T.H.E. Cat

Season 1 Episode 17

A Hot Place to Die

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

David Benton and the beautiful Crystal Pierson are in the blazing desert, in their convertible. They stop at a filling station. David is nervous; he has a suitcase, and was supposed to meet a man there. Crystal says worriedly that Percy Hagan probably stopped the man. As they start to drive on, a long car cuts in front of them. It's two of Hagan's armed goons. They tell Benton to turn around and follow them back to the casino. Later, as they're driving along, Cat speeds up in his sportscar, and runs the hoods off the road. Cat leaves his car there, and hops into the driver's seat of Benton's convertible; Cat was the man Benton was supposed to meet.

Benton was an accountant for Hagan, but six months ago he saw Hagan brutally murder a man over an unpaid gambling debt. Benton has six months' worth of evidence in his suitcase, enough to nail Hagan for murder, extortion and income tax evasion. Crystal was Hagan's girlfriend. Now, they are both running for their lives. They spot another long, gangster car parked ahead; Cat takes a shortcut through the desert. After a while, their car overheats; they park while smoke comes out from the hood. But soon after, Hagan's helicopter is flying at them. They drive away, even as Hagan fires at them from above with his high-powered, semi-automatic rifle. Cat and his clients get out of the car, and seek safety behind some large boulders. Hagan's helicopter lands, and Hagan is joined by a car with two of his hoods. The hunt is on.

Hagan has his men fan out; they close in on Cat and his clients. Cat fires his gun at Hagan, but Hagan has the advantage with his rifle. Both Cat and Benton get winged in their arms. Then the sadistic Hagan yells to Crystal that she should tell them how he killed that wolf in that cave. Crystal breaks down as she relates how he killed the wolf little by little, first cutting off the legs, then its ears-- and Crystal sobs, that is how he is going to kill them: little by little. Cat takes to the offensive: he pounces on a crook and knocks him out. Then Cat gets the drop on the other one. Hagan calls out to his hoods, "Rouler! Gatson!" At that moment, Gatson kicks the gun out of Cat's hand. Gatson runs to the top of the boulder and yells, "Don't shoot, Mr. Hagan, it's me!" But Hagan shoots first and asks questions later-- he pumps a dozen rounds into him.

Cat shoots Hagan in the leg, then runs over and takes his rifle away. Cat will leave him for the law. Later, a couple of sheriffs show up; also an ambulance to haul off Hagan. Cat turns the suitcase over to a sheriff. David and Crystal are two lovebirds off to get a new start; they are going to have a wedding, and Cat will be the best man. Cat's left shoulder is bleeding; the sheriff asks if he's going to be all right. Cat says all he needs is "a nice, dark, cool alley somewhere in a big city."