The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That!

Season 1 Episode 2

I Love the Nightlife / Oh Give Me a Home

Full Episode: I Love the Nightlife / Oh Give Me a Home


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I Love the Nightlife: Nick wants to stay awake all night. Good thing the Cat needs help finding his favorite hat that he lost in the forest of Wagamaroo! The Cat takes Nick and Sally on a nocturnal adventure, along the way meeting a variety of animals that stay up all night!Oh Give Me a Home!: Nick has a super-duper special shell and Sally wants one, too! The Cat in the Hat takes them on an adventure to the beach where they meet Tucker, a hermit crab, who is also looking for a new shell because he's grown too big for his. A seaside fashion show gives both Tucker and Sally super duper special shells!moreless
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