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The Challenge

Season 10 Episode 16

Heart Rate Bungee

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Heart Rate Bungee
Inferno Nominees- Good Guys: Shavonda Bad Asses: Tonya Mission: "Heart Rate Bungee"- To get your heart rate below 100 beats per minute so yourself and tangem bungee partner can be released to bungee. Winners: Good Guys Lifeshield Winners: Good Guys: Landon Bad Asses: CT Inferno Contestants- Good Guys: Shavonda Bad Asses: Tonya Sent Home- Shavonda from Real World Philadelphia Bank Total-: Good Guys: $80,000 Bad Asses: $70,000moreless

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    Eric Nies

    Eric Nies

    (RW1) Co-Host - Season 5, Battle of the Sexes, + Battle of the Sexes 2

    David Edwards

    David Edwards

    (RW2) Host - Season 2 + Battle of the Sexes

    Mark Long

    Mark Long

    (RR1) Co-Host - Season 5, Challenge 1998, Battle of the Sexes, + Battle of the Sexes 2

    Gladys Sanabria

    Gladys Sanabria

    (RR7) Host - Season 3 + Battle of the Sexes

    Jonny Moseley

    Jonny Moseley

    Host - Seasons 6, 7, + 9

    Ramona Gray

    Ramona Gray

    Host - Season 4

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      • (Conversation between Tonya and Shavonda during inferno)--

        Shavonda- "Hey Tonya, what color was that gatorade you drank? Green, right?

        Tonya- "Stop trying to get in my head, because its not going to work"

        Shavonda- "I got in your head today, b****, didn't I?"

        "Everyone else laughs"

      • Tonya just wants to go to bed so she can masturbate, by the way"- Rachel

        Yeah, no more masturbating when we're stil in the room, talking, Tonya- Veronica

        Are you serious?- Derrick

        The next I here you doing this, can I record you? While you still sleep- Veronica

        Taking naked pictures of me sleeping is f-ing violating my privacy, so don't even go there Veronica!- Tonya

        What are we yelling about?! -Tina


        "You're very vindictive, you're a little bitch!"- Tina

        "AAARRRGGGHH!"- Abe


        Man, CT just hit 54!- Dave Mirra

        Wow- Shavonda

        CT, that's gnarly!- Jamie


        It's the last inFERno- Miiz


        I can sing for you guys- Shavonda

        Be quiet, please- Tonya

        Maybe I should sing!- Shavonda

        OHHH!- Landon and Mike

        This is the longest I have not heard Tonya talk the entire time- Landon

        She talked a lot less when she was up on that bungee today, too. Tonya, what was it? 15 minutes?- Shavonda

        YEAH!- Good Guys and Bad Asses

        Bring it on, bitch!- Tonya

        Tonya, how's that Gatorade feeling in your stomach? What flavor was it, green right?- Shavonda

        Dude, you really think you can get in my head, are you that F*cking stupid?- Tonya

        I got in your head earlier today, bitch, didn't I?!- Shavonda

        Ohhhh!- Good Guys and Bad Asses

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