The Challenge

Season 1 Episode 2

Boston vs Islands (Part 2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 1997 on MTV - Music Television
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Boston vs Islands (Part 2)
First aid is administered to Syrus. They wrap his leg and he continues to play in the games.

GAME 3: The Box. Five people must stand on a little box at the same time for five seconds , all with at least one foot on the box (none on the ground). Real World wins this one too. The score so far is: $150 for Real World, 0 for Road Rules They all take a lunch break.

Kalle talks to all the Real World members about how they're all down to $14 total to live off of for their next mission. Montana and Elka think it's funny that Real World is winning when the Road Rules people are supposedly the rugged ones.

Sean wants to give the Road Rules members money, but Kameelah and Genesis don't think they should help out because the Road Rules members never did anything for them.

Syrus and Oscar bond about being the outcasts in their respective groups. Jake tries to hit on Elka and Genesis very unsuccessfully. Kalle and Erika laugh at him from the sidelines. Sean says he liked them all. Kalle says they have to win the next two games to "save face."

Lunch is over and the next game begins. GAME 4: The Wall. Every player must scale a wall and cannot use the edge of the wall or the tree to climb. Jason and Syrus sit out on this one. Jason and Syrus talk about one of the Road Rules' girls and her "tush."

The Road Rules people are doing well on the wall, but the Real World team is having a tough time since it's all girls and Sean. Road Rules finally wins a game. The Road Rules team screams and jumps up and down. They win $50.

FINAL GAME: Tug-o-war Syrus says it's an easy one to get injured in and tells his teammates to protect their faces. Jake thinks Road Rules will lose if Syrus is in the game.

In the four-way tug-o-war game, the object is to drag the other team through the mud. There is no time limit. Kameelah and Elka have to sit out of this one.

The Road Rules team is not looking forward to battling against Syrus. Kalle doesn't think the Road Rules team will win it. Syrus says the Road Rules team is scared.

The whistle blows. They all struggle, but strangely enough, Road Rules wins it! The Road Rules team jumps up and down and screams with joy. Jason and Syrus look shocked. Road Rules won because they worked together as a group as opposed as the Real World who pulled from separate directions.

Final score Road Rules: 2, Real World:3. Erika says she was surprised too, but glad they pulled it off and have more money. They all shake hands and the games are over.

Because the Real World team won more points, the Road Rules team has to go through the humiliation which turns out to be giving the Real World members a pedicure. Sean says that both sides feel a bit apprehensive about the pedicure.

Oscar refuses to give Montana a pedicure because she was a woman. Montana takes major offense to his excuse and picks up a handful of mud and throws it in his face. He runs after her and puts mud in her face. She tries to put him in a headlock. Now they both have mud on their faces. Montana's laughing, Oscar is not.

Kameelah laughs and asks who has the humiliation of giving Jason a pedicure. Erika gives Jason a pedicure and says his feet were quite clean and his toes were shaven .. she laughs and says she didn't ask why he shaved his toes. Kalle accidentally cuts Sean's toenails too short, but they both laugh.

Montana asks Oscar if he's mad. She says if he wasn't going to give her a pedicure, he still had to face some sort of humiliation for losing the games. And what better way to be humiliated than to have a red-headed white woman from Manhattan throw mud in your face.

They all get paid their winning prize money and go their separate ways after promising to meet up later at a club. Both groups say they feel closer to one another now. Syrus says that once he got in the van and laid down, his injured leg began to really hurt.

Sean tells Kameelah that he's really intrigued by the Road Rules cast. Kameelah says she hopes they are cooler at the club than at the games. She didn't like them at all.

Syrus goes to the hospital to get stitches. He may have to get a tetanus shot as well. When he asks the doctor for Bactine, the doctor laughs. Syrus describes the hospital as one that would be in a third or second-world country.

Back at the hotel, Sean asks Jason if he's attracted to any of the Road Rules girls. Jason says he likes Erika because she knows how to massage a man's foot. He also says Erika has something special in her eyes when you talk to her. Sean says he likes Kalle's look too. Jason likes Kalle's pigtails and says that she has big bosoms.

Back at the hospital, the doctor tells Syrus he can't eat anything for awhile since he's getting a tetanus shot. The worst thing that can happen to Syrus is that he has a fracture and he'll have to stay in the hospital. The Road Rules folks go to the club to meet up with the Real World people, while Syrus is getting stitches (for three hours). Syrus puts on his headphones and tries to distract himself from the pain as he gets stitches. Lots of scenes of blood gushing from Syrus' leg.

Sean and Erika chat at the club. Erika is smoking and Sean buys her drinks.

Syrus complains that he can't have a cool limp at the club. It's getting late and Vince thinks Sean might "get" Erika. Later Montana says they were basically a nice bunch of people. Jason says he doesn't know exactly if Sean and Erika got together. Montana and Syrus are convinced they had sex. Sean's smiling and not talking.

Kameelah is still bitching about the Road Rules folks on the bus ride back to the hotel. In the other van, Road Rules members say they were nicer people than the Real World people. Back in the Real World van, they call the Road Rules people "too white bread."moreless

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Elka Walker

Elka Walker

(RW6) Challenge 1997, Battle of the Seasons, + The Gauntlet

Jason Cornwell

Jason Cornwell

(RW6) Challenge 1997 + Challenge 1998

Kameelah Phillips

Kameelah Phillips

(RW6) Challenge 1997 + Extreme Challenge

Montana McGlynn

Montana McGlynn

(RW6) Challenge 1997, Challenge 1998, + The Gauntlet

Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy

(RW6) Challenge 1997 + Battle of the Seasons

Syrus Yarbrough

Syrus Yarbrough

(RW6) Challange 1997, Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, + The Inferno

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