The Challenge

Season 4 Episode 13

Grudge Match

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Grudge Match
We go right in with the teams receiving their next clue narrated by Amaya from Real World Hawaii. She tells them that their world will be turned upside down. Amaya also makes a comment about Julie staying strong, in a interview Emily tells everybody that Julie and her don't get along at all and they just try to stay away from each other. On their phones, it tells them that they will be going to Germany.

They arrive at the next mission site. The new mission mayor does not speak english well, but she tries to tell them that she works for a bungee/extreme sports company. Todays mission will consist of three different challenges, the team with the most points after the three challenges wins $10,000 dollars.

Challenge 1 is a 'Vertical Bike System'. Each team will pick a guy and girl to compete, they will have to bike as fast as they can. The faster they go, the faster the bike climbs the wire. Once at top, they have to ring a bell, the team to do this the fastest wins 50 points for their team.
Rebecca vs Michelle
The girls stay pretty much even, but Rebecca uses her longer arms to ring the bell before Michelle
Jamie vs James
Since Jamie is pro at every sport, he blows James away.

Score after Challenge 1: Real World- 100 Road Rules- 0

Challenge 2 is 'House Running'. Again, each team will pick a guy and girl to compete, they will have to face-first building repell and hit flags on the way down. The team to hit all their flags and get down to the bottom first wins 50 points for their team.
Dan vs Christian
They repell, Dan has trouble standing on the side of the building which leads Christian to a win.
Julie vs Emily
Since these girls are already at odds, this one is gonna cause drama. They start and Julie has trouble standing on the wall, Emily runs down slapping flags. Julie decides to just fall and hit the flags on the way down. The win goes to Julie but the Road Rules team wonders what the rules were, they wondered if you had to "run" down the wall. The mayor determines that she did not explain the rules right, that the players must run down the building not fall. She says that the fair thing to do is either have them go again or the points just won't be counted. The Road Rules team goes and has a meeting. Emily wants the 50 points, she said she won it fair and square and that's it. She knows that she can beat Julie if they had to compete again, but she doesn't want to cause of her principals. Laterrian gets upset saying she should do it for the team and not lose another $10,000 for Road Rules. The mayor comes, Real World says they'll compete again but Emily tells them they have not made up their mind yet. Emily decides that she won't swallow her pride so she won't compete again. Noone gets points in the girl's half.

Score after Challenge 2: Real World- 100 Road Rules- 50

Challenge 3 is 'Pop-Rocket'. 3 team members from each team will be catapulted into the air where they will have to drop a water-balloon full of paint onto a target where they can score anywhere from 0-75 points. They each go and scores are as follows-
James - 0 Points
Syrus - 0 Points
Susie - 0 Points
Kameelah - 0 Points (Her shoe flew off in flight and she though the bungee would come off, she didn't throw the baloon due to fright)
Laterrian - 10 Points
Dan - 50 Points

Final Score after the 3 Challenges: Real World- 150 Points Road Rules- 60 Points

Real World takes another mission and another $10,000 Monster.Com dollars. Rebecca wins MVP for her bicycle efforts, she spins the wheel and wins a Palm Pilot.

That night in the Road Rules bus, Christian tells Emily that he has tried to understand how Emily felt in the last mission but he doesn't believe that she has tried to understand how the rest of the team felt.

Emily realized that Christian struck something in her head, made her think that she has alot of thinking to do to make herself a better person.moreless

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Dan Renzi

Dan Renzi

(RW5) Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, + The Inferno 2

Rebecca Lord

Rebecca Lord

(RW7) Extreme Challenge

Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray

(RW9) Extreme Challenge + Battle of the Sexes

Julie Stoffer

Julie Stoffer

(RW9) Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, The Inferno, + The Inferno 2

James Orlando

James Orlando

(RR9) Extreme Challenge + Battle of the Sexes

Michelle Parma

Michelle Parma

(RR3) Extreme Challenge

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