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  • Please continue the show,

    I am very picky when it comes to tv shows, and I finally find one that I absolutely love and they cancel it after the second season when it is more exciting than anything on TV. PLEASE BRING CARRIE DIARIES BACK, WE LOVE IT AND WE MISS IT AND WE ARE ALL REALLY SAD ABOUT IT. ):
  • please air season 3!!!!!

    i absolutely love sex an the city and this is the main reason why i watched the 2 it now will kill the story of how the girls is a girly show LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN AND KEEP THE SEASONS COMING!!!!!!!!! KEEP ME UPDATED ! PLZ
  • Kinda Outta Luck

    Well, even though the series has a quite good background if we are talking about clothes, decorations and music (yeah and Sophia Robb is playing very well) there are still pieces that missing from the series. Some characters are cheesy as their monologues throughout some episodes. It's kind of a Spring quilty pleasure for the twenty somethings'.
  • A recycled teenager

    It would be a shame not to have a season 3 of this series, even though I had to watch it on line I've contacted the terrestrial television channel that screened Sex and the City and asked them to get hold of it.

    To not have another season would leave it up in the air with no real ending it should finish with the transition of Carrie to Carrie the journalist that would be a brilliant place to end so that it could finish with the first episode of Sex and the City

    Pleaaseeeeee don't cancel the show 'cus it's theee beest shooow eveeer!!!! We want the 3rd seasonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • an adorable one to reminisce SATC!! So waiting for one more season!!

    Even though the story is before it was sex and before the city, but it actually tells people why or what would have probably led us to who we are now. Never underestimate the show and story, we actually appreciate and love it very much!

    Is this show coming back or is it over?? I miss it!
  • I Want The Show Back

    Please do not cancel the show I'm begging you. I really like Carrie Diares the show teaches you a lot of things about rasons why I want the show back is because I want to see what things and the characters love this show can't wait to see the next season.
  • Witty lines form Carrie and delicious to watch!

    I didn't want to watch the show at first because I had a feeling it might get canceled but when I got the news that it had been renewed I started o watch immediately!!! and I have to say I LOVE the show. You know how SATC is super witty and delicious to watch? well, definitely expect that on carrie diaries! Its such a fun show, the only thing I hated was her little sister, all her stories and her lines and her bad acting are just obnoxious. It has the feeling os SATC, but of course very teenage-y, I just LOVED it, and I cant wait for SEASON 2!!! which by the way SPOILER ALERT will have samantha jones and sanford!!!! i'm so exicted!

    I LOVE this show!!!! Please don't cancel, it is my favorite show... it is so interesting and just right for teens pleaseeeee don't cancel!!! <3 <3 <3
  • Please Don't Cancel!

    Please don't cancel this show! The Carrie Diaries is literally my favorite show. I really want to see what happens to all the characters and I want to see the how it ends up. You can't just leave the whole story hanging off the cliff! I love this show so much, and I truly hope you continue it.

    oh my god! this is just amazing the plot, settings and especially the characters! i lovelovelovelove it!!! PLEASE DONT CANCEL!
  • yall cant cancel this

    please let this show have a lot of seasons like preety little liars... i love it! oh and carrie and sebastien have to grt back more just let everything work out.. its too much
  • where's Samantha?

    In the last line of the first book ("The Carrie Diaries), Carrie talks on the phone with Samantha for the first time. That really got me going, so I read "Summer and the City", too, where she also met Miranda and Charlotte.

    I think that if the writers of the show had given a hint about Carrie meeting the other girls, it would have attracted more viewers and it would be more popular. Maybe so popular that CW wouldn't be considering of cancelling it.
  • I need the next episode!!!

    I Love The Carrie Diaries so much!!! I love the 80's fashion and how the show relates to people my age. It would break my heart if they canceled the show!!
  • The Carrie Diaries, The best show i've ever seen!

    I've watched a lot of movies/tv shows but The Carrie Diaries is the best show i have ever seen! I love the fashion, the teen love and just about everything of it! One of my most favourite TV shows!
  • enjoyable

    Having read the books about teenage Carrie, I still find the show enjoyable and reliving the 80s styles!! I hope there is the summer in the city next year!!
  • The Carrie dairies up most wonderful show every

    i totally love this show it a growing up story about a girl wit dreams an her youth years! it wonderful and everyone should watch it. Plus who can get enough of sex and life and gay people and city life period! just a good great show!
  • Dont cancel!!!!!!

    I love this show and I'm 36yrs young. I love the 80's and would hate to see this awesome show being cancelled.
  • Carrie's Dad's girlfriend sleeps with Carrie's Ex!!!

    Anyone notice how the actress that plays Deb, who's Carrie's dad's girlfriend (Nadia Dajani) is also the same actress that plays Nina Katz (Went out with Aidan after Carrie - Gave her a weird face a the bathroom SO5 EP6).

    Seriously that's more messed up than Carrie and Sebastian's relationship!!

    Otherwise I'm happy enough with the show, it's a guilty cheesy pleasure for me. Watch it online after a long day at work!
  • AmAzing!

    This is a excelent movie, love the actors, love the story, this has a serious potential!

    Nice job, and a message to the director of this tv show, keep on doing it!!!!!!
  • Please don't get rid of this show

    I am a huge sex and the city fan, have the complete series plus both movies. I was a bit skeptic at first of The Carrie Diaries, but now that I have given it a chance, I am completely obsessed. There is talk of it not having a second season. Please do not end the show. I absolutely love it. Please Please Please.

    This is honestly the best teen show (apart from PLL) because a lot of teen shows have girls who do what ever etc. but Carrie has it more difficult. Not in a way where everything is depressing and impossible but in a way where things are harder for her. the advice given in this show are something I take to heart. Love this show!!!!!!!! So happy in aired, IM OBSESSED!
  • I love TCD!

    Currently our favorite series! <3

    It has the right mix of everything! Feels so light to watch! It makes us more addicted as the season closes!

    I love Carrie and Walt!
  • Watch Carrie Diaries online,free!!!

    Amazing show, but even more amazing is that you can watch it online for free!!! here's link: bee4. biz/v/PE7KB (remove gaps) Promise not fake!!!!
  • Churlish...

    Sleaze is in vogue on network TV & what better example of this trend than The Carrie Diaries.

    A trashy new series from the CW Network, this just happens to be the "prequel" to the equally sleazy series that once ran on HBO, Sex In The City.

    Unless you are the kind who pines for the nostalgia of the materialistic 80's, don't bother with the bitterest of dregs CW has to offer.
  • The show makes u smile

    I personally really like it. I love the story, the funny lines, really cute casts...

    It's a show without much drama or sth makes audience nervous, but it is a nice show that u can enjoy and brings u happiness.
  • Just ok

    It's your basic teen drama. I didn't watch Sex and the city (except for some random episodes) and I've never read any books so I watch this as a whole new show. It's not the best there is, but it's not like I don't have the time for some don't-think-too-much tv.

    The actors are ok, the story is ok. I was born late 80's so I have no idea how well the decade is represented. All in all ok.
  • Really rubbish

    Please can this show ASAP it's utter rubbish!!!!
  • Love the 80s...

    But I don't love this show. I watched the first episode recently, and I was never a fan of the Sex in the City show, but I hoped this might be better. I was just thinking how it sounded like a fun show with teenagers in the 80s. Yes, it has the teens and it's set in the 80s (I love Dorrit's room, by the way), but it's not fun. I can't stand Carrie, I don't find her interesting, and it didn't make me care enough about her. It was boring and long. This show needs some comedy, and I hope it shows more of the other characters than it does Carrie, because they're a lot more interesting. Not sure if I'll watch the second episode yet.