The Cavanaughs - Season 1

CBS (ended 1989)


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Episode Guide

  • Aunt Mom
    Aunt Mom
    Episode 13
    Kit has trouble dealing with Kevin's attempts to pass her off as his mother for an upcoming parish talent show.
  • He Ain't Heavy, Father...
    All hell breaks loose when Pop's wealthy, estranged brother, owner of Cavanaugh Bros. Construction and Chuck's boss, James "The Weasel," pays a visit to the Cavanaugh house, against Pop's wishes. James wants Pop to know that an old basement office they once shared is going to be demolished. Inside the office is a locked safe, each of them has only half of the combination, and Pop stubbornly refuses to hand over his half. The two brothers are forced to work out their 30-year-old differences when they both arrive at their former office. But their bickering causes the staircase out of the building to collapse, leaving them trapped inside just hours before the demolition. While looking for a way out, Pop finally agrees to share and share alike, and his seeing the prized family memories that James saved in the safe leads the pair to have a reconciliation right before Chuck and Kit rescue them.moreless
  • Banned in Boston
    Banned in Boston
    Episode 11
    When the church sets up Father Chuck, Jr. rating videos for family consumption, he discovers something about Kit he didn't know.
  • A Chorus Malign
    A Chorus Malign
    Episode 10
    Two of Kit's fast and loose showgirl friends from the '70s, "Legs" Lawler and Crystal Line, plan a trip to Southie to stay with Kit for a night, before the three of them head out to Atlantic City together the next day for a ten-year reunion of former showgirls. But even that short amount of time is too long for Pop, who doesn't want Kit's trashy friends in his house, because he assumes they'll be a bad influence on Mary Margaret. Although Kit gets her way, that night after she goes to bed early, "Legs" and Crystal drink champagne with the awestruck Mary Margaret present, leave the bottle there, and Mary Margaret helps herself and gets smashed. Pop catches the aftermath of this, alerts Chuck, and they both demand that Kit throw the diabolical duo out. With Mary Margaret suffering a bad hangover, Kit does just that, and tells the girls she's not going to the reunion -- not because Pop said she couldn't, but because she realizes she's changed since coming home.moreless
  • The Eyes Have Had It
    Pop is humiliated when he loses his driver's license due to his failing eyesight. As if that's not bad enough, Kit is trying to sell his car out from under him. Pop discovers Kit's plans when Maureen Brennan, an elderly, outspoken widow just like him, drops by the house asking to see it. Although Pop refuses to give up his '41 Plymouth -- which he courted his wife in -- without a fight, he falls for Mrs. Brennan and agrees to take her for a spin, license troubles and all. Officer Dennis ends up escorting him home, because, as Pop claims, he crashed the car into a tree. But when Mrs. Brennan comes by the house a second time, Chuck and Kit learn that she asked Pop if she could drive, and the accident was all her fault. As it turns out, she still wants to buy the car, as her dead, Irish husband Robert courted her in a '41 Plymouth. A smitten Pop finally agrees to sell it, and Mrs. Brennan repays him with a little backseat nookie.moreless
  • The Arrangement
    The Arrangement
    Episode 8
    Neither Pop nor Chuck like that Kit has taken it upon herself to allow Mary Margaret to start dating.
  • Strike Too
    Strike Too
    Episode 7
    Pop and Chuck find themselves on opposite sides of a strike at the Cavanaugh Bros. Construction Company.
  • Angst a Lot
    Angst a Lot
    Episode 6
    Kit gets sick of living with her family again, and decides to return to show biz.
  • The Bishop's Back
    The Bishop's Back
    Episode 5
    Father Chuck, Jr.'s plans to climb the ladder aren't helped by his father's bitter feud with a clergyman in their church, nor by his own untruthfulness.
  • Yes, Virginia, There Is a Pop
    It's not a very merry Christmas when Pop picks the holiday season to attempt to stop a shopping center from being built.
  • Love with an Improper Stranger
    Pop's attempts at fixing Kit up with a Little League baseball coach don't go over quite as planned.
  • Not So Gently Into the Night
    A woman wants to make a film about Pop.
  • Member of the Wake-ing
    Pop's old chum, Tim, passes away, Pop throws a wake for him, and the occasion brings Kit back to Boston.