The Catherine Tate Show

Season 3 Episode 4

Series 3, Episode 4

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 2006 on BBC Two



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    • Irene: I always preferred Brotherhood of Man. They made some lovely 45s. What did Abba do? A song about a bloody train station!

    • Teacher: If you've got something to say, Lauren, why don't you tell the whole class?
      Lauren: I ain't chatting to this crew.

    • Georgie Mornin, Martin!
      Martin: Morning, Georgie!
      Georgie: How was your weekend pet?
      Martin: It was lovely thank you. Mikaela had her school diving competition.
      Georgie: Did she sink like a stone to the bottom of the pool, or is her child obesity under control?
      Martin: Actually..she won first prize.
      Georgie: (Lethargically) Eee, I'm that pleased for you. Can I borrow your nice solar-powered calculator?

    • Martin: I'm sorry, Georgie, it's all I can afford.
      Georgie: 4 pounds 20 it is.
      Martin: It's just that I..
      Georgie: Let's say no more about it, coz I wouldn't want it to come between us.
      Martin: It really makes you think though doesn't it.
      (Georgie walks up to Martin and grabs his mouth, as she pours a whole bottle of wine down his throat.)
      Georgie: (starts sniffing) Have you been drinking, Martin!?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scenes with the woman in charge of sending a really important email, who also obviously knows nothing about keyboards/computers, is a clear parody of the hit show 24, as the start of the sketch features a clock counting down, and similar music to what is often seen on the actual show.

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