The Challenge

Season 2 Episode 5

Shall We Play a Game?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 1998 on MTV - Music Television
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Shall We Play a Game?
After the Talent Show, Real World is on Cloud 9 cause they finally have won a mission. Backstage they receive their next clue - "Left, Left, Left, Right, Left. I don't know if it's been said, this mission can make you dead. Sound off, Real World, Sound off, Road Rules, Sound Off, Let's Fight!" Nathan is excited cause he knows it has something to do with the Military which he is actively involved in. The girls seem to be upset cause they know it'll involve physical strength. They are told they need to be at Camp Pendelton in Southern California by 6pm the following day.

Since it's their final night in Vegas, they decide to hit the town again. Flirtation continues between Montana and Noah. The following morning, Roni looks for Noah, but can't seem to find him. Nathan tells her to look in the girls room and see if Montanas there. She all of a sudden appears from the bathroom and says Noah is sleeping in the bus, people are wondering what happened between them that previous night. On the bus back to Southern California, Montana swears nothing happened between the her and Noah.

They arrive at Camp Pendelton, Nathan is excited cause the rest of his team can see how he lives his life. Neil is upset cause he doesn't believe in the actions that the US Military is trained to do. They are told they will have to do a bootcamp, after 4 exercises, the team with the overall most points wins a minute in the Money Chamber.

The guys and girls are separated in different living quarters to change. The guys are barked at to hurry, while the girls take their time and admire the clothes and boots they have to put on. That night, Neil is out on the patio of their room and he can hear the live rounds being fired. He knows that any castmate has the option to step out of a mission and he's thinking he might exercise that right on War Games.

The following morning, they are woken up bright and early. At breakfast, Neil talks to the mission mayor asking him what would happened if he backed out. The mission mayor tells him that he can back out, but his team would lose and that he isn't trying to get Neil to agree with their actions but just accept them for mission time. Neil tells his team that he will stay and compete but he's taking a blind eye to the situation. They tell Neil that if he can no longer take the situation, that they will support him.

The first event is a 'Team Course'. Beth is upset cause she won't be able to compete. The course involved climbing over logs, crawling under barb wire, and crawling through tubes. Anne's jacket gets caught in barb wire and none of her teammates stop to help her. Neil was actually the first person of both teams to make it through first, but overall the Road Rules team all made it in the trench first giving them a point.

The next event is a 'React Station'. There are poles going across a 20 feet section and the teams must place three different size planks to build a bridge across these polls and get their whole team to the other side. Some of the polls have a red tip and that means they cannot use that poll to get across. Road Rules goes first and make it in 4 minutes which the mission mayor said was very well. Real World goes next, Nathan believes he knows the solution, and just throws the instructions aside. They place their first plank and then place the second plank right on a red pole eliminating them from the competition and giving Road Rules another point.

The third event is a "Obstacle Course". One person from each team will be competing. Kefla was picked for Road Rules while Nathan was picked for Real World. The first person to make it through wins. They stay pretty even throughout the course but Nate takes a lead at the last second and wins a point for the Real World team.

The last event is a "Two-Line Bridge". The team that can get across the bridge carrying heavy water buckets first wins. Road Rules gets across very easily while the Real World couldn't even get the buckets on the rope giving Road Rules the last point and the one minute in the Money Chamber.

They have finished the last mission and they're all exhausted. The bus now takes them someplace that they don't know. All they do know is it's somewhere in Bel Air. Mark realizes that the street they're on is the one that the Playboy Mansion is located. They arrive and walk up to find out they really are staying at the Playboy Mansion for a night. A very attractive Playboy Bunny comes out and greets them. The guys are excited while the girls wonder how this is a reward for them.

We end with Montana hoping there is something else...moreless

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David Edwards

David Edwards

(RW2) Host - Season 2 + Battle of the Sexes

Beth Stolarczyk

Beth Stolarczyk

(RW2) Challenge 1998, Battle of the Seasons, Battle of the Sexes & The Inferno 2

Neil Forrester

Neil Forrester

(RW4) Challenge 1998

Janet Choi

Janet Choi

(RW7) Challenge 1998

Nathan Blackburn

Nathan Blackburn

(RW7) Challenge 1998 + The Gauntlet

Mark Long

Mark Long

(RR1) Co-Host - Season 5, Challenge 1998, Battle of the Sexes, + Battle of the Sexes 2

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