The Catherine Tate Show

Season 3 Episode 4

Series 3, Episode 4

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 2006 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

Geordie Georgie enters the office, singing the Robbie Williams hit "Let Me Entertain You". She announces that she and her friends are organising another sponsored event. They will be treading water all night in the Great Canal to raise money for alcoholics in Jarrow. When Martin only offers 20 pence an hour, Georgie pulls a bottle of whiskey from a drawer and pours the contents down Martin's throat. She then asks him whether he has been drinking. In a spoof of hit show 24 Head of Intelligence David Pratner receives news that a plane has been hijacked. He orders assistant Chloe to type a report immediately. Chloe experiences some difficulties finding the letter "j" on her keyboard. Derek Faye chats with his niece Tonia at a family wedding. Wondering who might be the next family member to get married, Tonia remarks that it could be Derek and Leonard, now that civil partnerships are possible. Derek realises that his niece believes him to be gay, something that shocks him tremendously. After expressing his disgust, he walks back to the rest of the party, just in time to join in with the dance to The Village People's "YMCA". The secret organisation of red-haired people is having another meeting, preparing an outing to the countryside, where no normal people will see them. Sandra suddenly gets fed up with the segregated life and urges chairwoman Rita and the others to protest against discrimination. Be proud to say "I am ginger!" In the next scene we get journalist Gargy Patel reporting on the protest action of Sandra and her friends. They have positioned themselves on the roof of the courthouse as the "Gingers for Justice". Some of Sandra's friends worry about the effect of the sun on their skin, but their resolve is strengthened when Rita joins them on the roof. It only gets better when actress Patsy Palmer offers to help. In the 24 spoof David orders Chloe to type the important code word "Afghan Cave". Chloe clearly has a problem spelling that. At the mobile burger bar, Irene tells regular customer Neville that he's just missed seeing some famous people at the van. The four members of Abba came for some jumbo sausages with curry sauce. Irene was not impressed, as she was always more of a fan of Brotherhood of Man. Mrs Taylor-Thomas, the Aga Saga Woman, has some bad news for her two children. Their Land Rover Voyager is at the garage for repairs and the school run will have to be done with a hired car. They're scared and bewildered by the man from the garage who brings the hired car. When they notice that it hasn't even got a bull bar, they consider it a death trap. Mrs Taylor-Thomas decides the children will not go to school that day. Bernie is watching Deal, No Deal on television when her superior walks into the ward with some questions. Why did Bernie write on a report that she accidentally burned someone's "nu-nu" with hot tea? Bernie admits that she can't say the word "vagina". It reminds her of her sister Virginia. (Don't even mention her brother Clint...) When the head nurse asks Bernie to use medical terms rather than nicknames, Bernie giggles uncontrollably with every medical term, especially when men's parts are mentioned. In the 24 spoof Chloe has to type the names of the prisoners that need to be released as per the terrorist's request. She gets confused when the NUM lock appears to be activated. Lauren is less than attentive in science class, much to the teacher's irritation. He announces a test in preparation for the final exams, a test about the periodic table of elements. To punish Lauren for her behaviour he checks her knowledge first. To everyone's surprise she gets all the answers right. She turns some of the abbreviations into jokes. ("Mi? Am I bothered?") This irritates the teacher even more, and Lauren doesn't improve things by asking him whether he's a geek who loves Stephen Hawking. Ejected from the classroom she still answers some of the teacher's questions correctly from the corridor. In the 24 spoof David Pratner has to send an important email very quickly. Chloe loses the message on her computer and the plane explodes above te city. "Ginger for Justice" Sandra is languishing in a police cell. Rita brings good news: gingers everywhere are standing up for themselves and Sandra will be released. There's even talk of a film being made about the protest. Sandra will be played by Bonnie Langford.