The Challenge

Season 4 Episode 10

Leader of the Pack

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Leader of the Pack
A clue arrives narrated by Teck from Real World Hawaii. He asks them a riddle- "What do egyptians and Football players have in common?" They both like pryamids. They know right off the bat that it has something to do with cheerleading.

Road Rules is already full of them self as Susie did some cheerleading in her highschool days and Michelle was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for two years.

Dan is trying to keep the spirit alive on the Real World team as they all think they're gonna get killed by Road Rules in this mission.

Emily has flashbacks of her high school days where she tried out for the cheerleading squad and didn't make it.

They arrive at the field to find their mayors who state they will perform 3 different cheers, one is a themed competition, second is a sideline cheer, and lastly is a perfect cheer where they get to pick the music and do what they please. They have to pick a leader and ofcourse Road Rules picks Michelle and Real World goes with Dan.

They all believe they will just have to do some ra-ras but they later find out they will have to do full flips, launches, and the whole cheerleading experience.

While Real World struggles just to lift someone up under Dan's snapping leadership, Road Rules is already advancing to twists in the air which scares Emily cause she believes that requires way too much trust on her behalf for the guys below to catch her.

Dan spies on the field while Road Rules performs and he sees how good they really are.

We arrive on the day of competition. Dan is still barking orders and continuing to aggrivate the Real World team all the way up to 15 minutes prior to the competition.

Road Rules goes first with their themed cheer as "Superfly 70's"
Road Rules is number one, and don't you forget it! Road Rules is all about hittin's the streets, no fear, no doubt! Real World life ain't so plush, half are whiners and half are lush! Kameelah where's your "Phantom Pooper?" Julie suck it up and be a trooper! Rebecca, you're caught in between! Dan, you know, that drama queen! Syrus, living in a teenage dream, Jamies hits on our whole team! Vote for the rugged! Vote for the raw! We're here to kick a**, and that is all! HUGGHHH! ROAD RULES!

Road Rules receives 20 pts for costumes and 25 points for Team Chant. Round 1 total for Road Rules is 45 points.

Real World comes out next with their theme as "Big Pimpin".
Darn right we're famous. Road Rules, kiss our anus! You're thirty grand in the can and understand that you can't win! You smell up our bus, you start up a fuss, the fans are here for us, and you can't win! Been on the road before, but now look at the score! Real World wants it more and you can't win! 'Cause we're BIG PIMPIN'!!!

Real World receives 20 points for Team Chant and 21 points for costume theme. Round 1 score for Real World is 41 points.

Real World goes first in the Round 2 which is the cheer. Road Rules follows up blowing everybody away.

The final scores are in and with a 96 to 89 victory, Road Rules takes this mission.

Emily is picked this mission's MVP and lands on the "Gimme your stuff" where she takes Syrus's Sea Doo water craft.

Kameelah blames the lost on Dan's leadership and decides to call a meeting that evening to unite their team spirit. Dan takes fault for his over controlling and the Real World team ends feeling warm and fuzzy about their team.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

Dan Renzi

Dan Renzi

(RW5) Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, + The Inferno 2

Rebecca Lord

Rebecca Lord

(RW7) Extreme Challenge

Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray

(RW9) Extreme Challenge + Battle of the Sexes

Julie Stoffer

Julie Stoffer

(RW9) Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, The Inferno, + The Inferno 2

James Orlando

James Orlando

(RR9) Extreme Challenge + Battle of the Sexes

Michelle Parma

Michelle Parma

(RR3) Extreme Challenge

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