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BBC Two Premiered Feb 16, 2004 Between Seasons





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  • Great show

    I have seen the very first series and the second but as some people were saying and that i'll have too agree with is the fact that i had to watch this series more than once to actually get it!, a few of the sketches i didn't like coz alot of the jokes are really dry and their are a lot of ones that are really long BUT i have got some favourite characters like Lauren the teenager who's never "bovvered", the foul mouthed Nan Taylor, Burnie the Irish Nurse and the gay gentleman Derek , in her show Tate times her catchphrases really well, unfortunately her show came too an end i really think they should have done maybe two or three sketches a week not killed it completely i very dare them too bring this back to screens overall i think this is a really funny show and i know all the creators and Tate herself are really talented.
  • Am I bovvered??

    People actually watch this stuff?? The jokes = so unfunny. What is happening to English TV? Is it any wonder that people like me get addicted to American drama's, comedies, cartoons, kids shows, whatevers, if this is the idiocy that makes up our own TV shows (and most England produced stuff is, recently) ? Seriously, the show is rife with the kind of stereotypical humour that gives everybody in England a bad name. To top it all of, I have to bluff my way through a bunch of "Wasn't Catherine Tate good last night?" at school, hello! I don't even watch it!! But can't admit to that as you all think it is so good.
    There is nothing wrong with Americanization.
  • A perfect example of the genre it belongs to

    Its a sketch show so lets be fair - Thats mean Catchphrases recurring charecters and on going gags. So its not really fair to put the show down on these accounts as many do and have.

    Tate has to be given credit for how diverse her acting skills are, and mnay will admit to, unless told its not apprant from the star that this is the same women in every sketch, thats not just the make-up doing that, it is her skill as an actress.

    Tate has spawned several legends from her show, such as Lauren and Nan, and has to be credited for her show feeling as if it isnt ripping off anyones elses ideas, besides the generic conventions

    Its not all brilliant, some sketches people will like or not like, but then this is nature with sketch shows. Naturally now was the time to say good to her show as the ideas were become old, fortunatly this show threw the towel in before they were kicked of stage, and for this it ends a classic.
  • This really is such a wonderful show.

    At first I wasn't sure that I would find it funny but I was proved immensely wrong. It is one of the funniest comedies out there now and Catherine Tate is a very clever and funny woman. Her scripts are truly amazing in places, with the funny dialogue in itself and the way that it is acted out adds another brilliant touch to it. I was a bit upset when Lauren was killed off as I really did like those sketches but I can understand why she did it, and the death scenes worked really well. Some part of me would have liked it if she hadn't killed her off, so that she could maybe bring her back for special episodes like christmas and comic relief though another part of me agrees that Lauren's time was coming to an end and there was only so much she could do with her. Lauren I think will always be remembered for having some of the cleverest dialogues, my favourites include the french lesson and the english shakespeare lesson with which david tennant starred. Overall, though all of the other characters are funny though some more than others. This show will always be a favourite of mine and I will watch it for many more episodes to come.

    The Catherine Tate Show is ,to me, one of he funnyest shows on TV. I love the way Catherine Tate can play hundreds of rolls like Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Also the way The Character Lauren Cooper has become an Icon for teens everywhere with the Catchphrase "Am i Bovvered". As i have all 3 seasons on DVD i can safely say I love The catherine tate show i think it has the poential to be one of the best comedy shows of the decade it is absolutely brilliant and a bit like Little britain thoygh not as vulgar LOL
  • Influential indeed! She's got 'bovvered' into the dictionary!

    This woman Catherine Tate is absolutely one of the funniest people on television today! And what I think is even better is that she manages to keep audiences laughing with pretty much the same jokes, just put in a different setting, or given a different twist. Many people have tried this before and after her, but have failed miserably whereas Catherine Tate manages to keep it fresh and funny!

    My new hero!

    I don't know if this show is being aired in the US, but if it's not, then somebody make sure they do! Give 'em a taste of what real humor is instead of that crap they keep spewing like Everybody Loves Raymond or Everybody Hates Chris or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Blegh!
  • Catherine Tate is a comic genius, by far the funniest woman in the world.

    The Catherine Tate Show is hilarious. I love sketch comedies, and I think this is loads better than Little Britain (at least the 2nd and 3rd seasons.) The reason why, is because mostly The Catherine Tate Show has loads more characters, which leads me to the only problem with the show. Some sketches just aren't as funny as others, so have your remote ready to fast-forward. Other than that, every other sketch had me in stitches. Before I saw the first episode, I didn't think it would be very good, but it proved me wrong.
  • Catherine Tate is the female Sascha Baron Cohen

    Ms. Tate's only parallel is Da Ali G Show with her characterizations of annoying personality types makes for some of the funniest sketch comedy ever! She is surrounded by a more than capable cast who totally understand the feel of her sense of humor and deliver it on a consistently high basis.
    My favorite character is the reprehensible, hypocritical Nan but that's like having to choose which of your children you love more.Granted the slang and various accents may throw you at first (if you're American) but you will pick them up after repeated viewings. They will all be classics and always will be enjoyable to me as much as Ali G & Fawlty Towers are. That's a very hard thing to accomplish in a world of mediocre television.

    This must be the best comedy show ever in the UK! She is te most funny actress ever! And the characters she comes up with are amazing! Thebest character has got to be "Who Dear Me Dear" ... Then "What A F***ing Liberty" ... They are so funny and not easy to stop laughing at! A 9.9 star / 10 star show mabey even 9.99995! lol! Brillant show, and brilliant cast! This must be the best comedy show ever in the UK! She is te most funny actress ever! And the characters she comes up with are amazing! Thebest character has got to be "Who Dear Me Dear" ... Then "What A F***ing Liberty" ... They are so funny and not easy to stop laughing at! A 9.9 star / 10 star show mabey even 9.99995! lol! Brillant show, and brilliant cast!
  • You come up to see me Yes Nan You come up to see me aint ya Yes

    I tell you warrit is Martin, me and the other girls at the Coffie morning are doing a walk for all of the little obsessive compulsives, did you know, every 38 minutes one of them openes their front door only to reaize that they'll have to shut the door and count to 97 otherwise a mad axeman will kill all their family. If you dont believe me you can look at the website. www. christ I've left the iron oh no i haven't/ oh yes i have.

    What a great show, my fave has to be the "oh my God we're all going to die!" woman
  • Why exactly do you think I'm bovvered?

    Catherine Tate - What a breath of fresh air she is to the comedy world. We are finally free from some of the more demanding comedy shows and can just sit back and relax while Catherine Tate works wonders.

    The Catherine Tate Show was founded mid-2005, following the production of the first season, to advertise the premier of the show 'Tate' appeared on Comic Relief as 'Lauren' - probably the most well known affiliated character from the show.

    After the complete succesfulness of the event, the show was already a hit. Hitting over 10M viewers on it's premier evening, the show wasn't going to be leaving the screens for a long while.

    Covering dozens of various, hilarious characters whilst coming home to the rude, load grandma at the end of the shows.

    Catherine Tate is one of the most talented actresses I have seen in recent television - Beginning to challenge some of the bigger U.K. comedy sketch shows such as 'Little Britain' I'm sure it won't be long until the show has secured a strong place on Englands Comedy wall of fame.

    After winning her first major award, she decided it was time to pursue bigger events than just ordinary BBC2 television.

    Recently, she has appeared on Children in Need and done various specials including a 'Christmas' edition guest starring Charlotte Church.

    Now Catherine Tate is looking at a long life-span for the show as it was recently commisioned for a fourth season.
  • Little Britain? what's that again?

    Catherine Tate has always been by far the winner in the war of the sketch shows in my heart. She is so much better than Little Britain which is going downhill so fast! Catherine just gets better and better and the icing on the cake was the recent Christmas special in which her grandma character insults Charlotte Church's singing. And go Charlotte for being such a good sport!
  • Pure comedy genius

    I cant help but thinking Caatherine Tate just has one of those faces. The type that is just naturally funny. There are two charcterrs that stand out to me, predictably the same as everyone else. The first one being lauren, am i bovvered...etc. I never get tired of hearing her say that. The second character being nan, i love the way that she just has that sarcastic old persons attitude, and the 2 facedness, Comedy at its best.

    This show is amazing, funny, original and amazing. The classic catchphrase 'am i bovvered?' is a classic. it's well written, and really great to watch on thursdays. It's just so funny! Most caracters are played by Catherine Tate, and i like the dog trainer and the granny. A lot like little britain, which i also love, it's got to be big, funny and get good ratings. and it has all those things. i was unhappy when i came from holiday and it was over. it's just so original. i love it! It's simply a really, really good show. almost 10/10.
  • A fantastic show!

    I love this show. It is one of the best sketch shows that has been on in the past few years. Catherine Tate is a comedy genius and plays each character so well.
    If ever she finally has competion she'll suck it up and say, "Am I bovvad?"
    A truly great show.
  • Little Britain Has Competition!!..

    Little Britain has competition!!..

    The range of bizarre characters is overwhelming to the matter of hilarious outcome..

    Some might compare one or more characters to that of Little Britain, for example Little Britain’s Vicki Pollard to the always predictable but always waiting the moment of ''Am I Bothered Though''.. Both school girls and carry the same speech but with there own style, Like Vicki, Catherine Tate's version is one of the most loved and adored characters..

    From the various but small cast comes Mathew Horne who I begun to follow after he's role in Teachers, plays small but catchy parts in The Catherine Tate Show, is involved with my favorite character ''Gran''.. Who is without a doubt the most laugh out loud character to come to screen!!..
  • Does it look like i'm bothered

    Oh my god i was so suprised at how funny this show is and i was so glad they had characters that are hilarious. i particularly like the school girl sketches. This show ill go down in comedy history.This show will keep you entertained for ever so just sit back and laugh


    For all those looking for something different to little Britain. It is here.

    The cathereine tate show mixed with its intelligent comedy and hilarious charcters this is a must for all seeking a good laugh on a friday night.

    Whethers its Bernie the nutters nurse or Lauran
    (am i bothered) your sure to find your favorite among them.

    And now the new series has returned and its better than ever. With a host of new characters and dozens of hilarious scenarios its sure to please many.