The Challenge

Season 4 Episode 15

Downward Spiral

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 01, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Downward Spiral
Emily invites Julie out for a shopping trip around Germany in hopes that they can get along better. Julie says they are alright together now but 'The trip is not over yet'!

They receive their next clue narrated by Gladys from Road Rules Latin America. She says that they will be going "medieval". They receive another clue on their cell phones saying to meet their torture master at a castle.

They arrive at the castle and meet their mission mayor who is in cloaks aswell as his assistants. They find out their mission will be "The Grossout Games". They are told there will be 4 challenges - Scrap Eating Contest, Eel Bath, Needle in a Haystack, and Bug Spitting Contest. The bonus is the teams get to pick who they want on the other team to compete in which mission.

Event 1: Scrap Eating
Each team is given a basket full of meat of some animal that is not recognizable. The basket includes meat covered bones, livers, and brains. The team that finishes the whole basket first wins.
Real World- Dan, Rebecca, + Julie
Road Rules- Emily, Susie, + Christian
Real World (mainly Julie) chows down the whole basket while Road Rules takes a bite and gets sick eachtime.
Score: Real World - 3 Coins Road Rules - 0 Coins

Event 2: Needle in the Haystack
Three people from each team will all go in a haystack and have to find three medallions. But mixed all up in that haystack are lard, intestines, hearts, brains, and other unknown parts of animals.
Road Rules- James, Emily, + Michelle
Real World- Jamie, Dan, + Syrus
James finds the first, Jamie finds the second, and Emily finds the third giving Road Rules the win.
Score: Real World - 4 Coins Road Rules - 2 Coins

Event 3: Eel Bath
One guy and one girl from each team will have to lay in a glass bath in about six inches of water with a platter on their chest. About 35 eels will then be dumped in with them aswell as six goblets. The lowest combined time to get the goblets on the platter the fastest wins.
Real World- Julie + Jamie
Road Rules- James + Susie
Right off the bat, Susie is scared and starts to cry.
Jamie- 16 Seconds
James- 15 Seconds
Julie- 10 Seconds
Susie- 36 Seconds
Real World takes the win and 2 more medallions
Score: Real World - 6 Coins Road Rules - 2 Coins

Event 4: Bug Spitting
One person from each team will take a live bettle in their mouth and the person that can spit it the farthest wins.
Real World- Rebecca
Road Rules- Michelle
They both go at the same time and Rebecca launches hers twice as far as Michelle
Final Score: Real World - 7 Coins Road Rules - 2 Coins

Since Real World had the most coins they win the mission and another $10,000 Monster.Com money. Since Julie ate all the meat and got the goblets the fastest wins the MVP. She spins the wheel and wins the Buell Blast Motorcycle.

The Road Rules team decides to have a pep talk. Christian believes they haven't come together and worked as a team, but Laterrian believes the communication is there but the effort is not.

They receive their next clue narrated by Jason from Real World Boston. He says that each team will have to shoot themselves to victory in the next mission and not pigeon hold themselves. They all believe they will have to go clay shooting.

They arrive at their next mission site and find out their next mission is called "Human Shield". Each team will have a 'chosen one', two 'shielders', and two 'shooters'. The goal is to get your 'chosen one' who will run with two 'shielders' to a target about 40 feet from the start without being hit by paintballs being shot from the other team who are behind hay stacks. The team to do this the fastest wins, but for each paintball that hits the 'chosen one' gets 10 seconds added to the time.

Road Rules: Christian is the 'chosen one', Emily and Michelle are the shielders. Dan and Jamie shoot from the Real World team. They start and they jam to the target. Michelle and Emily are pelted with paintballs. Christian gets hit alot, even after hitting the target. James and Laterrian complain to each other about Jamie coming out from behind his haystack to shoot Christian even after he hit the target. They decide to do the same thing to the Real World team.
Road Rules Time: :26 seconds + 12 Hits = 1:46 seconds

Real World: Julie is the 'chosen one'. Syrus and Kameelah are the shielders. James and Laterrian shoot for the Road Rules team. The three Real World team members run up the hill and get pelted hard. They hit the target and James continues to shoot Julie. Julie shouts that 4 hit her after they hit the target and Syrus runs up and gets in James's faces yelling that he needed to stop and that it hurts so why did he continue shooting. They continue to yell at eachother as James tells Syrus that Jamie and Dan did the same exact thing and Syrus should really be yelling at them. Syrus gets so mad that he grabs James's shirt around the neck and we get-

To Be Continued...moreless

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