show is cute, fun and one of those CW programs which you can actually get lost in. Anna Sophia Robb who play's Carrie is awesome and plays her innocent part excellently, as previously stated the show feels very early SATC. The only thing to give this a rating of 10, would be if the facts of Carrie were the same as the SATC. For example, in SATC it is said Carries "father left her and her mother when she was five; no siblings are

    But still the show is well worth a watch :D

  • Finally a funny, entertaining teen show without all the drama just for the sake of drama!

    I've been waiting for a couple of years now for a show like this to show up. It's entertaining, it's funny, it has the perfect story line to put you in a good mood, without unnecessary, over the top, unrealistic drama. It's a feel good, kind of dreamy show, exactly like Sex and the City used to be. And hearing AnnaSofia's voice memories start to creep in... she's doing a perfect job! Half of the feeling from the original was from the narrator dreaming out loud and so is the case in this prequel!
  • ... the facts not being totally accurate,it's fiction people...

    I really enjoyed the 1st and 2nd leading actress is very inocent teen "Carrie", it's just right!!!

    As for the facts not being totally accurate,it's fiction let's face it the best songs and fashion are from last few years!!! Let's not be a fun show!!!
  • This was a so nice "Return" of Carrie's Stories

    I just watched the 1st episode and yeah.... i really enjoyed it! I have read the books and i like the fact that in the series go on faster than the book I will be waiting for the next episode!! :-)) I am a "Greek-supporter" of "The Carries Diaries" show :-))
  • Out of time

    Better than the usual teen-tripe as seen on The CW however one thing really bugs 80s references and music are nice but the show is set in 1984, before most of this material.

    In the pilot I've heard a 1987 New Order song, reference to Madonna's 1989 Like a Prayer video, seen a car that was released in 86 and many many more songs that were released post 1984.

    Yes I knowim being picky, but throwing in good 80s songs for the sake of it isn't worth it. Why not stick to the year and use long forgotten songs that are good and relevant events

    5 /10
  • Something to watch

    I'm definitely intrigued by the pilot. It seems to be doing the book and series justice so far... 2 days and we'll see if it can continue to do so. Looking forward to my new Monday afternoons :)
  • Great a new guilty pleasure!

    I like this. I honesly do! Is it bad for a guy to like this series? I don't think so. Allthough I'm only 24 I liked the original runs of Sex and The City too.

    I started watching in the later seasons I Think it was around season 4 halfway through the season it came to my attention. At the time, as a pubescent teenager, the explicitly of the show was the reason to tune in late for this show. But trough geting to know the show it grew on me and started to learn and enjoy it for the bigger thing it was. With all the reruns and the internet I have seen every episode once or twice and liked it all. When the announcement came for this prequel series I was skeptical and thought about the second movie which did not deliver in my opinion.

    So here we are today! The pilot is downloaded to my iTunes folder and streamed to my TV. The only way a Dutchman can follow-up on shows within a day of the original release.

    I will say it right away. It was good, it might get great with time. I hope this show will make it. It has kept the essence of the original series and right of the bat it captured emotions and problems head on. The story is strong, but different from the orignal. This is not a bad thing but makes it different. The whole 80's thing does it for me, love the music, love the clothing. The 80's had style in which I could be dressed to style. Nowadays I'm a bit to conservative to be called hip.

    Anywho I see a good trend, caputring iconic times from our imagination and incorporating it into series. Mad Men, Pan-Am, Vegas, Playboy Club. Not all have made it but that is the way it is. The previously named show all go back to the 60's and that is great but the 80's is more my cup of tea. With this show filling the spot I feel satisfied but hungry for more shows. I hope this show will last some years to follow and give a nice peak into the life of a growing up Carrie.

    One thing I did notice is the necklace of Carrie. Famously it was het named spelled out but the young Carrie only wears a C. Maybe I missed something or she did not get it at this point. But I thought she told that the necklace goes back to high school in the original series. Seeing she is in senior year there is a short window for getting the correct necklace. Not a big mistake but one to note.

    Is that all I had to bitch about it? Frankly yes!
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