The Catch

Season 2 Episode 5

The Bad Girl

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2017 on ABC



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    • Alice: (to Tessa) Still, you'd think you'd at least want to meet your mother.
      Margot: Alleged mother.
      Alice: Before you killed her.

    • Margot: Because no 15 year old is equipped to survive on her own. And you're not attractive enough to have got by on your looks.
      Tessa: You can't fight genetics.
      Alice: It is difficult to imagine a 15-year-old girl doing what you've done all by herself.
      Tessa: Nothing like plotting your mother's death to keep a girl motivated.

    • Tessa: Imagine growing up in a home where everyone despised you but you had no idea why. And then one day you discovered the truth, and suddenly it all makes sense. All the shame, the abuse, the pain. And there's a person responsible for all of it. You do some digging, you find out she's a mobster, a murderer, a monster.
      Margot: You poor thing. I'm so sorry. You're absolutely right. (yanks a swatch of hair out from Tessa's head) I am a monster. (hands them to Alice) Deal with these. Have them tested.

    • Ben: I'm saying if we take down Chloe Jackson, you can close at least 10 open FBI investigations.
      Justine: And what do you get out of this?
      Ben: The satisfaction of a job well done.
      Justine: And?
      Ben: Maybe a few months shaved off the end of our deal?
      Justine: And here I thought we were having so much fun together drinking coffee.

    • Rhys: How could you give Chloe to the FBI?
      Ben: I did it to protect you.
      Rhys: You did it to protect yourself and your precious FBI deal.
      Ben: Chloe's gonna get you killed.
      Rhys: Yeah, but what a way to go. Now she's never gonna want to see me again. She probably won't want to have sex with me. I will never forgive you for this.

    • Sophie: Guys. I tracked the serial number on Tessa's burner phone to a store in Burbank. It was purchased by a Felix McCall.
      Alice: Do we know who that is?
      Margot: He's one of my leftenants, and a whinging little misogynist at that. (flashback - gunshot) I knew I should've killed him instead of Ivor. But the truth is, Felix has been useful to me in the past.

    • Justine: How did you know? That Chloe would come here.
      Ben: He's just that good. In fact, when our deal is over, Rhys could have a future as a full-time consultant to the FBI. Write a book, Spielberg could direct the movie.
      Rhys: I think the movie would be a little bit too sexually graphic for Mr. Spielberg. Besides, with Justine as a partner, who knows what I'm liable to get up to?

    • Sybil: Why the change of heart?
      Margot: Let's just say I'm starting to know what it feels like to have the fruit of your loins wish you dead.
      Sybil: She is a clever child, isn't she?
      Margot: She tried to kill me.
      Sybil: She tried to kill us. It's actually rather promising. For the Firm's future.
      Margot: If I let the child live, she'll only keep trying to murder us. But she didn't succeed, though, did she?
      Sybil: Perhaps she didn't want to. She just wanted her mummy's attention.

    • Margot: Nothing. It's just It's my own vanity, but I find myself feeling oddly proud.
      Tessa: Of me?
      Margot: No, of me for not having birthed an idiot.

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