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  • love this

    i love these shows but i need to know how i can watch them on here
  • Greatest Thing about this show is...

    Look my favorite character Leroy at the top the funnest thing about these shows are the battles seeing your favorite characters from real world battle it out with your worst characters from other real world season The drama of this show keeps me coming back for more I love My favorite season was Rivals I because My mans Leroy made it to the finals with another of my favorites Mike but the show is legendary with a reputation know other season long challenge show stands against it
  • Guilty Pleasure!

    GREAT!!! But most of the people on this show are soooo in to theirselves.
  • This Show is Absolutely AMAZING!! The Best Reality Show in the world. I Believe this show has to go on as long as it can, because it is 100% amazing. who does'nt like drama,competition, love, backstabbing, and money all in one show.....TRULY AMAZING!!!!

    I Believe The Real World Road Rules Challenges should continue a very long time, because no matter how many seasons past, it never gets boring....
    This Show is Absolutely AMAZING!! The Best Reality Show in the world. I Believe this show has to go on as long as it can, because it is 100% amazing. who does'nt like drama,competition, love, backstabbing, and money all in one show.....TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!!!
    I give it a 10 out of 10. T.J LAvin is an amazing host. And All the challengers are made for this. they are perfect. never even think of cancelling this would be a loss on you
  • A great reality show.

    This show is about people from the Real World and Road Rules compete each other. First of all they get to the place where they meet the host and then the host gives them instructions of how everything is going to do in each season. Each season is different by the rules and how some people will be eliminated. The Real World/Road Rules people have to do good on challenges to prevent them from leaving the place that they are in. The big prize is a whole lot of money and if one person is sent home they don't win any money so it's important for them to stay in the game. Overall, this is a really great reality show because there is action, drama, and a few other stuff that may interest you so if you like game shows and reality shows then this might be a good show for you.
  • Its the Real Worlder's vs. the defunct Road Rulers every year there is a new twist on the show or some new rules.

    The famous challenge show started as a rivalry between the 2 MTV shows Real World and Road Rules now its changed. The shows combined to either challenge member against each other, battle of the sexes or even challenge vets against rookies and one year they even brought in people who had nothing to do with either show the fresh meat. (Personally that was the dumbest thing to do some of the fresh meat people are terrible.) Every year there is either new rules to the challenges that make it more interesting and elmiminations and new gauntlet challenges which are cool to see. The drama is all there and every year the show is cast with more people who cause drama. Cant wait for the next season full of drama filled people and cant wait to see who wins the next challenge either.
  • just what the drama docter ordered.

    It combines athletic ability and reality television, this is just what the drama docter ordered. The Real World / Road Rules Challenge its better than the real world or road rules. i enjoy watching this show to see which contestants come back from the Real World and Road Rules. I enjoy seeing the drama behind people who couldn't stand each other on their season or other seasons when they are forced to live under the same roof again. So in general I really like the challenges. I like watching people come up with the best strategy to help themselves or their team win.
  • To say I'm excited for this show is an understatement. This could be my favorite show on television. It combines athletic ability and reality television, my two favorite things to watch on T.V.

    1- This could be my favorite show on television. It combines athletic ability and reality television, my two favorite things to watch on T.V. This could turn into a weekly review thing if the comment responses are as high as Nip/Tuck. 2- Peurto Vallerta is the setting for the Gauntlet 3. I've been there, it's just a little bit of fun. And let's hope there's lots of tequila going around. 3- Beth is the first person to speak. Stupid. I mean sure she causes drama and everything, but I don't really care to hear any of her thoughts. 4- Brad's introduction to the show basically translated to "I'm going to start laying pipe like it's my **** job."

    5- He hasn't spoke yet, but one of my favorite real world character's ever is finally a part of a challenge cast. Frank is f-ing hilarious, I expect big things.

    6- CT and Diem are still together. I guess you could call that a huge surprise. But, Diem you really expect me to believe that you guys are dating and you would still vote to send him home. Get serious.

    7- Janelle just said, "we have a really fresh team." What the **** does that mean, seriously did you graduate high school?

    8- Introductions finally. Good stuff. Alex (that guy from the Denver cast) is on the show. Does he have one ounce of athletic talent? The veterans are **** loaded, outside of Tyrie and Frank, the rookies have nothing. 9- 32 people are on this show. That's got to be some kind of record. But, isn't the prize pool smaller this year than the past. I mean no one even looked all that excited about the money total. They all kind of looked like they weren't that impressed, they've played for that much before.

    10- Tug of War for sleeping arrangements. Brilliant idea. I hope the rookies win, just so the veterans start **** with them as soon as they get back to the house. Tyree needs to sit his huge black ass on the back of the tug of war rope for the rookies to have any sort of chance.

    11- Kenny is the epitome of a meathead, and yet I love everything about his character. He speaks so slow and yet never stops entertaining.

    12- Frank, "prisoners stay in larger rooms than we're staying in." Good to have you back on a reality show.

    13- Brooke and Ev are already making out. That's random. And now two gay guys making out, **** that. Get one of them kicked off in this episode, no one wants to watch that ****

    14- That's a lot of hookups for night one. Brad's gonna **** Tori, that's hands down my favorite one. Johnny Bananas and Casey's fake **** continue their fling from last season. Paula grosses me out, I would never touch her.

    15- Jilian, who are you? I have no idea.

    16- Keyshia Cole is on the first commercial I'm watching. What a horrible commercial and she looks like trash, no wonder I don't watch commercials. Seriously, she must have s.t.d.'s.

    17- CT weighs 250? Jesus, he's a machine. How tall is he? He clearly hasn't stopped eating his egg whites since the last challenge.

    18- **** yeah, it's a tie. Mano et Mano. Derek v. CT. CT is going to run over this kid from Road Rules.

    19- I'm right, CT cruises. But, Danny shut the **** up, you're the biggest straight tool on this show.

    20- Nehemiah is one scruffy black man. 21- The rookies are letting the guy who is voted in pick his opponent. That's so unfair to the team. He basically gets to pick the guy who he thinks he has the best chance against, that's not fair. But, he's picking Alex, who has I said earlier has no athletic talent, so it's not a big deal yet.

    22- And I quote Alex, "I'm praying it's something where I don't have to use my weight or strength to win." Haha, good luck winning any challenge ever. Why don't you go try out for Deal or No Deal.

    23- Alex just basically quit. That was lame. Good luck being invited back on another challenge. At least put some effort forth.

    24- Girls are worried guys will throw challenges to eliminate them. Thanks for stating the obvious.

    25- CT is scum and I love every moment of it. Makes great T.V.

    26- Diem should have known better than to approach his drunk ass like that.

    27- TiVo cut off the previews. Ah well, I'm sure they're great and I've already written plenty. So, glad there is finally another challenge show back on T.V.
  • Great Show.

    Real world road rules is a good show its better than the real world or road rules. My two favorite people on the show is Wes and svetlana. My favorite challenge was the duel. I liked it because I liked all the challenges and the last eposiode. I started watching the show when fresh meat came out. I liked the fresh meat and the inferno 3. I cant wait til gaulent 3 comes out. This is one of my favorite shows. I also like evan he is a cool guy and he is a competetor. I also liked diem she is also a tough competeitor.
  • With a battle this good, the Real World Road Rules challenge is a must watch. I think if your into seeing witty drama, then this show is a must watch!

    I personally enjoy watching this show. I love watching to see which contestants or characters come back from the Real World and Road Rules. I enjoy seeing the drama behind people who couldn't stand each other on their season or other seasons when they are forced to live under the same roof again. All the tension builds up! Plus the challenges that these stunt coordinators come up with are amazing. It's definitely a test of speed, stamina, endurance, as well as a test of courage. Things really heat up in this show and if you are into seeing what can happen before a challenge, during a challenge, and after a challenge, then this show is totally for you!
  • Nice!

    I loved this Real World / Road Rules Challenge 2000 because it had you constantly wondering what's going to happen next? Especially with Amaya and Veronica. I also loved it because Veronica let Amaya have it. I think that the best part was when Los and Piggy became friends at the end with the last mission, that was pretty cool. The only thing that was really annoying was Amaya getting hurt on every single mission. I think she just didn't want to do it so she said she was hurt. If you want to see arguing, foul language and a bunch of baby's getting their butts kicked (amaya) then you will love this one!!!!!!
  • may the best man win...yeah right...

    So in general I really like the challenges. I like watching people come up with the best strategy to help themselves or their team win. I like the hookups and the drunken sex. I don’t like the few people that are way too old to be doing this and need to realize that their fifteen minutes is up and move on. I sometimes feel so sorry for the “good” people that work their butt off on the challenges just to have something stupid happen that bumps them out and the *ss move on and win the money. Sometimes I wish it were more of just a challenge may the best man win without the “mind games” but then, this is MTV.
  • This show is im out of w ords to say its so great. The competors are great the challenges are awesome and the grama is good.

    This is a show about people that were on previous real world or road rules competing to win a grand prize. It combines all of my favorite things money, challenges, and drama. I just wish it was on another time instead of 10 it could be on at a better timeslot like 9 or maybe even 8. Alot of people don't like this show because they think oo its on MTV and its a reality show, but if they gave it a chance they would realize how much of a jackass they sound like when they talk about this show. People that don't like this show can just not watch it. Overall this show is a perfect show to watch.
  • Cast members from the Real World, Road Rule come together in random groups, and compete against each other until their is just a group, or just one person left.

    Its a cool show, if you didnt see it you missed, Tanya hit Beth. You missed the hook-up of CT, and Diem, you for sure missed the fight with Wes and CT. My personal favorite was Anessa, and Robin it touch home, This episode was crazy Anessa should of knocked the crap out of Robin but you know she has to much class. I really enjoyed this run of the dual. I cant wait to see the fights, and old and new cast come in and do their damage. If you didnt watch this season you have to watch the next one.
  • This is the show I hate to admit I like, but can't help but watch every week.

    RW/RR Challenges are my guilty pleasure. I love every little train wreck that happens on the show. The challenges tend to be fun and different, but the real joy of the show is the internal drama. I mean that's why we all watch any reality TV show. We want to see how these people interact. How devious they are and will they get caught. We want to see the gossip mags brought to life.

    RW/RR reminds me of greek life from college. The new ones will be hazed and have to fight for their place. The older ones have their cliques and grudges, so the fun is seeing who's gonna get rude and catty the quickest. Heck, I love seeing how many shomances happen. This show is nothing but fluff, brainless entertainment. and while I may not admit it to eveyone, I will watch it eveytime it's on.
  • love this show!!!!!!!!!!!11

    i lovew this show i think it is the greatest concept ever created i meant past contestants coming back to battle against eachother what a concept! ! !! and we get to se the same people over and over again which is really cool becasue you can pick favorites and the people you like and you can hope that they will be in the next xhallenge if they get outt of the one you are watching then. and i love ct and diem! they are the most adorable couple ever and i am so happy they are togethor! anywho love the show and will never stop watching
  • love it

    this is such a great show! what i love most about it is people keep coming back it is not like "Survivor" when there is a new cast every season. another reason i like this show is because it is nott only about the challenges, there is all of the drama, romance, and fights along with fun challenges to watch. what is nice about the show is that there are different oppurtunities for contestants to win, really strong competitors have a chance to do well in "The Duel" when they only have to depend on themselves, while weaker players have a chance to strategize and do well in challenges that divide you into two teams. overall i love this show and i hope that it never gets cancelled
  • great great show it should never get cancelled

    this show has so much drama all the seasons with all the cast mates its just has been so good i just love the real world road rules challenge beth is always starting the drama and everyone hates her guts but she just keeps coming back all the challenges has been so good but now its getting even better and they win so muhc the amount of money i wish even i could be on the challenges and now the third series fresh meat some new comers ocme to the game and compete for the fabulous prize only one fresh meat will pair up with an alumni [ a part road ruler / real worlder ] its awesome i hope it can get to its 50th season. i give it a big fat 10 so much drama and suspense.
  • Always full of drama.

    On every Real World/Road Rules challenge, there is always drama. My favorite seaons so far are the Inferno 2 and The Duel (which is currently airing). I think they should air more Road Rules shows so they have more Road Rules contestants for future challenges, not just Real Worlders. And whatever happened to Battle of the Seasons? Also, one thing I don't like are the corny Duels they have this season. Lifting watermelons? It should be soemthing a little more exciting, and they should lift the watermelons for 15 or 20 seconds, not 5. I like the hosts so far. Overall, this is a good show with lots of drama.

    alot of drama + challgene action + fighting + elimation challgenes + cat fights + a whole new teaming forming equals to a whole new great show with loads of new challgenes new locations new cast new formats with more elimation drama as past real worlders fight with road rulers as they are both mixed to form new teams as they go up agaisnt each other with out caring whether they are from real world or road rules so get ready for a wild ride as you watch the drama , challgenes , elimation get into their head as they start to get REAL!
  • The greatest show on MTV!

    The Real World Road Rule Challenges are so fun and so interesting to watch. I totally love Derrick in the challenges cuz he's so different and strong. I also love the new show that MTV has which is the Freshmeat. This show is so cool because of the challenges that they have and it totally shows how hard the challenges are like mentally and physically. I alos like the relationships that are developed by being on the show and how everyone cares about one and another except when competetion comes then everyone is everyone's enemies. This show is so awesome!
  • I absolutely love this show. I like it way more than the Real World.

    I absolutely love this show. I like it way more than the Real World. I love the interactions between the different cast members and the competitions and everything about this show.

    I was very disappointed in Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Freshmeat when Coral and Evan were sent home. I definitely think it was neccessary for Evan because he could have died, but I wish that they could have finished the season, or at least been invited back to the final round or something. I was disappointed to see them go, and I was saddened by their disappointment. Hopefully, they\'ll be able to come back to the next Real World/Road Rules Challenge.
  • exciting show

    i started watching when fresh meet aired its a really good show i cant believe the austin cast was on it that sucks for wes because he had to send his friends home and now hes alone i hope he wins the challeng if he goes home im going to stop watching i bet next season the key west cast is going to be on it that wold be pretty cool to watch.
  • The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is a battle between characters from Road Rules and the Real World.

    The Real World/Road Rules Challenge (herein known as FM for Fresh Meat) is one of the best shows on MTV. Back when MTV played music, this show would be seen as a joke that should never be seen as a show on MTV. Here's the problem with the show now though (Fresh Meat). It was already determined that these Real World: Austin cats would get sent to exile first. If they hadn't all been attached to their significant others, this may have been a less predictable game. But hey, isn't all TV a bit predictable. Altogether a good show with a premise that needs a bit of work (such as not screwing people over before they get off the plane).
  • sweet show

    i really like all of the challenges. I enjoyed inferno 2, gauntlet 2, and im enjoying freshmeat. I wish the show was more then a half hour. The show is really exciting because the challenges are really hard and every1 is ver two faced. you can't trust anyone in this game. For example, Kenny voted for himself in the deliberation room and tina got so pissed. You can't even trust your partner. I watch this show every week and the great thing is, is if i miss it, i always get a chance to watch it again. the show is repeated throughout the week.
  • sick of it

    when they first started doing these things it was pretty cool. now they just suck. all it is about is who is hooking up with who. either that or who the biggest witch is. and do not forget who can get the drunkest and be a jackass. i hope mtv throws in the towel soon.
  • I love this show! I dont understand how some people dont like it. In my opinon it's like one of the best reality shows out there.

    The real world road rules challenges are so addicting. I mean I love them. Thats one of the main reasons I like so much I get to find out what going to happen the next season! It's also really fun to watch because it has so much drama like whe you watch this show you know there will never be a dule moment. It's always dramatic. They either have realtionship problems or their tring to kick the new ones off. This season both. But I guess you get my point I really like this show.
  • Every season, Real Road and Road Rules cast members come together and face off against each other in these challenges.

    Every season they makes these challenges, and every season I can't help but watch. This show is addicting. It's a lot of drama and a lot of fun. It's not the best show out there-I'll give it an 8.5 out of 10 because at times, it can be annoying with all the drama and fighting and some challenges can be ridiculous. But overall, it's pretty fun to watch. The challenges are exciting and the duels between players are fun to watch. It's always fun to see who goes home and who ends up with the grand prize. So, it's a good show.
  • The Real World/Road Rules challenge is back and for me it is one of the better ones. Each alumni is paired up with a Fresh Meat partner and each week they compete in a challenge and in the end one team will split 125,000 dollars.

    I think this is one of the better challenges I mean the Gauntlet 2 was absolutely horrible for me that was the worst challenge. There are a lot of strong personalties in this challenge such as Coral, Tina, Wes, Casey, and Evan. I think Tonya has cooled down a little since Inferno 2 she seems less crazy. I think MTV has chosen a great cast it is great to see the Austin cast here only they seem kind of full of themselves. I am eagerly awaiting some big drama on this challenge though it hasn't shown much. Derrick almost seems to be one of the lesser competitors as opposed to last season. I think Derrick doesn't work well in this situation but when he has a team to fall back on he works better. I am greatful for this challenge and am hoping for the next one to step it up.
  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge (all of them)=funny drama+a little corny+physical challenges=a great show that should never be put to rest

    Every time I hear about MTV having another Real World/Road Rules Challenge season, I say Yippee! Why you ask? Because this show rocks! The producers really know how to pick the characters because at least 90% of them are absolutely crazy. Too bad The Miz, my personal fav. won’t be on, ‘cause I think he’s doing some WWE thing, well good for him. At least now they have Wes who\'s kinda like The Miz except not as good. I’m a guy so I love physical activities and for some reason I love drama too. I love this how because it has what I love and more. Love you Katie
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