The Challenge

Season 6 Episode 6

Breath-Hold Bungee

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Breath-Hold Bungee
We start off finding out that the next mission will be tomorrow and they need to wear swim-suits and sunscreen. We also learn that Puck's son Bogart and future wife Betty will be arriving tomorrow aswell.

We then see David and Ayanna talking, sharing everything about eachother, and just growing closer. They both love how they have clicked with eachother and look foward to what the future has for them.

Bogart and Betty arrive, they stay up in a tree-house bedroom above the villas. Puck and Betty go on to tell how they met six years ago in a pet store. Puck lets Betty know that Ellen is getting on his nerves and she'd better watch out.

The teams all meet Bogart and believe he's the cutest kid around. Tonya and Ellen go off about how disgusted they are with Puck's behavior.

The teams are off for their next mission. The girls are up two missions to one and the guys are determined to get this game tied. They learn the next mission is "Breath-Hold Bungee". Each team will be lowered in groups under water, where they'll be holding onto a bar and have a bungee cord hooked to their waist. Once a team member cannot hold their breath any longer, they let go of the bar and the bungee will raise them out of the water. The team that has the longest combined times between the teammates wins T-Mobile Sidekick Mini Computers for each team member.

David is at the bottom of the board and very scared of the next mission since he has never learned how to swim. He just believes he needs to suck it up and go for the gold.

All the players are lowered in groups and earn the following times-

James- 2:42:94 Jake- 2:15:32 Eric- 2:03:16 Antoine- 2:00:03 Mark- 1:58:34 Ruthie- 1:47:75 Yes- 1:41:19 Jamie- 1:28:01 Veronica- 1:27:24 Theo- 1:23:33 Dan- 1:12:04 Emily- 1:09:13 Ellen- 1:02:47 Colin- 0:57:60 Puck- 0:52:34 Syrus- 0:49:32 Rachel- 0:48:35 Blair- 0:46:17 Anne- 0:44:72 Ayanna- 0:37:38 David- 0:36:41 Amaya- 0:35:37 Lori- 0:34:32 Tonya- 0:31:77 Annesa- 0:29:66 Melissa- 0:18:26 Christina- 0:14:89 Jisela- 0:12:03

Guys: 20:46:20 Girls: 10:33:34

Since James got the longest time with 2:42:94, he is the winner of the Ion Lifesaver. The guys had a overall longer time with 20:46:20, they win the T-Mobile phones.

Back at the villas, the Inner Circles are announced- Girls 1)Ruthie from Real World Hawaii 2)Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea 3)Ellen from Road Rules The Quest

Guys 1)Colin from Real World Hawaii 2)Jamie from Real World New Orleans 3)James from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour

The Inner Circles are sent to deliberate. Jisela notices she is last on the girls' side and she wonders if that will lead to her elimination. David is also on the bottom of the guys sides and since the guys just eliminate the lowest scorer, he's prepared to go home. Ayanna is upset cause her best friend that she just made is getting taken away from her.

David plays a song on the piano which brings Ayanna to tears as she hates to see David go. Ayanna says she hopes to learn more about David as David says he plans to call, write, and visit Ayanna.

In the Girls' Inner Circle, Veronica believes the lowest scoring girl should go home, but she is torn cause Jisela is her best friend. Since Jisela stuck up for her in Battle of the Seasons, Veronica doesn't believe it's right for her to send Jisela home now. Ruthie brought up that Amaya's cousin is dying in the hospital, and Amaya doesn't feel that it's right for her to compete anymore. But Ellen and Veronica both believe she should just withdraw herself from the competition and not be eliminated.

At the elimination ceremony, the guys Inner Circle go up and Colin announces that they will be eliminating David since he was the lowest scorer. David goes up and states that he believes the guys team is the strongest and he's going home cause he is the lowest scorer and they're on a island and he doesn't know how to swim.

The girl Inner Circle goes up and Veronica gets emotional as she says the decision was hard for her. Puck makes noise with this baby toy that he has wrapped around his neck which leads Veronica to scream at him to stop. We see Amaya start to cry cause she thought they would have picked her cause of her situation, but Veronica then goes to announce they are eliminating Jisela cause she did have the lowest amount of points.

James is then brought up to give out the Ion Lifesaver. He says that the Lifesaver usually goes to the guy's MVP, but the MVP on the Island for him is his girlfriend Emily. Ahhhhh!!!

Ayanna draws David a picture. It's of a girl on a dock looking out at the ocean. She asks him what he sees in the picture. He believes it's her waiting for him but she better turn around cause he won't be coming from the ocean but in a car on the road.

We then hear Ellen screaming outside and she comes in to say that she went over to the guy's villa to ask to trade scissors. She then claims that Puck told her to get out of his face and that he's gonna kick her a**.

We end with Puck winking at the camera and a- To Be Continued...moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

Colin Mortensen

Colin Mortensen

(RW8) Battle of the Sexes

Rachel Robinson (III)

Rachel Robinson (III)

(RR11) Battle of the Sexes, The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno 2

Eric Nies

Eric Nies

(RW1) Co-Host - Season 5, Battle of the Sexes, + Battle of the Sexes 2

David Edwards

David Edwards

(RW2) Host - Season 2 + Battle of the Sexes

Ruthie Alcaide

Ruthie Alcaide

(RW8) Battle of the Sexes 1 + 2

David Broom

David Broom

(RW9) Battle of the Sexes + The Gauntlet

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