The Challenge

Season 7 Episode 16

Dukes of Saturn

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with everyone in the kitchen. Real Worlders are not looking at Road Rulers, Road Rulers arent looking at Real Worlders. Coral has a few words and then Darrell and her get in a big fight. Coral says that they have never had this situation before and that booing Irulan was not cool. Darrell throws a tantrum and says he is yelling because Coral is coming at him foul. Theo said that they booed because Irulan has been a poor sport for this entire competition. Cara gets involved and says something about Nathan and he gets mad and yells back.

Sarah and Theo then take a walk talking about how Veronica goes back after everyone votes and looks at the papers to see who voted for her. They say she is very shady. Sarah says that she has a couple of new boyfriends these days and that she has been freakishly manipulative throughout this entire process.

Coral and Mike are now sitting at the table. Coral brings up that she thinks girls will come in handy for the next missions. She thinks that a bunch of boys on the team is going to look like sh*t.

They get their next clue and they read it. The clue says: Your next challenge is an individual challenge. You must be ready to leave at 6:45 a.m. Wear your sneakers and team colors.

Theo and Adam are now talking about Veronica and how they think she is coniving and how her attitude is not good for the team. Theo doesn't like her methods about how she is willing to shower with the whole team. They say she will be the next to go into The Gauntlet.

They arrive at their next mission which is called Dukes of Saturn. It will test their balance and agility. They will have to go across the ladder from one Saturn ION to the other. The cars are suspended one-hundred feet in the air. Whoever gets from one car to the other the fastest and beeps the horn will win the Freshlook Eyesaver. The team with the slowest average time gets $10,000 banked in their teams bank account.

These are the times:

Nathan- 0:58.72

Dave- 0:50.37

Theo (RR)- 0:31.34

Norman- 0:41.10

Sarah- 0:48.13

Roni- 0:29.04

Darrell- 0:53.34

Adam- 0:30.61

Mike- 0:38.78

Rachel- 0:31.19

Cara- 0:33.27

Theo (RW)- 0:37.74

Alton- 0:19.16

Coral- 0:25.29

Veronica- 0:28.74

Winning this event with an average team time of 36.66 seconds is The Real World. The Freshlook Eyesaver winners are:

Real World- Alton

Road Rules- Veronica

This makes Veronica a permanent member of the Road Rules team. Dave says she is lucky because it was going to be Veronica going into the next Gauntlet. Theo can't believe that she will be here for the next mission and it really makes him mad.

They go back to the lounges to make their decisions. For Road Rules they are not sure who to choose. Cara says if they send a girl it is obviously going to be her or Sarah. The team said that they wouldn't send Sarah and they are going to stick to that. The last votes are between Cara, Darrell, and Dave. They all vote and Cara goes into The Gauntlet with twenty-two votes. Now at the Real World lounge Theo says that he would hate for anyone to go in and not come back. He states that it is obviously between him and Coral. They all have to vote for either Theo or Coral. Here is how they vote:

Coral- votes for Theo

Theo- votes for Coral

Norman- votes for Theo

Mike- votes for Theo

Alton- votes for Coral

Nathan- votes for Coral

It is now a tie with three votes for both of them. Coral thinks that her performance today isn't Gauntlet worthy. The tiebreaking vote now goes to Alton because he has the Eyesaver. He will decide who goes into The Gauntlet. He doesn't know who to choose and doesn't want to make this decision. He then chooses...

To be continued...