The Cattanooga Cats

Season 1 Episode 1

Mother May I

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 06, 1969 on ABC



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    • Lambsy Divey: Do you think Mildew will be back?
      Bristle Hound: Sure when the circus comes next spring.

    • (Groove and Country are driving their car while the motor stops working)
      Groove: what's wrong with the motor? (Country opens the front seal Chessie pops out)
      Chessie: Can I have your autograph!
      (Country quickly slams it shut)

      Groove: So that's what the problem is, a noisy fan.

    • Cattanooga Cats Theme(Skipping Intrusmental break)
      Jabadah,Jabadah,Say Jabadah(2X)
      The Cattanooga Cats don't ever purr
      they know how...but not with purr
      The Cattanooga Cats don't go Meow!
      they wouldn't try...If they knew how
      doing that thing,Jabadah jabadah(3X)
      The Cattanooga Cats are doing that thing
      Doing that thing,Jabadah,Jabadah(3X)
      The Cattanogga Cats,Jabadah,Jabadah(2X)
      The Cattanooga cats are doing there thing
      Jabadah,jabadah,say Jabadah(2X)

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