The Challengers

(ended 1991)


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  • Season 1
    • May 14, 1991
      May 14, 1991
      Episode 187
      FIRST ROUND MISTER McWHO? McSingers/McWriters/McPoliticians OCEANS, SEAS, AND BEACHES Oceans/Seas/Beaches CARS THAT ARE STARS TV Cars/Movie Cars/Sports Cars CONSIDER THE PASTA-BILITIES Pasta Sauces/Pasta Shapes/Pasta Additions LETS BE BRIEF Brief Abbreviations/Brief Synopsis/Brief Fashions POT LUCK Lyers/Cheetahs/Thebes SECOND ROUND ANIMAL FACTS Names/Native Lands/Defenses THE POETRY CORNER Poets/Verse Forms/Novels by Poets "SWAN" SONGS "Swanee"/"The Swan"/"Swan Lake" WEILDING A WEAPON Guns/Swords/Flame Throwers ALPHABET SOUP: "D" In Fashion/In Nature/In Music POT LUCK: CITIES San Jose/San Antonio/San Fransisco FINAL CHALLANGE THE U.S MARINE CORPS Officers/Boot Camps/Historymoreless
    • January 11, 1991
      January 11, 1991
      Episode 95
      FIRST ROUND HEROES & HEROINES Secret Identites/Sidekicks/Female Sleuths FILMS TO SEE TONIGHT "Long Walk Home"/"Mermaids"/"Green Card" MUSICAL TIDBITS One Hit Wonders/Country Stars/Musical Duos FAMOUS FIGURES Circles/Squares/Raquel Welsh FATHERS AND SUNS TV Fathers/Founding Fathers/The Sun King CREATIVE CRAFTS (Unselected) SECOND ROUND SE~NOR CITIZENS Revolutionaries/Politicians/Comedians LIGHT VERSE Familiar Couplets/Nonsense Poems/Children's Classics HORSING AROUND Cowboy's Horses/Racehorses/Wooden Horses MEMORABLE WOMEN Athletes/Writers/Singers SUPER SLEUTHS In Books/In Movies/On TV PLACES TO VISIT In California/In Chicago/In Jolly Old England FINAL CHALLENGE WORLD LITERATURE Age of Civalry/Political Memoirs/Romantic Alliances ULTIMATE CHALLENGE GREAT SEA BATTLES Answers : Adm Nelson, HMS Victorymoreless