The Catherine Tate Show

BBC Two Premiered Feb 16, 2004 Between Seasons



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The Catherine Tate Show

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Meet Catherine Tate, the woman who gives a new name to comedy with her brand new show ironically named, The Catherine Tate Show. Featuring various hilarious characters including a lippy teenager named 'Lauren' and a rather rude Old Lady. The show managed to win several awards: 2004: Banff Rockie Award - Best Comedy 2004: British Comedy Award - Best TV Comedy Newcomer 2006: British Comedy Award - Best TV Comedy Actress 2006: RTS Television Award - Best Comedy Performance 2006: RTS Television Award - Best Entertainment 2007: National Television Award - Most Popular Comedy Programme the show was nominated for even more awards: 2004: British Comedy Award - Best TV Comedy Actress 2004: RTS Television Award - Best Make Up Design in Entertainment and Non-Drama Productions 2005: BAFTA TV Award - Best New Writer 2005: BAFTA TV Award - Comedy Programme or Series Award 2005: British Comedy Award - Best TV Comedy Actress 2005: British Comedy Award - People's Choice Award (Polled most votes but award not received) 2005: Emmy - Best Performance by an Actress 2006: BAFTA TV Award - Best Comedy Performance 2006: BAFTA TV Award - Best Comedy Programme or Series "production team" 2006: National Television Award - Most Popular Comedy Programme 2007: BAFTA TV Award - Best Comedy Programme 2007: BAFTA TV Award - Best Make Up & Hair Designmoreless
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  • Great show

    I have seen the very first series and the second but as some people were saying and that i'll have too agree with is the fact that i had to watch this series more than once to actually get it!, a few of the sketches i didn't like coz alot of the jokes are really dry and their are a lot of ones that are really long BUT i have got some favourite characters like Lauren the teenager who's never "bovvered", the foul mouthed Nan Taylor, Burnie the Irish Nurse and the gay gentleman Derek , in her show Tate times her catchphrases really well, unfortunately her show came too an end i really think they should have done maybe two or three sketches a week not killed it completely i very dare them too bring this back to screens overall i think this is a really funny show and i know all the creators and Tate herself are really talented.moreless
  • Am I bovvered??

    People actually watch this stuff?? The jokes = so unfunny. What is happening to English TV? Is it any wonder that people like me get addicted to American drama's, comedies, cartoons, kids shows, whatevers, if this is the idiocy that makes up our own TV shows (and most England produced stuff is, recently) ? Seriously, the show is rife with the kind of stereotypical humour that gives everybody in England a bad name. To top it all of, I have to bluff my way through a bunch of "Wasn't Catherine Tate good last night?" at school, hello! I don't even watch it!! But can't admit to that as you all think it is so good.

    There is nothing wrong with Americanization.moreless
  • A perfect example of the genre it belongs to

    Its a sketch show so lets be fair - Thats mean Catchphrases recurring charecters and on going gags. So its not really fair to put the show down on these accounts as many do and have.

    Tate has to be given credit for how diverse her acting skills are, and mnay will admit to, unless told its not apprant from the star that this is the same women in every sketch, thats not just the make-up doing that, it is her skill as an actress.

    Tate has spawned several legends from her show, such as Lauren and Nan, and has to be credited for her show feeling as if it isnt ripping off anyones elses ideas, besides the generic conventions

    Its not all brilliant, some sketches people will like or not like, but then this is nature with sketch shows. Naturally now was the time to say good to her show as the ideas were become old, fortunatly this show threw the towel in before they were kicked of stage, and for this it ends a classic.moreless
  • This really is such a wonderful show.

    At first I wasn't sure that I would find it funny but I was proved immensely wrong. It is one of the funniest comedies out there now and Catherine Tate is a very clever and funny woman. Her scripts are truly amazing in places, with the funny dialogue in itself and the way that it is acted out adds another brilliant touch to it. I was a bit upset when Lauren was killed off as I really did like those sketches but I can understand why she did it, and the death scenes worked really well. Some part of me would have liked it if she hadn't killed her off, so that she could maybe bring her back for special episodes like christmas and comic relief though another part of me agrees that Lauren's time was coming to an end and there was only so much she could do with her. Lauren I think will always be remembered for having some of the cleverest dialogues, my favourites include the french lesson and the english shakespeare lesson with which david tennant starred. Overall, though all of the other characters are funny though some more than others. This show will always be a favourite of mine and I will watch it for many more episodes to come.moreless

    The Catherine Tate Show is ,to me, one of he funnyest shows on TV. I love the way Catherine Tate can play hundreds of rolls like Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Also the way The Character Lauren Cooper has become an Icon for teens everywhere with the Catchphrase "Am i Bovvered". As i have all 3 seasons on DVD i can safely say I love The catherine tate show i think it has the poential to be one of the best comedy shows of the decade it is absolutely brilliant and a bit like Little britain thoygh not as vulgar LOLmoreless

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