The Challenge

Season 2 Episode 2

Bed Sores

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 1998 on MTV - Music Television
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Bed Sores
They arrive in Mammouth Lakes CA, where their next mission will take place. In their campsite, they find a newspaper that has a article about their mission. It says that casts of the Real World and Road Rules will take part in the yearly Frontier Day's Bed Race. There is talks about whether Beth should stay in the challenge or not. Beth wants the cash so she is gonna stay, but Neil says she better work if she wants a piece of the cash.

The Real World team is starting to get close to their rundown RV which they have now named "Bessie". So, they take it to a gas station and they buy lots of spray paint and both teams leave their marks on the RV.

They arrive at the mission site, they are told they will be taking part in a Bed Race. Each team must decorate a bed as wild as possible and then it will be placed on wheels and they will have to race it down a hill. The team with the best of out 3 races will win a minute in the Money Chamber and the luxury bus.

The teams head back to go prepare. The Road Rules team decides to do a "Bed Bugs" theme while the Real World goes with the "Village People". The teams each go to stores and purchase supplies. The Real World team decides to rip apart the RV since it's so old, it has 60s decor that they can put around the bed. During the preparations, Janet and Jason seem to become more and more attracted to each other.

The following morning, Montana sneaks in the Road Rules bus and takes the bear for the Real World team. They leave to get ready for the mission, they lock the door but leave the driver side's window open. Noah climbs through the window and just takes the bear back for the Road Rules team.

On the way to the mission, Nathan and Kayle learn that they have each lost a parent at a young age and realize they have a extreme bond with each other.

It's mission day and everyone is getting into costume. Beth is taking awhile to get ready and aggravating the Real World team. At the race, Beth is sitting in th bed for the Real World team since she can't run on her ankle and Anne was chosen to sit in the bed for the Road Rules team. Road Rules kills Real World on the first two races giving them their second win in a row. The Road Rules team parties as the Real World is upset that they keep having to perform challenges that rely on brawn over brains.

After the mission, they are given a choice over what job they want to take. "Japanese Pacers" or "Snoop Doggy Dogg". Since the Real World team lost, they get to pick first. They chose "Snoop Doggy Dogg". They are told to meet their mission mayor in Hollywood.

On the way back to LA, the Real World team gets pulled over in "Bessie". They know the only reason they got pulled over was the look of "Bessie" and not cause they were actually doing anything wrong. The cop finally lets them go and takes off. When the Real World team tries to start "Bessie" back up, she won't start. They radio the Road Rules team who comes back and picks them up. They pack up their stuff and say goodbye to "Bessie". They are all really sad to see her go.

We end with Nathan saying he would love to get to know Kayle more.moreless

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David Edwards

David Edwards

(RW2) Host - Season 2 + Battle of the Sexes

Beth Stolarczyk

Beth Stolarczyk

(RW2) Challenge 1998, Battle of the Seasons, Battle of the Sexes & The Inferno 2

Neil Forrester

Neil Forrester

(RW4) Challenge 1998

Janet Choi

Janet Choi

(RW7) Challenge 1998

Nathan Blackburn

Nathan Blackburn

(RW7) Challenge 1998 + The Gauntlet

Mark Long

Mark Long

(RR1) Co-Host - Season 5, Challenge 1998, Battle of the Sexes, + Battle of the Sexes 2

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