The Challenge

Season 6 Episode 2

Hola Jamaica

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Battle of the Sexes has begun!!! Not as an exciting entrance this year as the RW/RR Alumni sported a bus entry instead of a sky-diving entry which opened last years Battle of the Seasons. The cast each introduces themselves, we have- Guys Eic N. from Real World New York Mark from Road Rules 1 David from Real World Los Angeles Puck from Real World San Francisco Antoine from Road Rules Europe Jake from Road Rules Islands Dan from Real World Miami Syrus from Real World Boston Colin from Real World Hawaii Yes from Road Rules Semester at Sea Laterrian from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour James from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour David from Real World New Orleans Jamie from Real World New Orleans Blair from Road Rules The Quest Theo from Real World Chicago Shane from Road Rules Campus Crawl Eric J from Road Rules Campus Crawl Gals Emily from Road Rules 2 Beth from Real World Los Angeles Anne from Road Rules Northern Trail Christina from Road Rules Australia Genesis from Real World Boston Gladys from Road Rules Latin America Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Ayanna from Road Rules Semester at Sea Ruthie from Real World Hawaii Amaya from Real World Hawaii Julie from Real World New Orleans Melissa from Real World New Orleans Jisela from Road Rules The Quest Ellen from Road Rules The Quest Lori from Real World Back 2 New York Rachel from Road Rules Campus Crawl Tonya from Real World Chicago Aneesa from Real World Chicago But before the bags were even unpacked the drama began. Melissa informs Julie, her former New Orleans castmate and friend, that she doesn't like her, doesn't want to speak with her, and wants Julie to keep "[her] name out of [her] mouth." We learn that their friendship ended right after their RW season when Melissa and Julie both explain that college circuit lecturing and the booking involved brought money issues between the two. Meanwhile, the first day over at the men's villa went well. Partying conitnued throughout the night leading to a hair cutting ritual as Puck received his rocking mullet. The next day, however, everything goes haywire as Dave from Real World Los Angeles verbally berates Puck. We learn that Puck and David know each other outside of the shows and they usually fight, end it, and then fight some more. But Dave takes it overboard for the cameras and pushes Puck to the edge, leading Puck to spit on Dave's face. Dave immediately begins requesting that Puck be disqualified and sent home. Dave talks with Jon Murray, the producer, and argues that Puck has to leave. Jon begrudgingly agrees and stops the entire cast from going on to film the opening credits to ask Puck to pack his bags. Puck breaks down crying and the rest of the cast refuses to let him go. Everyone stands with Puck and says that he shouldn't be going home. Dave can't believe that everyone is sticking up for Puck. David from the New Orleans Real World season tries to solves the situation by finding a common agreement between the two. He gets Dave to agree to spit in Puck's face to even the score and then everything can continue on as planned. Puck agrees as well but when it comes time for Dave to spit back he tells Puck he just "wanted to see him crawl like a dog. You're going home." Puck informs Jon that Dave refused and backed out of the agreement. Jon throws up his hands, exasperated by the entire situation, and decides that no one is going home.
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