The Catherine Tate Show

BBC Two Premiered Feb 16, 2004 Between Seasons





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  • A perfect example of the genre it belongs to

    Its a sketch show so lets be fair - Thats mean Catchphrases recurring charecters and on going gags. So its not really fair to put the show down on these accounts as many do and have.

    Tate has to be given credit for how diverse her acting skills are, and mnay will admit to, unless told its not apprant from the star that this is the same women in every sketch, thats not just the make-up doing that, it is her skill as an actress.

    Tate has spawned several legends from her show, such as Lauren and Nan, and has to be credited for her show feeling as if it isnt ripping off anyones elses ideas, besides the generic conventions

    Its not all brilliant, some sketches people will like or not like, but then this is nature with sketch shows. Naturally now was the time to say good to her show as the ideas were become old, fortunatly this show threw the towel in before they were kicked of stage, and for this it ends a classic.