The Catherine Tate Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Series 1, Episode 4

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 2004 on BBC Two
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Series 1, Episode 4
A menacing game of 'IT' breaks out in the work office. Also, Catherine Tate's newly invented character shows us the silly game of 'Last Hit'. However things soon turn ugly when a man gets hit by a car, but still feels as if he needs to play.moreless

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      • Kate: Guess what I'm thinking.
        Ellen: One-thirty.
        Kate: Yeah... freak.

      • Elaine Figgus: I've lit a candle representing Jeremie's life. In a couple of minutes I should put it out. Symbolizing, the shining light that was Jeremiah Waynright the Third, being extinguished by a society that chose not to understand him.
        Documenter: Not understand why he tortured and killed eight innocent people?
        Elaine Figgis: Yes I've just said that.

      • Whitaker: It's gonna be a nightmare to identify the bodies. No heads, no fingerprints.
        Amanda the Enigmatic Cop: I would've thought that'd make it easier.
        Whitaker: How's that, ma'am?
        Amanda the Enigmatic Cop: Think about it Whitaker. How many people in London do you know without heads or fingerprints? Anyone like that would stick out in a mile.

      • Whittaker: That's the fifth headless body we've pulled out of the river this month. No fingerprints. There's obviously some psycho out there.
        Amanda the Enigmatic Cop: Not necessarily, Whittaker. The lady who did this may be every bit as sane as you and I.
        Whittaker: Why do you think it's a lady, ma'am?
        Amanda the Enigmatic Cop: Because, statistically, there are more ladies than chaps in London. Now I can't be certain, but logically, the perpetrator of these crimes is more likely to be a lady than a chap.

      • Aga-Saga Woman: (phone rings and she answers it) Hello? ...Hello, Jacques. We're fine, how are you? I don't want to sit down, just tell me what's happened... right. Right. Um, listen Jacques, I'm going to have to call you back. Yes, they're here with me now. Yeah, they're fine - they'll be fine. Yes thank you, I'm fine. I'll get back to you this afternoon. And Jacques, thank you, I know this wasn't an easy call to make. (hangs up) ...Thomas, Chloe, I've got something to tell you. You know daddy left this morning for Paris this morning on business. That was Jacques, daddy's European PA, I've got some bad news. ...Daddy hasn't been able to find any good Brie this trip.
        (Children are shocked and upset)
        Thomas: But mummy, it's the school picnic tomorrow!
        Aga-Saga Woman: I know Thomas. Thomas I know.
        Chloe: Has he tried Le Bon Marche?
        Aga-Saga Woman: Yes of course Chloe, he would've tried Le Bon Marche first.
        Thomas: I think we have some Wensleydale left over from Ginny's christening.
        Aga-Saga Woman: Oh Thomas don't be silly, it's a Parisian picnic, do you want the other children to laugh at you?

      • Aga-Saga Woman: Thomas, did you want a coca-cola? Do you want a coca-cola? If you want a coca-cola, let me know now before I close the coola-door.
        Thomas: Um...
        Aga-Saga Woman: Well look, I've closed the coola-door now so it's too late. If you want a coca-cola, you'll have to get it on your own.

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