The Challenge

Season 4 Episode 16

True To Himself

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 08, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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True To Himself
We continue right back in with Syrus holding James shirt up around his neck, Kameelah runs in and breaks them apart. We find out that after all the fighting, no one was awarded the $10,000.

That night, Susie admits that she is bitter and speaks for the Road Rules team that they are tired of losing, tired of the challenge, and ready to go home. Laterrian tries to keep the positive attitude but it is even getting hard for him to do that after all the losing.

The following morning, they receive a clue on their phones saying to take a bite of the Big Apple and that they will be going to New York and there will be a mission the following morning. They are head to the airport and arrive in New York.

They receive another clue, it says they will have to fight a legal battle in court. They head to the municipal court in New York meet Michael who is the assistant to Judge Mills Lane. He tells them that Judge Mills Lane will be doing a hearing to determine who deserve the $10,000 Monster.Com cash for the Paintball mission and make sure they receive it. Each show will have to work as a team to prove their case, each team is also given a briefcase that contains all the tapes of the Paintball Mission.

They are separated in different hotel rooms where they watch the tape and determine their arguments. Real World thinks they have their case down and are excited to do this court mission. Over in the Road Rules room, they watch the tape and have mixed feelings. James is not happy with what he did and doesn't wish to have anything to do with the case. Laterrian thinks they have a good fight and is excited to get to tell their side of the story. They all talk and James has seemed to turn all their heads and decide not to participate in the Judge Mills Lane mission.

The Road Rules call Real World down for a meeting. James tells the Real World team that the Paintball mission was the worst day of his life and he doesn't want to relive it, so the Road Rules Team will not be participating. They asked Real World to support them and not participate as well. Real World believes they are being way too dramatic and see the fun in the situation and participate. Real World denies the request to support the Road Rules team and they will participate in the mission.

That night, Real World makes fun of Emily and her over-dramatic behavior. They believe that her feelings of the Paint Ball Mission being the worst day of her life is absurd. Meanwhile, Laterrian has taken the footage to another room and starts taking notes. Christian finds Laterrian and asks what he's doing, Laterrian lets him know that he's not 100% comfortable with giving the $10,000 to Real World and might want to argument his case tomorrow. Christian tells him that he is not being a team member and he will have to pay the consequences if he decides to participate in the mission.

It's Mission Time, Michael meets them all in a room. He talks to the Road Rules team, saying he wishes they would compete. They told him that they will not, but Laterrian has decided to participate.

In the Courtroom, all the Real World team is present and only Laterrian is present for the Road Rules team. The Real World team presents their argument first with Rebecca as the speaker. She says that the extra shots were done by accident. She can barely get out any words before Judge Mills Lane starts ripping her apart.

Laterrian speaks next, he starts off by apologizes for his team not being present and explained that he is doing this mission for his own dignity. Judge Mills Lane congratulates him and says that decision alone makes him a better man. Real World is worried that Laterrian may be winning the Judge over. Laterrian points out that both teams fired shots after the "chosen one" had hit the target, and that the firing should just be thrown away and just look at who got to the target first which was Road Rules.

Judge Mills Lane thanks both teams for their arguments and goes to his office to determine his verdict. He comes back and tells him that even though Laterrians argument was better, the mission was a team effort and since the Real World team was all present, they receive the $10,000 Monster.Com money. He presents Laterrian with his judging mallet and congratulates him on his effort.

They arrive back in the waiting room where the rest of the Road Rules team has been. Dan tells them that Laterrian flatten the Real World team and the only reason why they won was cause they were all present. Michelle tells him that they're are happy that he did well but disappointed that he participated in the mission when they all decided not to. Laterrian starts to apologize but Kameelah jumps in saying he should be proud of himself and has no reason to apologize to his team.

We end with the clip of Judge Mills Lane handing Laterrian the mallet.moreless

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Dan Renzi

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Julie Stoffer

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