The Challenge

Season 7 Episode 18

Handsome Reward

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The scene starts off where Coral is on the ground telling her team to leave her there. Mike keeps insisting that they take her, but Norman makes the decision to take the ten minute penalty. Road Rules is still digging for their box and finally Real World catches up to them. Road Rules then finds their box and goes to the next stop. Real World also gets their box and runs to Dough-nut. Both teams are now even with running and meet at their next stop.

Coral is still having a lot of trouble with her breathing. Helpers are trying to figure out what is wrong. Finally they ask if she is allergic to anything and Coral responds by saying Spiders. They call the ambulance and decide that she is definitely having an allergic reaction.

Both teams are at Loop-the-Loot where Theo/Adam and Nathan/Mike are trying to retrieve the gold piece in the water. Theo and Adam get it first and a while after Real World gets it. They get to the next obstacle where they have to unlock the box to open the trunk to the car where a gold piece is laying. Real World comes and gets it right away while Road Rules is really struggling.

Coral is now struggling to breathe, even completely stopping at one moment. Coral is then taken to the emergency room by the paramedics.

Road Rules still can't figure out the combination and finally they get it open with the code being 6-2-4. Real World is now far ahead starting on the puzzle. Theo says that since Mike beat him last time on a puzzle in Cabo San Lucas, he is going to beat Milk on this one. Road Rules puts the final piece in the puzzle and runs to the finish line. Real World is upset, but still continues to finish the puzzle. Road Rules is celebrating and joining hands because of their victory. Everyone is so happy for themselves, but also is congratulating Sarah because she made it to the end.

Real World starts getting very mad and pissed that Coral ^quit^ on them. Nathan said that she should have been in The Gauntlet and not Theo. They all regret their votes.

Coral makes it perfectly clear to the viewers that she has gotten bit by a spider and she wants her team to know that she did not quit on them.

Theo comes up front and signs the check for Road Rules. Everyone on their team have big smiles. The season ends with flashbacks to all of the highlights of the show: The good, the bad, and the wild!