The Cassidys

(ended 2001)


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The Cassidys

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An Irish sitcom which was launched as part of RTE 2 (then Network 2)'s new Monday comedy night in October 2001. Launched at the same time as the first series of Bachelor's Walk. It revolved around three members of the twenty-something Cassidy family living in a house outside Dublin. As one rather ambitious blurb put it: "The Cassidys is an hilarious sitcom revolving around three twenty-something siblings who live together in a hectic house in modern day Dublin. Emma is a moderately successful business woman striving to be sophisticated and suave, but she is failing miserably. Barry is a neurotic out of work actor who thinks he is well-rounded and well-balanced. Lisa is deeply insecure but disguises this with her sarcasm and condescension. We follow them through their trials and tribulations, their quest for love and their search for something far more meaningful than each other." Others however were less forgiving: "We all saw RTE's The Cassidy's. Well, the first episode, anyway. We sat stone-faced through the zany adventures of a group of siblings, who, if all things were equal, would have been killed in the same accident that claimed their parents. However, we were also inspired by Bachelors Walk..." While RTE's other new show Bachelor's Walk received much critical acclaim, The Cassidys bombed and pulled in very few viewers despite its prime time slot. After its six episode run, RTE pulled the show from schedules. As of March 2005 the show has never been repeated on RTE.


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