The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That!

Monday on PBS Premiered Sep 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Shame on Seuss! He must have rolled over his grave

    This show is JUNK! I would not like to see an episode of it! GLAD THERE IS NOOOOOO MORE EPISODES! And I don't like this show anyway. OH MY GOODNESS YOU ROLLED OVER YOUR GRAVE DR. SEUSS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  • Perfect for preschoolers who want to learn about animals

    Absolutely watch this, he takes Sally and Nick to certain adventures to see animals, and songs for education.

    And then in the end , he solves the problem he had before.

    OMG! 10 STARS!

    I don't know why there are so many bad reviews,

    but this is one of the two good reviews.
  • AWESOME show!

    My daughter and I LOVED this show when it was on ~ am bummed our PBS doesn't air it anymore. Every episode taught you, without being another dry educational program. It was fun! Would love to see our local PBS pick it back up again!
  • This is NOT the Cat in the Hat from the books!

    This show in no way compares to the actual Cat in the Hat books. So much so, they should change the name of the show. They obviously used the name "Cat in the Hat" to attract viewers, and whoever sold the rights to this name should be ashamed. Horrible.

    The voice of the Cat is the worst, and I am not surprised to see it's that annoying Martin Short - he should just go away.
  • My Kids like it

    Yeah,my kids love it :)
  • Dr Seuss is probably furious over what happened to his beloved character

    Dr Seuss was one of my favorite authors when I was younger. However,This show nearly ruins the Cat in the Hat. This show is based on terrible books about facts about animals,so why did it need to be turned into a TV show? TCITHKALAT is about The Cat in the hat who goes on adventures with Nick and Sally to visit animal habitats and learn facts about them,and there's your entire show right there. I mean,every episode is the same thing over and over again. The animation is still the same as the book,but people are now lighter and characters look different as they did in the book. Speaking of the characters,they don't act the same anymore. The Cat in the Hat loved playing games and having fun,now he sounds like he's on drugs and his singing is horrible. The fish thought that the Cat was a trouble maker,and followed the rules,now he sounds like he's on helium,is now friends with the Cat,and is now dark orange. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were crazy,fun loving people,now they are just idiots who are annoying and not funny. Sally still acts the same,but looks different. There's also 1 big question: What happened to Conrad? Remember the little boy who narrated the book? Now he's gone,because guess what? He is replaced by some idiot named Nick,and he's friends with Sally,not a brother. So what happened to Conrad? Is he dead? Is Nick an exchange student with Conrad? or did the creators even read the book? That is an insult to the book. If you're going to make a book a TV Show,return all of the characters. Sally's mom is now visible,when in the original,we can only see her legs,to part of her body. Oh,and Sally and Doughboy need permission to go with the Cat. I'm not kidding,they need permission now. Maybe the mom thinks they are pretending,but seriously,what mom lets their kids go to a forest where they can be killed and the desert? Don't even get me started with the stupid musical numbers. These songs are even more annoying than Dora's because guess what? They sing the same musical numbers every single episode. "Here we go,go,go,go,on an adventure" and they never have an episode without them singing that stupid song. Just shut up already. The voice acting poorly done and really annoying. It sounds like listening to a airhorn in your left ear and on your right is a whistle. Like I said,The cat sounds like he's on drugs,the fish sounds like he's off a helium and Nick and Sally always yell when they are talking. Overall,The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That was a bad attempt to bring the Cat in the Hat to the tv screen. Nothing seems the same from the book,the characters are annoying,the voice acting is poorly done and was an epic fail. I would rather watch that horrible poorly done live action movie than this.
  • This ruins The cat in the hat.

    The cat in the hat knows a lot about that is a horrid attempt to make Dr. sessus's famous book.The cat sounds crazy,the boy and girl are annoying and they replaced the boy with another kid,fish is apparently ok with being the cat and now he sounds like he is a complete moron.This is so stupid!And the Things are now helpful!!!!This show has some the worst voice actors,stiff animation,bad acting,annoying songs that they sing randomly,and some how this show is supposed to teach kids about animal and habitats.This show talks mostly about dang fake animals,not real ones.This is not Cat in the hat!>:(
  • It's like they went out of their way to ruin The Cat in the Hat, and succeeded in doing so.

    I remember seeing on TV a few years ago The Cat in the Hat movie, and I thought it was awful, and that there wouldn't be anything to top that monstrosity, but low and behold along comes this. This show is about The Cat in the Hat taking along Sally with her friend Nick around the world. The Cat is also assisted by Things 1 and 2, and together they all have adventures. Despite The Cat knowing a lot he seems to only know about animals only. Now while he does a somewhat decent job teaching about animals it only gives the very basics of animals and no special facts about them at all. The Cat himself is annoying, and not as clever as in the book and seems rather dumb. Things 1 and 2 are no better at all, and are the most annoying characters on this show with how they act. If they are trying to be funny then I fail to see how they are funny. Sally and Nick come off as whiny kids who have no interesting characteristics or personalities at all. The humor as I said is unappealing even to kids, and the humor feels forced. The artwork and animation is good in this show though, and remains to the format of the books, but then again most books turned into shows keep the artwork the same from the book. This isn't one of the worst kids shows ever, but it's lack of education, and stupid to annoying characters make this a show you shouldn't see. It's just as bad as The Cat in the Hat movie, and should be avoided if you can.
  • Another terrible show that kills a beloved Character.

    Out of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and The Neverland Pirates,this one is another bad show.It's basically about The Cat in the Hat going inside forestes and doing a lot of stuff.I hate this show because it ruins and kills one of the greatest books of all time.The Cat in The Hat sounds like he on drugs and Conrad is replaced with some british back kid.I give this show an F.
    Animation:Don't Care
    Humor:Don't care

    I don't care about anything in this show.So that's my opinion on this killing dr Seuss show blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah