The Cattanooga Cats

ABC (ended 1971)


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The Cattanooga Cats

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The Cattanooga Cats is a show made up of 4 cartoons, The Cattanooga Cats, It's The Wolf, Around The World in 79 Days, and Autocat and Motormouse, They made two spin-offs: It's The Wolf and Autocat and Motormouse, but Around The World in 79 days did not make it, although there were plans to.
Autocat and Motormouse had a relation to Tom and Jerry. This was a racecar version of Tom and Jerry.
It's The Wolf is about a cute lil' lamb called Lambsy who gets chased by Mildew Wolf. Unfortunately he failed on doing it...especially when the ol' Dog comes.
Around The World in 79 Days is about a boy who's going to win $ 1,000,000 if he succeeds... But if not it'll go to Crumden.
The Cattanooga Cats themselves were a band of feline rockabilly singers--Country, Kitty Jo, Scoots and Groovy. They were usually involved in bizarre escapades, and in blackouts they had to deal with Chessie the Autograph Hound (who was ironically also a cat).